Ellen died on 11 April 1895 of pneumonia(court house records in Litchfield, Minnesota. Ellen Pehrson Johnson****Death certificate B-235-9 says died 11 April 1895 of pneumonia, Father Anders Peterson, born Sweden. After Ellens death the children- Ernest and Freda went to live with their grandparents Anders and Catherina who were up in age. On the 1895 State Census of Swede Grove, MN. You will see Ernest and Hulda (should be Freda)living with the Petersons. Hulda went to live with John Johnson's brother Andrew C. (A.C.)Johnson and his wife Annie. Andrew had a store in Litchfield. John Johnson was working at Andrew's store and after Ellen died he went to logging and later Ernest would join his father. We are trying now to find what cemetary in Litchfield Ellen is buried and her parents.

John Johnson
at the age of 98 years, died 2 May 1946 at Florence Ranum's, and is buried in Rindahl Cemetery, 6 miles East of Viking, Minnesota. The picture of John Johnson was taken after he had his stroke and his granddaughter, Florence Ranum Ueland, had him come live with her family.

John Johnson lived in the house on the left and Hulda and Alfred Ranum lived in the house on the right. Both houses are gone we were told.