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Henry Swithin DEACON

DEACON, Henry Swithin Dec 1/4,1858 Bourne, Lincolnshire Ref. No. Volume 7a/Page 206

Report of Henry Swithins death from the Stamford Mercury 20 November 1858 KILLED BY TRAIN An inquest was held at Corby on the 23rd inst., before Mr White, touching on the death of Henry Swithin Deacon, a labourer. Deceased was at the Railway hotel, Corby station,on Saturday evening last, about 6 o'clock, and left that place in a state of intoxication to go to Swayfield. He said he should go upon the line and was cautioned by the landlord and another person against such a course and told he would have been fined 40s, if he did. He appears however to have proceeded along the line of the railway; and about 8 o'clock James Casson was walking on the six foot and saw a red handkerchief on the line about 60 yards south of Mr. Plowright's bridge; afterwards he found some tools and then the body of the deceased smashed to pieces. The driver of an empty coal train down at 8.40 told the signalman that he thought there was something on the up-line south of the station. After placing signals to stop traffic on the up-line he proceeded to ascertain what was the matter, when the met Mr. Casson, who acquainted them with his discovery. They reached the spot and found the unfortunate man as described. Verdict "Deceased being on the up-line of the Great Northern railway, was accidently struck down and instantly killed by a train passing in the regular course of traffic along the said railway." .