[N1122] grandfather of Juliet McGill (nee Freund) cf email from Andrew Schwartz

[N1123] See Freund family tree:

[N1124] BIRT: HBMa1132 Luze Birth JPG
Rabbi in Vienna
more details of family in trees from Andreas Ruszynak

[N1125] NFP death notice seen

[N1126] BIRT: HMBa1131 Luze Birth JPG Vierst geborenen Sohn
Rabbi in Gyor (Raab), Hungary
photo of the grave of Rabbi Salomon Ranschburg & his biography (which I cannot
read as I don't understand Huungarian !!)
had 8 children
More details of family from trees sent by Andreas Ruszynak
On 1869 Hungary census with wife & 6 children

[N1127] DEAT: 1916 from Judy Kornfeld; after Sep 1914
cf her memories of her family written in 1897, sent by Andreas Ruszynak

[N1128] 8 children

[N1129] 5 children

[N1130] 3 children

[N1131] gt grandfather of Lesley Greco
Transport Dh 8.7.1943 Prague to Terezin. Transport Ev 28.10.1944 Terezin to
cf P/C letter from Bedrich Hellmann stating that he is sure Moritz was deported
& was killed in Auschwitz.

[N1132] Email (2004)

[N1134] BIRT: 1860 from census
DEAT: in 54th year
BURI: Ranschburg Heinrich 54 Year(s) 09/03/1914 ZENTRALFRIEDHOF I. TOR 53B 1
png death notice Neue Freie Presse 2 Sep 1914

Margulies, Nobert *02.01.1894 Brody, lebte 1950 noch in den USA, New York
EF: Elisabeth sp�ter Helen Elton geb. Ranschburg *14.03.1905 Wien Inhaberin des
Antiquariats"Gilhofer und Ranschburg" in Wien I, Bognergasse 2, lebte 1950
noch in den USA, New York
Wohnanschrift: 1. Bezirk, Biberstra�e 11
Emigration: 1939 in die USA nach New York, 10 Browman Ave. Port Chester

[N1136] from 1793 census

[N1137] more details of family in Lodz records

[N1138] DEAT: HBMa2394 Votice Death JPG Dina JERUSALEM age 90

[N1139] BIRT: HBMa2385 Votice Birth JPG

[N1140] ? father of Jakob but unlikely as Prague records say he is from Prague

[N1141] DEAT: SSDI
descendants in tree from Rafi Kornfeld (July 2004)

[N1142] ? born 1807 (Kacov) or 1808 (Sousice)

[N1143] ? identical to Ana from 1793; ? = Hindel on Weiner Chart
Most likely Theresa & Ana are two different people, i.e. Mordechai had two wives
?? = Hindel BERAN, daughter of Aron BERAN (WEINER Chart)
Theresa from Gold article

[N1144] png death notice Neue Freie Presse 14 Jan 1915

[N1145] BIRT: HBMa378 Golcuv Jenikov Birth JPG

[N1146] BIRT: Goltsch Jenikau JPG HBMa378 Birth
DEAT: HBMa386 Golcuv Jenikov Death JPG age 9 mths

[N1147] JPG 1939 NY Pass list
JPG CA Naturalization

[N1148] png death notice Neue Freie Presse 19 Sep 1901

[N1149] DEAT: SSDI

[N1150] DEAT: "Aaron was age age 18"
1793 Census: only a Wolf KORNFELD of Pardubitz in Chrudimer Kreis
Begrunder der Brantweinhaus. More info in Gold
1793 Census Lusche:
"Next door? to Salomon LENGSFELDER lived Lazar Beran .. wife Sara - leather
dealer in Neuschloss -owns half a house in Lusche

Next door to Lazar lives Beer KORNFELD son-in-law of Aron Beran - wife Ana and
daughter Esther -works with Aron BERAN in Neuschloss as Handelsmann

1793 Census: Neuschloss:
"BEER and Bernard yes they are the same:

They are also listed in Neuschloss.. [note next to Aron says in Polna vorfindig
- Inkousten doplneno ]

