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HTML & Web Page Class


I would like to give you a comment by Pat Asher. This was taken from the web with her permission: "Perhaps the most important thing I have learned is that it is NOT really a foreign language. It's just basic English with a few sneaky little "tags" thrown in. Think of it as a page in your word processor-- and instead of clicking a button to make BOLD text, you add a "tag" in HTML. Not nearly so scary when you think of it that way. Hang in there. You too, can be a webmaster......Pat Asher"
The class will last for 6 weeks, with a new lesson each week. The lesson for the week will be put up by Monday morning and you will have until Sunday night to do the exercises. There will be certain chapters assigned that you may read and exercises to be completed in Html. You will see in Class I a listing called "disscusion". When a student emails with a question or problem, it will be posted here along with the answer. The purpose is to let all students benefit from the question and answers. I am also adding a discussion list the this page. It will be at the end of this page, so look there for questions and answers. I will be available at certain times each day to give you any help needed but you may send emails at any time and I will check my mail as often as possible. There is a chart below of the times I expect to be at home. The "maybe" in the chart below means I probably will be home but I may have things come up that have to be done outside the home. Do not worry about getting behind in the class, you will be given time to catch up. My email address is: My phone number: 859-9481
I would like you to download now these three programs for future use in our lessons. WINZIP, WS_FTPLE, and 1st PAGE is a totally free program that we will use a little later but the first week we will use notepad.
To download a program, go to the download page where the program is located on the internet. Click on the word download and follow directions. Make a folder for your program on your desktop and drag the downloaded icon into it. Open the folder and double click on the icon. It will open winzip. Tell it to use the folder you just made and click on extract. Then it will unzip the program into your folder. When it is finished, open your folder and double click on the icon. When you look in your folder, your program should be there.
WINZIP - First download WINZIP. [If you do not already have it or another program to unzip files.] A program likeWinzip is needed to unzip files. Scroll down the page until you see winzip. Click on the word Winzip. That will take you to the Winzip download page. Click on "download now" and follow directions. When you click on the evaluation version a screen will come up asking where you want it put on your computer. [You might want to put it on your desktop] After the downloading stops, find the icon and double click on it to unzip the program. This is a program everyone needs on their desktop. But for now, this version will do for this class.
1st Page is an editor that will be used to write our pages where you can view what you have written before it goes on the web. Click on the words 1st Page to download. This takes you to Eversoft Page. Scroll down and you will see eversoft 1st Page 2000, click here. Follow the same instructions as above. During our second week we will start learning how to use the program.
WS_FTPLE is a FREE program to home users designed to put pages [files] on the server and this will be necessary to our work. WS_FTPLE It will be necessary to fill out the form. Follow the instructions. If you have an FTP program already, you may use it. During the first week we will learn how to set up our website using this program. Click here for setup instructions.
WEB PAGE...You may get a webpage where ever you want to but if you do not know where to get one, I would suggest Rootsweb Freepages. Many sites will give you space but it is very limited. Freepages in UNLIMITED space. You can put all your genealogy and many other things on it. Webpage accountClick here and follow the instructions and apply for space. You will receive the information needed by email but it will take a few days. When we start the class we will learn how to use the information to put up your page.
Please feel free to email or call me if you have trouble with any of these instructions.


Please read my schedule below.


To email me: Dorris
I hope to be home:
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