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[N5622] MARR: JPG P/C HBMa 989 Liberec Jewish Marriage;Zeugen: Daniel JERUSALEM & Josef FEIGL
DIVO: From note added to marriage entry in Jan 1941 by Reichenberg Standesbeamter

[N5623] MARR: HBMa2173 Trebic Marriage JPG

[N5624] MARR: Congregation B'nei Abraham P/C

[N5625] MARR: 1863 from 1920 census

[N5626] MARR: Worldconnect Pat Jones

[N5627] MARR: from birth of children

[N5628] MARR: Praha marriage Matrik IN 2690 Id 141/226

[N5629] MARR: from Neveklov Matrik

[N5630] MARR: JPG IKG; address from birth of Siegfried
Nr 61598
Year 1902
Numerative 967
Parish Stadttempel
Last Name Jerusalem
First Name Elsa
Last Name Kaufmann
First name Bela

Nr 213007
Year 1878
Numerative 119
Parish Ottakring
Lastname Beykowsky
Firstname Markus
Lastname Fischer
Firstname Rosalie

[N5632] MARR: Matrik HBMa 2744 JPG son of Rosalie aus Souschitz

[N5633] MARR: Jewish P/C entry
Nr 117129
Year 1901
Numerative 155
Parish Ottakring
Lastname Bejkowski
Firstname Hermann
Lastname Berger
Firstname Kathi

[N5634] MARR: Jewish P/C entry
Nr 172395
Year 1907
Numerative 106
Parish Stadttempel
Lastname Beykowsky - Berger
Firstname Katharina
Lastname Citron
Firstname Josef N.

[N5635] MARR: IGI

[N5636] MARR: HBMa2695 Praha Marriage JPG

[N5637] MARR: from Prag Conscription

Nr 170861
Year 1905
Numerative 41
Parish Ottakring
Lastname Beykowsky
Firstname Karoline
Lastname Herlitschek
Firstname Ludwig

[N5639] MARR: Matrik; wit: Jacob Pollak from Bystrice; Jacob Bejkovsky from Praha

[N5640] MARR: from Celia/Christoph

[N5641] MARR: HBM897 Zbraslavice Marriage JPG Wit Israel BEYKOWSKY, plae could be Ceztin ;?

[N5642] MARR: Mar 1819 mentioned on birth of Johann

[N5643] MARR: Zbraslavice Matrik IN 2445 Id 2/1212; Elias (eduard) age 26; Josefa age 23;
also in HBMa1168 Malesov marriage JPG

[N5644] MARR: Zbraslavice Matrik inv. 2356 s. 1/1

[N5645] MARR: Zbraslavice Matrik inv. 2445 s. 99

[N5646] MARR: Kolin Marriage Matrik IN 831 Id 17/8; Josef age 27

[N5647] MARR: Vlasim Matrik 2356

[N5648] MARR: num 4

[N5649] MARR: num 17

[N5650] MARR: HBMa 2743 "Karlin"

[N5651] MARR: HBMa 2743 "Karlin" (? 1884); HBMa117 Brandys nad Labem Marriage 1887 JPG wit:

[N5652] MARR: HBMa Inv. 2694 fol 111/16

[N5653] MARR: from Conscription

[N5654] MARR: JPG HBMa382 Goltsch Jenikau

[N5655] MARR: HBMa382 Golcuv Jenikov marriage JPG

[N5657] MARR: HBMa 2743 Praha Karlin marriage matrik JPG P/C & HBMa2672 Prag JPG P/C wits:

[N5658] MARR: HBMa1138 Luze Marriage JPG; Zeugen: Abraham Elias BREITENFELD, Braut F�hrer &

[N5659] MARR: ?? 11 Jan 1869 cf Kath Pfarramt Tuklat entry 8; HBMa2669 Praha marriage JPG,

[N5660] MARR: HBMa 2716 Prag folio 41, witn Antonin GROSSMANN og Bubenec & Ludvik ILLNER of
DIVO: 9HC 2/28/3

[N5661] MARR: from Fritz Hellmann 15 Dec 74

[N5662] MARR: Ehekonzens

[N5663] MARR: HBMa 2700 fol. 54 Prag Matrik; Wit: Daniel JERUSALEM & Samuel LISSAU