And Aron is here listed as a distiller.

with wife Katarina

living with them is BERNAD [sic] Kornfeld wife Ana - stated daughter of Aron -

and two servants

as well as DANIEL BERAN who belongs to Schutz Poskowitz Brunner Kreis, Mahren.

with wife Sara ..

and then there is another Aron Beran "
Mordecheidiv or Mordechai Leb on Weiner Tree
1793 Census Beer Kornfeld, Schwiegersohn des Aron Beran (42). Als Handelsmann
in Neuschloss beim Schwiegervater.
Eheweib Ana
Tochter Esther
1793 Census:p 47 Herrschaft Neuschloss
family 2:
Bernad Kornfeld, nach Neuschloss, als Gehilfe des Aron Beran von
Weib Anna, Tochter des Aro Beran,
Tochter Anna
Judy Baumgarten: "According to some very old handwritten notes that I found in
my grandfather's files, Bernhard (Mordachai Baer) Kornfeld had 2 wives. He had
6 children with one wife (who is not named, nor is it completely clear which
children belong to which wife) and 5 children with the other wife, Theresia
(Ester) Beran. I assume that the names in the parens are their Hebrew names"

[N1151] BIRT: HBMa376 Golcuv Jenikov Birth JPG; Zeugen: Michael KORNFELD & Samuel ROSENBAUM;
DEAT: HBMa386 Golcuv Jenikov Death JPG 26 Oct, age 86
Aron Kornfeld (2nd August 1795-27th October 1881, Golcuv Jen�kov) -theologian
and philosopher
He has been recognized as one of the last classical rabbi authors in
Bohemia. He organized jesiva - a talmudic school, higher level of Jewish
school. Jewish rabbis, judges and teachers graduated there. But also the future
businessman trained their logical thinking at this school. Some of the famous
people who studied there were: Ign�c Kuranda, later he became a deputy of
Imperial Diet, Szanto, publisher of a popular Jewish weekly magazine Die
Neuzeit and Isaak Mayer Weis-Wise, a founder of American reform Judaism. When
Kornfeld died, the school(the last one of its kind in Bohemia) was closed down.
He wrote a publication Pozn�mky ke kabale(1865)

[N1152] DEAT: JPG death notice 5 Apr 1924 NFP in 75th year

[N1153] descendants in tree from Steve Weil (2004)


[N1155] Wolf_erich sent me a tree of descendants (16.7.04)
??? brother of Moses (born 1773)

[N1156] BIRT: 1863 from MI
DEAT: 28 Jul 1911 from MI & NFP 31 Jul 1911
BURI: MI Friedhof Wiener Neustadt

[N1157] More details of family from trees sent by Andreas Ruszynak

[N1158] BIRT: 1c 363 Free BMD

[N1159] NY County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index Vol 182,page 87 22 Nov
1915 (from Ancestry Com) petition not seen

[N1160] BIRT: JRI

[N1161] BIRT: age 57 in 1920
P/C 1910; 8 children, 6 living; Immig 1907
P/C 1920 imm. 1907

[N1162] census entry not see - from index

[N1163] P/C 1910 census; from ancestry com

[N1164] BIRT: age 21 in 1910




[N1168] BIRT: Minsk from 1930

[N1169] BIRT: Russia

[N1170] BIRT: Russia;7 in 1910; 23 in 1930

[N1171] BIRT: date & place from Census & WW2 Draft Registration; 3 Jul 1892 from Nat.
P/C 1930 census: Immig 1927; speaks Yiddish
JPG Petition for Naturalization NY Southern District 1938: Born Bialystock 3
Jul 1892. Married 15 Aug 1916 in Bialystock. Immigration details.
Imm 17 Nov 1926 Southampton to NY on Franconia as Elja JERUZALIMSKI JPG age 35
Born Bialyvton. Nearest relative: Chaja JERUZALIMSKI of Wynowa 22, Bialystock.
Going to Ulcle: Joseph JERUSALEM of 50 Brookway, Kingston

