Historical Maps of Kentucky and Her Counties

Historical Map of KY and Her Counties - 1780-84

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On June 30, 1780, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed a law and Governor Thomas Jefferson signed it, creating the counties of (1)Jefferson, (2)Fayette, and (3)Lincoln. They were named after three heroic revolutionaries.

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lineMark.jpg (962 bytes)   The present Tennessee-Kentucky boundary line as adjusted and approved by both states in 1820

Hunt.jpg (974 bytes) Chickasaw Indian Hunting Grounds

1 Jefferson Ky Co Va June 30, 1780 Thomas Jefferson, the main architect of the Declaration of Independence
2 Fayette Ky Co Va June 30, 1780 Marquis de la Fayette,the 23 year old French General who was the darling of the colonies.
3 Lincoln Ky Co Va June 30, 1780 Benjamin Lincoln, the chief lieutenant of General George Washington who was to receive the sword of the defeated General Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781
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