Pioneer Photos

Pioneer Photos
Most common surnames for pictures are Baker, Boyer, Christy,  Helvy, Miller, Pease, Rawlings, Riggs, Shepperson, Stanford, Taysom, Wooley.   There are a few others, but the bulk have these surnames.

This webpage is dedicated to all the pioneers that sacrificed so much by coming to new lands, breaking in new grounds, and leaving civilization behind.  I was born in Iowa, but was raised in Idaho.  My parents were both born in Idaho.  My ancestors have moved all across this great country of America.  At every turn they were pioneers in their states, many settling before statehood.  When I look at the things that I appreciate that they left behind, I often wonder how they did it.  Some did it for religious reason, some for educational reasons, others in quest of new lives and free lands.

Family history is such a fun and interesting pursuit, but to me putting pictures with as many faces as possible is a wonderfully satisfying thing.  Most of these pictures are owned by my family.  Some from extended family and some from friends & relatives just recently met on-line.  Thank you to all of you that have shared your pictures.

I know that some families have fires; others failed to write on their pictures.  Some have had "kindly" relatives who have thrown out pictures.  Therefore, I share these in the hopes that some of these people might be your relatives too.

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