The Link Family of Newport, Virginia

The Link Family
of Newport, Virginia

Victor Link's barn

Gasper Link first appears in the Newport area of Montgomery (later Giles) County, Virginia in a 1787 personal property tax list. He weds Mary Nosler the same year, and they settle near the Plowscrew community of Newport. They carve out a life in what was then a wilderness; build a log home, and clear the land for farming. Mary bears at least 6 children.  At first, there were few neighbors, but newcomers soon settle the adjoining properties.  The family forges strong bonds with their neighbors, although many of them are not German. Gasper acquires over 700 acres of land with gently rolling hills to steep mountain land, intending for this legacy to be passed on to his sons, then his grandchildren.  After a very long and full life, Gasper dies in 1844 and Mary soon follows, and they now rest in a cemetery near the old homestead site.  They leave behind these children: Catherine Link Harless Wysong, Christian Link, Henry Link, William Link, Elizabeth Link Harless, and Mary Link Summerfield, and the story of their descendants continues on . . .

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