Coal Glen Mine Disaster - Contemporary Photographs
The Coal Glen Mining Disaster
Farmville, Chatham County, N.C.
May 27, 1925

The Site Today

The site of the Carolina / Coal Glen Mine in Farmville is owned today by General Timber, Inc. (Address: 625 Farmville Mine Road, Sanford, NC 27330; Phone: 919.774.6213; Website:  The management is very willing to let anyone interested tour the site, but be aware it is an industrial operation with heavy equipment moving around constantly, and you enter at your own risk.  You should obviously check in with someone at the office during normal business hours before walking around.

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A panoramic view of the site of the former company town, facing south. A memorial marker at the Farmville
Church Cemetery, a couple of hundred
yards from the entrance to the mine site.
The site of the entrance to the old mine is concealed in a grove of holly.  The concrete footing is probably from the latest (unsuccessful) attempt to work the mine in the 1950s. A more panoramic view of the site as it is today, facing west. Facing northeast.  The ridge leading from the telephone pole to behind the tree is the remains of the entrance shaft.  The portal is directly behind the tree.
The portal from ground level, about ten feet away. 
(The distortion comes from attempting to stitch together five different photos.)
The portal from the left, about fifteen feet away.  My daughter, good sport that she is, stands in to get a sense of scale (she's 5'-8" tall).  [This one was also stitched.] From just inside the portal.  The tracks are from the 1950s operation.  The water level is just behind the site owner's pump equipment (not from mining operations).
The remains of an outbuilding from the most recent operation of the mine
in the 1950s, facing west.  The remains of the mine are in the distance
to the left of the tree, a third of the way across the photo from the left.

All photographs by Paul F. Wilson

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