[N1172] JPG SS Majestic NY Pass List 29 May 1929 from Sothampton to NY, with children
Sonia Estera & Abram. All born Bialystock. Brother = Michael ICKBICK of
Bialystock. Going to Husband, Alex JERUSALEM of 1211 B... Ave Bronx

[N1177] Immediately after Germany annexed Austria in 1938, Dr. Lerner's father, a Jew,
was tipped off that he was about to be arrested. As a hedge, he had started a
pharmacy in Liechtenstein, and there he fled, whereupon the Gestapo arrested
his wife and daughter to force his return. Five weeks later, after he sold his
Austrian assets for a nominal sum, his wife and daughter were released and left
for Liechtenstein as well.

[N1178] BURI: T4 22-11b-12

[N1179] Author of "ueber Rhinoplastic" Dissertation Prag 1847. Rhinoplasty = nasal
reconstruction surgery. In Prague National Library

[N1180] Author "Ueber die Aristotelischen Einheiten in Drama" Leipzig 1855
Dissiertation Philos. In Prague National Library

[N1181] BIRT: 31 in 1912

[N1182] BIRT: 23 in 1912

[N1184] Email: Nov 2004

[N1185] VARADY from NFP death notice of Helena

[N1186] BIRT: from Aliza Tree
DEAT: from Aliza Tree & HBMa1143 Luze Death JPG age 45
1793 Census: des Joseph Beran Schwiegersohn Salomon Lengsfelder(40)
mit Schnittwaren.
Eheweib Barbara
erster Sohn Seligman, ledig
Tochter Rebeka
Tochter Magdalena

[N1187] BIRT: HBMa1842 Rychnov nad Kneznou birth (f.22) seen; Prag 1810 from Conscription
DEAT: JPG Wien IKG marriage
BURI: 7-8-46
age 73 bur 23 Jan 1881 Wien ZF with Siegfried (died 1938)
can't read residence in 1850-1852
Last NameLengfelder
First NameSeligmann
birth records of children in brno give residence as Reichenberg

[N1188] Ahron on Weiner Chart
In 1784 probably = Aron Samuel married with 2 children. Bestandjude und
Brantweinbrenner. Contribuiret 200fl.
Bestandman in Neuschloss (1793)
1793 census Lusche: Aron Beran (39)
Besitz ein halbes Haus in Luche.Als Bestandmann in Neuschloss.
Eheweib Katharina
erster Sohn Joseph Beran, verheiratet [ein halbes Haus in Lusche als
dessen Eheweib Sara
erster Sohn Samuel, ledig
Tochter Ana
Tochter Esther
1793 Jewish Census:
p 47 Herrschaft Neuschloss, family 1:
Aron Beran, nach Neuschloss, besitzt das Neuschlosser Brantweinhaus in Pacht,
vom Branntweinhandel,
Weib Katharina;

[N1189] BIRT: JRI
Lodz Ghetto Residents: BRYKMAN, Tuwa, nee JEROZALIM, born 1881, Residence
Talweg 10, Lodz; Ghetto address Richterstrasse 9 Flat 7a, died 9 Aug 1942 Lodz

[N1190] BIRT: JRI

[N1191] BIRT: JRI

[N1192] DEAT: JRI

[N1193] DEAT: JRI

[N1194] BIRT: JRI

[N1195] BIRT: JRI

[N1196] BIRT: JRI

[N1197] DEAT: JRI

[N1198] BIRT: JRI

[N1199] BIRT: JRI

[N1200] BIRT: JRI

[N1201] BIRT: JRI

[N1202] DEAT: JRI

[N1203] DEAT: JRI

[N1204] DEAT: JRI

[N1205] DEAT: JRI


[N1208] BIRT: 26 on marriage

[N1209] BIRT: 32 on marriage

[N1210] BIRT: ? Joseph TAUBER ??
Emails from Mimi Katz

[N1211] To US in 1864 as Israel & Babi Tubor
11-12 children, including Therese, Moritz/Morris, George (Mimi's grandfather),
Louis, Laura, Emma/Emina, Bella, Rosa, and Anna, all born in Chicago
Related to but not same as Ignatz/Israel TAUBER married to Marie BUCHBINDER
(neither found in the US) with children ( went to Chicago): Sophie, Emanuel,
Josef, Maximillian, Simon, and Charles

