Perrys of Ireland



This is the starting page for the geographical group of Perry families from the various parts of Ireland including Northern Ireland.  These pages will have information listing Perrys and include some data on known families.  When enough information has been found for a family, a separate page will be set up for them.  Also, when a family is mentioned that a member already has a website for, a link will be given to that site.  This is to keep me from having to repeat information already given online, especially since the family member probably knows more about them than I do. Click the links below to view information on Perry families from around Ireland.




The Perrys of Ireland section was last updated on 30th May 2007.  The three links are now open, but with only a small amount of information.  The Perrys of Ulster includes links to “James Perry of Perrymount” and the “Perrys of County Tyrone”.  Additional information will be added within a few days.


Provinces of Ireland


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Perrys of Ulster Province in Ireland

(Families mostly in Northern Ireland)


Perrys of Munster Province in Ireland

(Families of Southern Ireland)


Perrys of Leinster and Connacht Provinces in Ireland

(The Dublin area & the Western parts of Ireland)