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  1. Pletschette Family in Medernach - Coat of Arms
  2. Gravestone Family Pletschette, Neunhausen
  3. Pletschette Family Tree Info By: Carol Arnold-Pletschett
  4. Pletschette Family Tree Info, collected in Luxembourg
  5. Pletschette Family Tree Info: Differdange
  6. Palen Family, Harlange
  7. Therese Pletscher
  8. Passengers On Board the "Silvanus Jenkins - May 25, 1845"
  9. QUESTIONS - questions - QUESTIONS - questions - QUESTIONS
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                                                 Grosbous, July 13, 2000
Lady or Gentlemen,                           last updated: Aug. 16, 2000

1) The purpose of this Internet pages is to give people an easy access
   to family tree information, about the Pletschette Family, and at the
   same time, provide an easy mechanism to expand the information.

2) The idea to start doing research on the Pletschette family started 
   when I was contacted by Mrs. Carol Arnold-Pletschett from the USA.
   She asked questions on the origin of a Pierre Pletschette who 
   migrated from Grosbous, Luxembourg and arrived in New York on board 
   the "Silvanus Jenkins" on July 3, 1845. 

3) At that moment we had been looking for information on Nicholas 
   Kransz who arrived in the USA on the same date, ie most likely 
   on the same ship.

4) We are at the very start and would encourage everybody knowing 
   information missing or corrections!

5) Everybody is welcome to participate by sending E-mail with 
   suggestions to:

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