[N1212] ? = brother of Salomon

[N1213] BIRT: IGI

[N1214] BIRT: ? 1844

[N1215] Death cert gives parents as Joseph TAUBER & Kate GOTTLIEB

[N1216] ? = son of Salomon

[N1217] mother;s mother of Mimi Katz

[N1218] BIRT: IGI

[N1219] BIRT: IGI

[N1220] from

[N1221] BIRT: IGI

[N1222] BIRT: HBMa322 Dolni Kralovice Birth JPG wits Salomon ORNSTEIN of Hammerstadt, 46 &

[N1223] BIRT: IGI
GGGG grandmother of Art Spira of Canada (Email June 2008)

[N1224] DEAT: 1905 from another IGI submission

[N1225] BIRT: IGI

[N1226] gtgrandfather of David GLASNER

[N1227] BIRT: IGI

[N1228] BIRT: IGI

[N1229] BIRT: IGI

[N1230] BIRT: IGI

[N1231] BIRT: IGI

[N1232] BIRT: IGI

[N1233] BIRT: IGI

[N1234] BIRT: IGI

[N1235] BIRT: IGI

[N1236] BIRT: IGI

[N1237] BIRT: IGI

[N1238] ? = Babette

[N1239] Hamburg Emigration Index
1725829 Bedkowski Edward �sterreich verheiratet 1876/1877 Cuxhaven;
Boulogne-sur-Mer; Plymouth; New York none d

[N1240] Hamburg Emigration Index
1765872 Jerusalem Maria ledig dob:1884/1885 destination:Rio Grande do Sul
none d

[N1241] BIRT: from Meldeamt
DEAT: before 1881
Not on death notice of Adele Krasa

[N1242] BIRT: 17 Jul 1898 from Pass Lists
Related to Florence Topal Wolfe who reissued one of his books in 1948. ? =
FLORENCE T WOLFE Born: 23 Nov 1898 Died:15 May 1995 Last Residence: 19095
(Wyncote, Montgomery,PA) SSN: 192-26-4344 Issued: Pennsylvania

[N1243] BIRT: age 19 in 1920

[N1244] 1793: Searching for RANSCHBURG from Lusche (Luce) Kr. Chrudim
Rauspurg Abraham p 24: Herrschaft Herzman Miestez, family 47, Herzman Miestez,
besitzt ein Haus sub Nr. 37, mit Hausieren, Weib Ester, erster Sohn Moises,
ledig, Weronika Raflin, Wittib, Herzman Miestez, mit Naehen (he i s the only on
e with this or similar name)

[N1245] BIRT: or 3 Dec

[N1246] BIRT: From Karel via George Oct 2005; age 27yrs 5mth on marriage
DEAT: From Karel via George Oct 2005

[N1247] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei

[N1248] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei

[N1249] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei; num 1347 as Artur
DEAT: HBMa2857 Praha-Liben Death JPG age 45 Ledig
BURI: MI Not found Feb 2008

[N1250] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei & HBMa2496 Praha Birth JPG
DEAT: age 81
BURI: Grab 080A
on "census" with parents

[N1251] BIRT: from Consriptions
DEAT: age 68
BURI: Grab 080A
P/C JPG Prague Conscriptions

[N1252] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei
DEAT: age 87
BURI: Grab 080A

[N1253] BIRT: 1789 from Conscription; 1776 from "census"; age 29 on marriage in 1813, i.e ca
1784; 62 on death ca 1779
DEAT: from "census" & HBMa2758 Praha Death JPG age 62

