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The Townships & Municipalities of Peterborough County
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Books and Articles on the History of Peterborough County

Cemetery Listings for Peterborough County

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
Churches of Peterborough County,
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Census Information
Index to the 1871 Ontario Census
The census records for Peterborough County from the 1830's to 1891 - available to be viewed at the Peterborough Public Library

Historical Maps of the County of Peterborough

Historical Plaques & Sites of Peterborough County

Peter Robinson's Settlers - 1825 Peter Robinson's Settlers - 1825
Complete passenger listings of the nine ships that came from County Cork, Ireland to the Counties of Peterborough and Victoria.
Peter Robinson's Settlers - 1825

About The Peterborough County GenSearch Site

This Peterborough County GenSearch was originally created on August 1st, 1998 as Peterborough County GenWeb part of the OntarioGenWeb Project, which in turn is a part of the Canada GenWeb Project.

Those in charge at Ontario GenWeb decided to allow someone else take over the Peterborough County GenWeb. I would hate to see 4 years of hard work just go to waiste so, this site came to be on May 18th, 2002.

This website is done entirely on a volunteer basis and given freely (at no cost to visitors!) in the hopes that it will help someone somewhere find that long-lost relation they've been looking for.

Townships of Peterborough County
Townships of
Peterborough County:

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Anstruther Ashpodel Belmont
Burleigh Cavan Cavendish
Chandos Douro Dummer
Ennismore Galway Harvey
Methuen Otonabee
Hosted by
Ronald Esson
North Monaghan South Monaghan City of

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