Heath, near Wakefield

Heath, near Wakefield

The village of Heath, a Conservation Area, is mainly comprised of houses built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. From the 1600s, one family of woolstaplers, the Smyths, became the dominant landowners in the village. They were unsuccessful in their attempt to enclose the common in the 1840s, and the village has retained its 'open' character ever since.

This 'virtual tour' includes some of the main features of interest.


Photographs taken January 2002


The King's Arms Inn



Inside the King's Arms



Inside the King's Arms 



The Manor House



Beech Lawn



ha-ha at Beech Lawn



Old School House



Marsh Close



Above the doorway of Marsh Close
The initials are for Richard and Mary Austwick 1665



The Dower House



ha-ha at the Dower House



Heath Hall



Heath House



Priest's House



The ornate gateway to Heath Old Hall (now demolished)



Blacksmith's Cottage



The Victorian School



general view of village buildings



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