[N1254] BIRT: 1786 from Conscription; 1776 from "census"; ca 1772 from death; age 36 on
marriage in 1813, i.e ca 1777
DEAT: HBMa 2760 & 2761 Praha Death duplicate reg JPG age 73 Schneidermann; ? aus
? in 1793 in Wottitz - unlikely; ? student in Prag
P/C JPG Prague Conscription
JPG Prag "census 1830 with more info
NOT PROVEN THAT DAWID son of Sara in 1794 = David Sarach JERUSALEM

[N1255] BURI: IV. Tor Gr. 16, Reihe 15, Grab 20
appears to be Samuel from IKG card
Info from Klaus Dusner

[N1256] BIRT: HBMa2382 Votice Birth JPG; Patzau from marriage (i.e. Pacov) (or maybe father's
13.08.1942 von Wien nach Theresienstadt deportiert
cf email Klaus Dunser (May 2006)
Last Name RUBIN
Date of Birth 23/04/1861
Place during the war WIEN,VIENNA,AUSTRIA
Wartime Address WIEN 9, SEEGASSE 9
Details of transport Transport IV/7 from Wien to Terezin on 14/08/1942
????? ?????? Transport No.35 , Train Da 501 from WIEN,VIENNA,AUSTRIA to
Prisoner Nr. in Transport 924

[N1257] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei
DEAT: from Wien Jewish Kartei
BURI: Genteam
Wien Jewish Matrik Index (
Birth: 1796 JERUSALEM Guttmann . Father was a Cantor from Bohemia

[N1258] from Bohemia (Birth of son Guttmann in Wien)
In 1794 Prag Census: absent in Wien
? = 1794 Mathias JERUSALEM, ledig, Elternlos

[N1259] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei

[N1260] BIRT: from Wien Jewish Kartei; num 6443
DEAT: death notice & HBMa2546 Zamberk Death JPG

[N1261] DEAT: death notice Prager Tagblatt JPG & HBMa2546 Zamberk Death JPG
BURI: Familiengruft

[N1262] BIRT: age 22yrs 7mth on marriage

[N1263] BIRT: HBMa1686 Pravonin Birth JPG; wit Jakob Beykovski aus Tisek, Haus 6. Moses

[N1264] BIRT: HBMa1687 Pravonin Birth JPG Zeuge: Moses BENESCH Grundbesitzer Jungwoschitz.
DEAT: from Votice cemetery

[N1265] BIRT: HBMa 322 Dolni Kralovice Birth JPG Erst geb. Sohn; Julius Mueller to Mimi Katz

[N1266] KOLIN House NO 39 in 1793

Zacharias BUDIL - wife Elisabeth
Second-born son Isac single
Daughters: Rosa, Eva, Maria and Anna in 1793

[N1267] DEAT: death notice

[N1268] Godparent (Pate) of Johann HAUSSCHULZ born 1848 in Spikorra b, Limbsee, Kr.
Rosenberg W/Pr, died 1883

Godparent (Pate) of Johann HAUSSCHULZ born 1848 in Spikorra b, Limbsee, Kr.
Rosenberg W/Pr, died 1883

[N1270] Godparent (Pate) of Johann HAUSSCHULZ born 1845 Spikorra b. Limbsee, Kr.
Rosenberh/W.Pr, died 1883; Also f August (born 1845) & Ferdinand (born 1850)

Godparent (Pate of Johann HAUSSCHULZ born 1845 Spikorra b. Limbsee, Kr.
Rosenberh/W.Pr, died 1883

[N1272] from Alexander Busek "Sophie "Stephanie" STUR[D]ZA nee BUTKOWSKA/BYTKOWSKA b.
1895 in Illischestie/Ilisesti, Unterbezirk Gurahumora, Bezirk Gurahumora, BUKd.
1958 in USA; buried in Section C of Claquato Sunset Memorial Cemetery, 3 miles
SW of Chehalis along SR 6"

