The History of Wakefield
West Yorkshire, England

The Chantry Chapel on Wakefield Bridge


Wakefield Before 1066

The Conquest & Domesday Book

In Wachefeld with nine berewicks, Sandala, Sorebi, Werla, Feslei, Miclei, Wadesuurde, Crubetonestun, Langfelt and Stansfelt there are sixty carucates, and three oxgangs and the third part of an oxgang of land to be taxed: thirty ploughs may till these lands. The manor was in the desmene of King Edward. There are now in the King’s hand four villanes, and three priests, and two churches, and seven sokemen, and sixteen bordars. They together have seven ploughs. Wood pasture six miles long and four miles broad. The whole is six miles long and six miles broad. Value in the time of King Edward sixty pounds, at present fifteen pounds.


Medieval Wakefield



Wakefield Cathedral



The town of Wakefield - detail from a map by John Dickinson 1728



Stuart and Georgian Wakefield


The 17th century


The 18th century


Victorian & Edwardian Wakefield




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