Kent Pinegar's Genealogy Page
Kent Pinegar's 
Genealogy Page

Daniel Boone Pinegar,
Rosie Mae Pinegar, and
Sarah Jane Arthur

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This page is dedicated to the research and documentation of my family's ancestors and allied families.  This includes: Pinegar, Windler, Goodman, Mitchell, High, and Walker.  Go to database (Updated 11/19/17).

Index to pictures from my Mother's side of the family - Windler, Mitchell, Stringer, et al.  Lots of unknowns. Updated 11/19/17: Windler Pictures

Pinegar pictures here.

Adventures with John Lee Pinegar and Susan Mariah Goodman

Daniel Boone Pinegar's Military Career in the CSA Cavalry.

Union Military Service Of Phillip Keryea Adams I thought Phillip and Daniel fought each other in MO, but right now I am not so sure.

If you are related to Susan Mariah Goodman (Grandma), you are distant cousins to President Bush -- Cool!  I also discovered recently that we are related to Davy Crockett through Mahala Emoline Warren, wife of James Franklin High.  For details, see the database.

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