[N1273] Ancestry.Com:Name: Hedwig Jerusalem
Year: 1896
Age: 18
Place: Galveston, Texas
Source Publication Code: 206
Primary Immigrant: Jerusalem, Hedwig
Source Bibliography: BACA, LEO. Czech Immigration Passenger Lists.
Hallettsville, Tex.: Old Homestead Publishing Co. Vol. 2. 1985. 195p.
Page: 69

[N1274] BIRT: from 1937 passenger record

[N1275] BURI: IV.Tor Group 17 Row 23 Grave 12 [Julie FISCHER d. 27.10.31 & Karoline Gluck d.
Photo MI

[N1276] Children:
Nathan ARNSTEIN Born: Jan 14, 1812 Died: Jan 14, 1837
Simon ARNSTEIN Born: Jul 3, 1813 in Votice, Bohemia
Samuel Salomon ARNSTEIN Born: Aug 18, 1814 in Votice

David ARNSTEIN Born: 1816 residence: 1849 C. 10 & in 1864 C. 75 Votice.
Occupation: butcher, later (obchodnik obilim) + Josephine "Josefy" MAUTNER
Born: in Sudomerice Father: Joachim Mautner of Sudomerice Mother: Ludmilla
STRANSKY *not sure which: Sudomerice u Bechyne (okres Tbor), Bohemia or
Sudomerice u Tbora (okres Tbor) or Sudomerice (okres Hodonn), South Moravia

[N1277] DEAT: Transport Dl 6.9.1943 to Auschwitz

[N1278] DEAT: Transport Dl 6.9.1943 to Auschwitz
JERUSALEM from Yad Vashem Page of testimony by husband's nephew (1979) Walter
LILIE of Elizabeth, USA

[N1279] DEAT: Transport Dl 6.9.1943 to Auschwitz

[N1280] DEAT: Transport Dl 6.9.1943 to Auschwitz

[N1281] BIRT: num 3585

[N1282] DEAT: in 86th year
png death notice Neue Freie Presse 11 Jul 1933 (also Prager Tagblatt)

[N1283] DEAT: HBMa2753 Praha Death PG age 45 Simon Zachar JERUSALEM Haus 62? & HBMa2754 Praha
died before 1794

[N1284] 1794 census: Ewa JERUSALEM, Witwe, with son, Zacharias JERUSALEM, ledig

[N1285] BIRT: 22 on marriage

[N1286] BIRT: HBMa2482 & 2483 Praha Birth duplicate reg JPG
DEAT: HBMa2753 & 2754 Praha Death duplicate Reg JPG age 9

[N1287] 1792: Braindl Beer JERUSALEM, Witwe, Broth�cklerin. ? = Rachel. Haus Nr 166,
1794: Rachel JERUSALEM, Witwe, Broth�cklerin. Children:
1. Abraham, ledig
2. Sara, ledig
3. Anna, ledig

[N1288] DEAT: bef.1794; ? HBMa2753 Praha Death JPG age 54 & HBMa2754 which gives DOB as 25

[N1289] DEAT: HBMa2754 & 2755 Praha Death duplicate reg JPG age 73
1794: Rebeka Jakob JERUSALEM, Witwe. Children:
1. Moises, Verheiratet
2. Michael, Verheiratet
3. Lazar, ledig
4. Simon, Verheiratet
5. Lippmann, ledig
1. Anna, ledig
Randy Geni Tree says Rebekka JEITELES

[N1290] BIRT: from Hohenems database & age at death
DEAT: from Hohenems database & HBMa2757 Praha Death age 77 JPG
No abolute proof that Lazar Jakob married to Eleanore was the Lazar son of
Jakob on 1794 census
P/C 1827 Tolerierte Juden Wien Jerusalem, Lazar

[N1291] BIRT: c1773 from putative death
DEAT: HBMa2753 & 2754 Praha Death duplicate reg JPG age 28 as Philipp

[N1292] BIRT: 26 on marriage

[N1293] 1794 Prag: Sara JERUSALEM, geschieden, Zuweiserin. Children:
1. Lazar, ledig
2. Dawid, ledig
Rebeka, ledig
1792: Frebdl JERUSALEM, Zuweiserin, Haus Nr 255. ?? = Sara

