Edwards Ancestors/ Colley/ Counts/ Edwards/ Hay/ Self/ Wright

Withrow Ancestors/ Darnell/ Edens/ Gibson/ Hedrick/ Withrow


Tracing our Heritage Through the Generations
How We Became the Family We Are Today.

I was born in Virginia but was not reared there. Suddenly the mountain called me to find out more about my ancestors and the mountain-folks who had lived there before me. These were my ancestors whom I knew nothing about. So with much research and many trips to out-of-state libraries, I have some indication of my forefathers(and Mothers!) and their lives through hardships and solid family life. So for other researchers and those who are just interested in reading about ancestors, I want to share some of the results of my research.

Edwards Ancestors                                       Withrow Ancestors
Colley                                       Darnell
Counts                                       Edens
Edwards                                       Gibson
Hay                                       Hedrick
Self                                       Withrow
Wright                                       The Name Withrow
Dickenson County Virginia History                                       Putnam County WV History
Edwards Cemetery                                        
Places of Interest                                        


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