[N5664] MARR: Ehekonzens 1857

[N5665] MARR: from FTJP (Eytan Lederer)
HBMa 1140 & 1141 Luze marriage JPG duplicate registers, Zaugen Samuel FRANK &
Wilhelm BERAN

[N5666] MARR: HBMa 2676 fol. 112; wit Josef Jerusalem & Emanuel Urbach; JPG P/C

[N5667] MARR: IGI; no proof

[N5668] MARR: IGI submission

[N5669] MARR: Gold book

[N5670] MARR: Gold book; also ehekonzenz Gold Book

[N5671] MARR: Ehekonsens cf Gold book

[N5672] MARR: from Wien Jewish Kartei;

[N5673] MARR: 1b 670

[N5674] MARR: Wien IKG

[N5675] MARR: PG P/C HBMa1140 & 1141 Luze duplicate marriage registers. Copulant: Marcus

[N5676] MARR: 1847from Prag conscription; JPG P/C HBMa1140 & 1141 Luze marriage duplicate

[N5677] MARR: from Familiantenbuch (Wolf-Erich)

[N5678] MARR: from Prag Conscription

[N5679] MARR: IGI submission

[N5680] MARR: IGI submission

[N5681] MARR: IGI submission

[N5682] MARR: IGI submission

[N5683] MARR: IGI

[N5684] MARR: IGI

[N5685] MARR: IGI

[N5686] MARR: IGI

[N5687] MARR: IGI

[N5688] MARR: IGI

[N5689] MARR: IGI

[N5690] MARR: IGI submission

[N5691] MARR: IGI

[N5692] MARR: IGI

[N5693] MARR: IGI

[N5694] MARR: he was Jewish, she was not

[N5695] MARR: No proof correct person as entry not seen

[N5696] MARR: Lic. No 00131804

[N5697] MARR: Matrik page 19, house 39; could be June

[N5699] MARR: HBMa2660 & 2661 Praha Marriage duplicate reg JPG; Wit Moises Jerusalem

[N5700] MARR: ? 1935

[N5701] MARR: IKG index Genteam

[N5702] MARR:

[N5703] MARR: JPG Civil Reg

[N5704] MARR: JPG Civil Registration Budapest

[N5705] MARR: JPG Civil Reg

[N5706] MARR: 1b 342 (Ancestry Com Civil Reg)

[N5707] MARR: Akt 22 District I/XI Sig 18 from JRI Poland

[N5708] MARR: Akt 26 District I/XI Sig 19 from JRI Poland

[N5709] MARR: HBMa2660 & 26611 Praha Marriage duplicate reg JPG Wit: Salomon KREMSIR

[N5710] MARR: Cert No 1221 P/C JPG


[N5712] MARR: HBM25 Blovice Marriage JPG

[N5713] MARR: IGI

[N5714] MARR: IGI extraction
John Ornstein
Birth: , Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria
Father: Wolfh Ornstein
Mother: Lud...illa Bekovsky
Spouse: Theresia Klein
Marriage: 13 OCT 1889 Manhattan, New York, New York

[N5715] MARR: IGI

[N5716] MARR: IGI

[N5717] MARR: not validated

[N5718] MARR: from Wien Jewish Kartei

[N5719] MARR: HBMa2660 & 2661 Praha Marriage duplicate reg JPG; Wit Kopelman AUERBACH

[N5720] MARR: from Wien Jewish Kartei; num 685; JPG marr from IKG

[N5721] MARR: from Wien Jewish Kartei; num 742; JPG Wien IKG Wit: Simon

[N5722] MARR: HBMa1687 Pravonin Marriage JPG ; also from Karel B.

[N5723] MARR: free BMD

[N5724] MARR: ? 16 Apr from death

[N5725] MARR: from Household Reg

[N5726] MARR: HBMa2688 Praha Marriage JPG; wits Josef JERUSALEM Skvoretz & Moritz FISCHER

[N5727] MARR: from Household Reg

[N5728] MARR: during WW1

[N5729] MARR: Ehekonzens from Familiantenbuch; HBMa1326 Myslkovice Marriage Index JPG

[N5730] MARR: JPG P/C HBMa383 Goltsch Jenikau marriage

[N5731] MARR: Heiraths kontrakt from Familiantenbuch; place from Prague Conscription;

[N5732] MARR: Heiratskontrakt from Familiantenbuch

[N5733] MARR: Entry 227 (register not on FamilySearch but JPG Marriage index)

