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My name is Donna Chandler Whitten and this is my genealogy page. In case you can't tell it- I love the color pink...or anything victorian or feminine. I am retired and will hopefully have a little bit of time to work with my webpage. My hobbies include dancing, reading, scrapbooking, and of course-digging up my roots. I especially like to go to cemeteries in this area to take photos and visit the Gordon Browning Genealogy Library in Carroll County which I highly recommend. I hope to have some of the grave photos up because I know they will have many descendants who don't live in this area and the tombstones often lists dates people need. This is primarily a West Tennessee Genealogy Page. My web page is mostly centered around Henry and Carroll counties where my parents, and consequently many of my ancestors, are from. Prominant Surnames include:

Chandler, VanCleave, Rich, Byars, Britt, Carroll, Crawford, Holmes, Huffman, Finley, Allen, Grooms, McBride, McSwain, Throgmorton, French and Bomar.

Many of my ancestors from the Carroll/Henry County Area lived in the north central part of North Carolina before they came to Tennessee, especially around Caswell and Granville Counties. I have others in other North Carolina counties too, but they all seem to come to North Carolina via Virginia and southern Maryland where the vast majority of mine began their lives after leaving Europe. I also have two or three lines from the northeastern part of the United States either in Pennsylvania or New York/New Jersey. So far in the cases where I can trace my ancestry back to Europe, they are most often from England-especially around London, the southwestern parts of (now) Germany in the Palatinate or Hesse, or over in the Low Countries-Netherlands, Belgium. Please click below to view the information.

I am an avid genealogist and although I get a lot of my information from sources on the Internet, I have tried to make sure the information was not really contested and that it made sense as far as dates were concerned. I have not included things that were possibly in error, and I have found many mistakes on the Internet. Having said that I have also seen errors in census information, tombstones, and death certificates so I think it's more important to simply study all the information and do the best you can. I have been fortunate in that others did some of my lines for me "the old fashioned way" so I want to do everything I can to pass my information to others. I have tried to include as much as possible even though there might be some error because I began my genealogy hobby on New Year's Day 2000 after seeing something on the Internet with my Chandler line. Although my family and I believe now there were small errrors in it, it's much easier to correct a mistake than to do everything from scratch. I have tried to work a good bit with my main lines- especially the ones close by in West Tennessee and will try to eventually include most of my records and research. However, this is not the case with outer branches and my lines outside of West Tennessee, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were mistakes and if you suspect some, please take a minute to tell me! Also, if you can add to any of my information I would love to hear of that too.

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I have a little bit of research information on the VanCleave, McSwain, Byars and Rich lines that others have sent me. I like to go to the Gordon-Browning Genealogical Library and highly recomend it. Most of my personal research is with Carroll and Henry Counties in the late 1800's to early 1900's. I hope to have a separate page on all this soon.

Notable People I'm distantly related to on some branch:

The Wright Brothers (three different ways on the VanCleave side), The Vanderbilts (Old New York Dutch ancestry as well), Uncle Remus Author Joel Chandler Harris (Chandler side), and international American pianist Van Cliburn (on the Chandler side).

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Surnames of Civil War Soldiers (so far)
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