Additional Information

Additional Information

This is where you can read about updates, queries, links, the Perry Ezine & Supplemental, the forums, the Blog, and guest book.


Last updated on 01/16/08

Source notes have now been added to the site. Additions to the Perry families listed so far are being added and the Ezine is now a download in the Forums!  The Perry Research Wiki has also been added and is listed as a link on the forums main page. Check back from time to time for more information.  Soon a great deal of information will be online for these families.  Additions, corrections, and comments are welcomed.

Perry Ezine Supplemental

Volume One of the Perry Ezine will soon be available!  Then starting in January, new issues will be ready. It will be out around the fifth of every month and include a great deal of Perry research material.  Each issue will be around ten to fifteen pages in length and include articles, census records, tax lists, and much more. The Ezine Supplemental is updated every month.  It contains additional information such as poll results and corrections to the current issue.  Email me at Perry Ezine to or contribute to the Ezine. Subscribing is no longer needed.

Perry Research Forums

The all new Perry Research Forums is up and running at the above link! Now you can discuss articles, post queries, list helpful website links, or just speak to other Perry researchers. Registration is quick and easy and of course, free.

Perry Research Blog

Now there’s a Blog for the Perry Research website.  It lists updates for the site, Perry Ezine downloads, and more!  Check it out and post a comment.  You can also MoBlog to it and use the RSS feed.  Email me with any questions you have about the Blog.

Guest Book

Click the link above to sign the Perry Research Guest Book. Please do not list birth dates of living individuals (for privacy reasons).


If you have a Perry query that you want listed, it can now be seen here.  If you have a query or an answer to one, email me at Queries.  Answers, when received, will be posted just below queries so other researchers can see them.

Q) Does anyone have information on William Florence Perry b.1838 of Maryland who moved to Gregg County, Texas?

Q) Does anyone have information on Robert E Perry 1777-abt 1880 in Kanawha County, WV and married Frances Basham?

A) Robert was born a Wright in Bedford County, VA and was raised by a Perry family. More can be read on this family in their family group section on this site.

Q) Does anyone have information on Reuben Perry who was born in Prince Edward County, VA, died bef Oct. 1833 NC, and had three daughters:  Lucy Ann, Frances Elizabeth, & Susan M?

Q) Does anyone have information on Willard Perry who married Comfort Ann Green b.1793 & lived in Wayne and Cattaraugus Counties in NY?

Q) Does anyone have information on William Thomas Perry who was born abt 1845 in NC, lived in Haywood County, TN from 1865-1905, and married Alice Jane McAlpin?

Q) Does anyone have information on David Perry of New Hampshire born 18 Dec 1812 and married Phoebe before 1837?

Q) Does anyone have information on Allen Perry born 1814 in Corinth, ME, had a brother named John, moved to Washington County, OH, and married Deborah Mayhew?

Q) Does anyone have information on James Perry of England who married Sarah Adams and lived in Maryland?

Q) Does anyone have information on John Perry b.1756 that married Barbara Hoffman in Baltimore, MD and later moved to Shepherdstown, VA (WV)?

Q) Does anyone have information on Edward Perry b.1826 in Claiborne County, TN, moved to Brown County, IL and married Elizabeth Worthington in 1853?

Q) Does anyone have information on James Perry of Wales and married Sarah Conley of Ireland in 1755 NY?

Q) Does anyone have information on Richard H. Perry who married Naomi Gipe/Pettinos and lived in Dauphin County, PA?

Q) Does anyone have information on George Perry who moved to New York City around 1850 or 1851?

Q) Does anyone have information on Rufus King Perry born abt 1835 and lived in Roane County, TN?

Q) Does anyone have information on Benjamin Perry and his wives, (1st) Sarah McCoy and (2nd) Jane Vance?

Q) Does anyone have information on the ancestry of Thomas Perry born 1748 NC who was the father of William Johnson Perry born 1775 NC?


From here you can link to several helpful websites.  Links to other Perry sites are listed in their respective family group pages.

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