[N5734] MARR: HBMa1326 Myslkovice Index Marriage; Book I fol. 21, No. 73

[N5735] MARR: HBMa1326 Mysklovice Jewish Marriage Index JPG to entry Band I page 22, entry 77

[N5736] MARR: HBMa1326 Myskovice Marriage index I f.28 n. 105

[N5737] MARR: Heiratskontrakt 5 Nov 1846. This & marriage date from Familiantenbuch; HBMa1326

[N5738] MARR: HBMa2668 & 2669 Praha Marriage Duplicate Reg JPG & P/C Wits: Josef FISCHEL,

[N5739] MARR: From Household Reg & HBMa2679 Praha Marriage JPG

[N5740] MARR: JPG HBMa247 3 versions

[N5741] MARR: Witness F. DEUTSCH & Vewir MANHEIMER

[N5742] MARR: Image on FamilySearch seen

[N5743] MARR: HBMa2682 Praha Marriage JPG, Ledig, wits: Simon JERUSALEM & Jakob PASSER

[N5744] MARR: HBMa2697 Praha Marriage JPG Wits Bernhard MANDELIK & Sigmund GERSTL

[N5745] MARR: Cert 7364 JPG

[N5746] MARR: Heirathskontract 1759

[N5747] MARR: HBMa1326 Mysklovice Jewish Marriage Index JPG

[N5748] MARR: 1818 from Marriage index page 21, son of Abraham; HBMa2661 Praha Marriage JPG

[N5749] MARR: HBMa2661 Praha Marriage JPG Wit: David JERUSALEM

[N5750] MARR: HBMa2682 Praha Marriage JPG; wits Leopold STEIN, Prag; Samuel POLLAK

[N5751] MARR: from Conscription

[N5752] MARR: date unclear from Conscription

[N5753] MARR: from Praha Jewish Matrik 1857-1863 HBMa2665 page 86, entry 59 [Extract] Wits:

[N5754] MARR: HBMa2690 Praha Marriage JPG, Wits: REgierungsrath Prof Dr Alfred Pribram &

[N5755] MARR: Grandaughter has marr. cert; P/C Wit: Adolf WLASCHIN & Sieg. FISCHL

[N5756] MARR: HBMa2710 Praha Marriage JPG Wit: Friedrich KAUFMANN & Adolf BRAUN. Marginial

[N5757] Living Parent(s) - Details withheld

[N5758] MARR: from Police Conscription

[N5759] Living Parent(s) - Details withheld

[N5760] Living Parent(s) - Details withheld

[N5761] MARR: HBMa2668 Praha Marriage JPG;Wits Isak KOPPERL & Moses HELLER

[N5762] MARR: Heirathskoontrakt from Familiantenbuch

[N5763] MARR: Heirathskoontrakt from Familiantenbuch; HBMa1326 Mysklovice Jewish Marriage
Miskowitz Index HBMa1326 p.7.No.40

[N5764] MARR: Heirathskoontrakt from Familiantenbuch

[N5765] MARR: Heirathskontrakt from Familiantenbuch;HBMa1326 Mysklovice Jewish Marriage Index

[N5766] MARR: Heirathskontrakt from Familiantenbuch; Month is uncertain. Could be 1807; BUT
Miskowitz Index HBMa1326 p.3.No.15

[N5767] MARR: HBMa1326 Mysklovice Jewish Marriage Index JPG to entry Band I page 7, entry 40

[N5768] MARR: Heirathskonzens

[N5769] MARR: HBMa2157 Trutnov marriage seen

[N5770] MARR: Wien IKG Marriage JPG; Wit: Jacob FISCHEL

[N5771] MARR: JPG Wien IKG

[N5772] MARR: HBMa2680 Praha marriage JPG; Wit Jakob BRAUN & Jakob F

[N5773] MARR: Wien IKG Marriage JPG; Wit: Em. FISCHEL

[N5774] MARR: JPG P/C marr cert IKG Wien

[N5775] MARR: Heirathskonzens

[N5776] MARR: Heirathskonzens; ? month

[N5777] MARR: Heirathskonzens

[N5778] MARR: Heirathskonzens

[N5780] MARR: Wit: Georg PERUTZ & Karl KAMMERER

[N5781] MARR: HBMa2684 Praha Marriage JPG; Wits Samuel FISCHEL & Jacob N. F�RTH

[N5782] MARR: date from birth of Heinrich

[N5783] MARR: HBMa214 Caslav Marriage JPG

[N5784] MARR: HBMa530 Hroubovice Marriage JPG

[N5785] MARR: HBMa530 Hroubovice Marriage JPG; Zeugen: David TAUSSIG Herm-Mestec & Emanuel

[N5786] MARR: HBMa406 Hermanuv Mestec Marriage seen

[N5787] MARR: HBMa2742 Praha-Karlin Marriage JPG Wit: Samuel MENDL aus K�nigs...