[N1294] cf lives with Simon Jakob JERUSALEM

[N1295] BIRT: 1862 from MI; 1863 from Prague Conscriptions & HBMa2382 Votice Birth JPG; Pathe
DEAT: from MI; age 68l HBMa2826 Praha Death JPG married
BURI: Photo (from Peter Zimmer)
probably married as space left on gravestone
P/C JPG Prague Conscriptions
P/C JPG Prager Tagblatt 6 May 1930 Death Notices

[N1296] BIRT: age 22 in 1901; 32 in 1911
JPG 1911

[N1297] With Moses Ben Messulam [?] born Constantinople
cf Anthony JERUSALEM death Q41861 Liverpool RD

[N1298] BIRT: free BMD

[N1299] DEAT: Vol 14 p.124 (no age ?)

[N1300] From List of Jewish Property Owners 1754.

[N1301] From List of Jewish Property Owners 1754.

[N1302] From List of Jewish Property Owners 1754.

[N1303] From List of Jewish Property Owners 1754.

[N1304] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration

[N1305] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration
DEAT: from death notice

[N1306] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration
DEAT: death notice seen

[N1307] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration
P/C from Prag Household Registration

[N1308] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration

[N1309] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration

[N1310] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration

[N1311] BIRT: P/C from Prag Household Registration
Amongst Prague Household Registration documents in 1925: "Emil Frank, No 434,
Kralovske Vinohrady, is asked about the wherebouts of his sister Elsa Frankova,
born 1875. Was she married? When, where and to whom." Reply "Elsa Frankova is
still unmarried and lives in Vienna ....No 5 in a boarding house "Austria" (?)"

[N1312] BURI: age 24 Plot B Sec Lot 14

[N1313] BURI: Plot B Sec Lot 14

[N1314] BIRT: date from birth of Ottokar
DEAT: in 37th year; HBMa520 Hradec Kralove Death JPG
JPG P/C death notice Prager Tagblatt 22 oct 1904

[N1315] BIRT: 8 Sep 1873 from birth of Ottokar
DEAT: in 52nd year; HBMa2858 Praha Michle Death JPG; Podol 157 is same address at
P/C Prague Household Reg ?FELSTEINova
JPG P/C death notice 12 Feb 1927 Prager Tagblatt

[N1316] BIRT: HBMa518 Hradec Kralove Birth JPG

[N1317] BIRT: HBMa518 Hradec Kralove Birth JPG
? left Jewish Community in 1931 from note on Birth

[N1318] BIRT: HBMa2483 Praha Birth JPG;1816
DEAT: died young

[N1319] DEAT: from household Reg & death notice
P/C Prague Household Reg
png death notice Prager Tagblatt 9 Dec 1888

P/C Prague Household Reg
JPG death notice Prager Tagblatt 19 May 1897

[N1321] BIRT: date from marriage
DEAT: before 1928
P/C Prague Household Reg

[N1322] BIRT: Pfarramt Hradesin from marriage; 16 Oct from death born Skvorec; HBM197
DEAT: in 69th year; HBMa2824 Praha Death JPG born 16 Oct 1859, mar 4 Aug 1892, ? born
JPG death notice Prager Tagblatt 20 Mar 1928

[N1323] DEAT: from Conscription
JPG Prague Conscriptions 1868-1872 & 1883

[N1324] DEAT: not in Jewish death Prag 1876 register
P/C Prague Household Reg

[N1325] DEAT: in 80th year
JPG P/C Prague Household Reg 1861-1866
death notice Prager Tagblatt 27 Mar 1896 as GBELL

[N1326] DEAT: in 73rd year
death notice Prager Tagblatt 31 Jul 1897 seen

Age 1
Sex M
Literacy U
Arrived 10 Jun 1870
Origin Prussia
Port Bremen
Last Residence Unknown
Destination Baltimore
Plan Unknown
Ship Mozart
Passage Unknown

[N1328] Swiss Christian


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