OUR WORLD

As a babe you were my joy
My firstborn, a little boy
But soon a toddler you became
On unsteady feet but you were game
You were a part of my world

Into the children's world of school
Although I tried to play it cool
Tears flowed the first time apart
Your life without me you did start
I had to share you with your world

All too soon you were in Jr. High
All I could do was ask why
So soon the years of school had passed by
Out of the nest with a great sigh
I had to let you go into your world

Instead of the world of many rights
A dedication to God was your delight
To serve Jehovah wherever you could
To keep your feet on the path you would
You came back into my world

But your life's dream was not complete
A partner you did need to compete
She said yes when you asked
That beautiful girl of your dreams
Now another came into your world

But all too soon the time had come
A final goodbye was said by some
when life's dreams come to an end
But my heart can not quite mend
A lifetime of memories of our world
I cannot let go!

                         Dorris Harrison

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