[N5788] MARR: from "census"

[N5790] MARR: 1b155

[N5791] MARR: from Conscription & HBMa2672 Praha Marriage JPG. Wits: Samuel Jerusalem aus

[N5792] MARR: from Conscription

[N5793] MARR: Heiratskonzens 18 May 1800 auf Kadaretschitz

[N5794] MARR: from Conscription;HBMa1862 Slany Marriage JPG Zeugen: Karl LAWETZKY aus Prag &

[N5795] MARR: HBMa2687 Praha Marriage JPG, Wits Alexander KOPPERL & Emil KAUFMAN; 13 Jan 1891

[N5796] Living Parent(s) - Details withheld

[N5797] MARR: JPG HBMa383 Golcuv Jenikov marriage

[N5798] MARR: HBMa381 Golcuv Jenikov Marriage JPG

[N5799] MARR: JPG HBMa383 marriage Goltsch Jenikau register

[N5800] MARR: HBMa2678 Praha Marriage JPG; Lindau ???from Conscription

[N5801] MARR: HBMa2688 Praha Marriage JPG wits: Josef FISCHER & Ignaz PIESEN

[N5802] MARR: 22 yrs in 1900

[N5803] MARR: LDS 642975

[N5804] MARR: see notes
Salomon BRAUN & J�te Rachel LORJE,daughter of Pincas LORJE
Marriage record
Date of Registration of Marriage: 24-Jul-1862
Town of Record: Brody (now Brody, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine)
Groom's Age: 35
Bride's Age: 24
Comments about the Bride: retrospectively
This record comes from the Brody Jewish Marriage Records (1815-1871) database,
page 77L, AKT number 17. The original records are held in The Central State
Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv and were added to this search engine on
17 July 2011. An image of this record can also be viewed on FamilySearch/LDS
microfilm #2405311, item #1. The Gesher Galicia unique record ID is

[N5806] MARR: 02 Apr (or Jul) 1881 Daudleb, Bohemia from Conscription; HBMa875 Kostelec nad

[N5807] MARR: from Prag Conscription

[N5808] MARR: from Prag Conscription

[N5809] MARR: from Conscription

[N5810] MARR: NO PROOF; engagement Prager Tagblatt 24 Oct 1884. Emil of Brunn, Emilie od Ung.
PROBABLY ENAGAGED BUT NOT MARRIED AS "Ledig" on marriage to Louise

[N5811] MARR: HBMa1068 Litomysl marriage JPG; Rabbi: Zacharias SPIZ Rabbi in Goltsch Jenikau.

[N5812] MARR: num 673

[N5813] MARR: HBMa1716 Prelouc Jewish Marriage JPG P/C (2 versions) Witness: Bernard

[N5814] MARR: HBMa2673 Praha Marriage JPG

[N5815] MARR: num 26

[N5816] MARR: JPG P/C HBMa1140 & 1141 duplicates Luze marriage
married by father, Benjamin KOPPERL of Zabor = Copulant

[N5817] MARR: In HBMa1152 Luze marriage index Tom IV f. 21, No. 54 Bernhard BERAN & Charlotte

[N5818] MARR: JPG HBMa 560; Wits Sigmund [?] KOPPERL aus Zabor & Emanuel GOLDREICH aus

[N5819] MARR: PG P/C HBMa1142 Luze marriage. Copulant: Salam LENGSFELD; Zeugen: Abraham

[N5820] MARR: Tabor Marriage Index IV 2; HBMa2041 Tabor Marriage JPG, wit Ignatz SPIRO &

[N5821] MARR: from Stammbaum des Hauses Spiro & birth of Margarete

[N5822] MARR: from Stammbaum des Hauses Spiro

[N5823] MARR: HBMa 247 Ceske Budejovice Marriage JPG (image 15)

[N5824] MARR: num 153

[N5825] MARR: Record Search

[N5826] MARR: Record Search


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