[N1] DEAT: ?
BURI: from Phil Clements

[N2] BIRT: 87 in 1841
DEAT: P/C of death cert;age 91; not in my index !!
BURI: age 90
JPG 1841

[N3] BIRT: age 52 in 1784 Clapton Land Tax Schedule
BURI: ??

[N4] BURI: age 78

[N5] DEAT: age 34yrs (10th August last)

[N6] DEAT: age 28

[N7] BURI: 40 MI

[N8] BIRT: 59 in 1841
DEAT: 95D Bath RD age 74 Jan 18
BURI: age 75 MI
JPG 1841
WILL: will (available on PRO online) PROB11/2237 2 Aug 1856

[N9] BIRT: 55 in 1841
DEAT: under PONTING P/C cert; age 72 from Family Bible
BURI: age 73 of Bath
cf Somerset Archive DD\SOG/335 draft lease 1811 of stone quarry by Jas. Flower
to John Pointing
JPG 1841

[N10] DEAT: ??

[N11] DEAT: age 15 yrs
BURI: age 15 MI

[N12] DEAT: 49D Q2 1848; date from MI
BURI: age 79 MI

[N13] ? married John SMITH in 1833 in Compton Dando

[N14] DEAT: 39D
BURI: age 34 MI

[N15] BIRT: 60 in 1841
DEAT: age 85

[N16] BIRT: c.1785; 55 in 1841
DEAT: 141D
BURI: age 79 MI

[N17] BIRT: 55 in 1841
DEAT: 21D Q1 1843 Keynsham RD inflamation of liver P/C; Informant = George of Compton
BURI: age 60

[N18] DEAT: age 35 from MI

[N19] DEAT: age 39 from MI

[N20] BURI: age 20 MI

[N21] emigrated to Australia ca 1850

[N22] WILL: Nick Royal has will

[N23] BURI: age 11 mths MI

[N24] BURI: age 21 MI

[N25] DEAT: 415D Devizes RD age 83
WILL: will to Thomas Hayward Pointing, Mary Sophia Pointing

[N26] DEAT: 279D age 68
surname is from Free BMD index

[N27] DEAT: Q21893 Abergavenny RD age 72
WILL: will to Thomas Isaac Pointing

[N28] BIRT: 153Z
DEAT: 667D age 80
WILL: will to Public Trustee

[N29] BIRT: 103Z
DEAT: 115D Q1 1860; date from MI
BURI: age 8 of Houndstreet MI

[N30] BIRT: 132Z
DEAT: 91D age 4mth from MI
BURI: infant

[N31] BIRT: 147Z
DEAT: 103D Q1 1858; date & age 16mths from MI
BURI: age 1 1/2 of Houndstreet; MI

[N32] BIRT: 171Z
DEAT: 652D age 75
PDF Sherborne School Register
WILL: will to Mary Sophia Pointing

[N33] BIRT: from 1881 census; 19 in 1841
CHR : date disagrees with that in Family Bible
DEAT: 271D age 60

[N34] DEAT: 154D age 41
BURI: age 41 of Bath MI

[N35] BIRT: 16 in 1841

[N36] BURI: age 43
WILL: Will Execs: Henry Trickey, brother & Henry Pointing of Weston

[N37] BURI: age 5 wks MI

[N38] BIRT: 14 in 1841
DEAT: 118D Bath RD
BURI: MI Compton Dando
In 1851 with Edwin Smith
WILL: Adm to brother, Thomas Isaac of Houndstreet, Marksbury

[N39] DEAT: 270D Bath RD age 54
WILL: will to Thomas Isaac P., of Rowde brother & Samuel DERHAM of 9 Mary St Tuanton,

[N40] DEAT: 140D
BURI: age 40 of Weston; MI

[N41] DEAT: 348D age 65
WILL: adm to Catherine Mary Pointing

[N42] BIRT: 228Z Bath RD

[N43] BIRT: 241Z Bath RD; ? May
DEAT: 734D age 80 Bath RD
WILL: will to Reginald Henry Pointing

[N44] BIRT: from 1901
DEAT: 750D Bath RD age 84
WILL: will to Reginald Henry Pointing

[N45] BIRT: 620Z; 6 Dec 1898 from PRO
cf Canadian Who's Who 1972, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983 1989 [not examined]
On "Caronia" arriving 16 Sep 1923 in Ellis Island from Liverpool, final
destination Ontario [P/C]
JPG Canada Border Entry Records 1923

[N46] DEAT: Cert 39194, LDS 2296543
On "Caronia" arriving 16 Sep 1923 in Ellis Island from Liverpool, final
destination Ontario [P/C]

[N47] BIRT: 908Z
DEAT: 576D age 0

[N48] BIRT: 252Z Bath RD
DEAT: 700D Bath RD age 74
WILL: will to Henry Dereham Pointing, Reginald Henry Pointing

[N49] BIRT: 264Z Bath RD
DEAT: 688D age 71
WILL: Adm to Catherine Mary Pointing + later grant to Henry Derham P.

[N50] BIRT: 35 in 1841 [?] ;44 in 1851
JPG 1841 Mary Armstrong near brother George [NO PROOF]

[N51] DEAT: Clutton RD 126D; P/C death cert; age 54 phthisis
WILL: Will : exec: Ann P., wid.

[N52] DEAT: 328D Clutton RD age 88; P/C death cert: old age
In 1881 with granddaughter, Ada Mary
WILL: will pr. by Sarah Elizabeth P., daughter

[N53] BIRT: 35 in 1871

[N54] BIRT: 37 in 1871; 56 in 1891 birthplace not known;
DEAT: 426D age 68 Q2 1903 Blackburn RD P/C cert; as Mary Ann BROWN; Inf = dau.
No proof correct death but v. likely
JPG 1891 as POINTING, wid.

[N55] BIRT: not in index ?; age 13 Somerstown in 1871
DEAT: 712D age 86
P/C 1891

[N56] BIRT: 169Z

[N57] BURI: age 6 mths

[N58] DEAT: 389D Clutton RD age 62
WILL: will to Ada Mary,spr

[N59] BIRT: 21Z Q21841
DEAT: 130D

[N60] DEAT: 147D
cf Bridgewater & Somerset advertiser 20 Aug 1832:
Pointing Isaac - Pensford Ploughing Match [? correct Isaac]
P/C 1851

[N61] DEAT: Chippenham RD 32D
BURI: age 39; 25 Aug from Record Search
Catherine GIGG from free BMD

[N62] BIRT: 25 in 1841
DEAT: 240D Keynsham RD age 68
JPG 1841
WILL: will Edwin of Corston Field & Sidney Pointing of Oldbury on Severn, Thornbury

[N63] BIRT: 25 in 1841; 35 in 1861; 39 in 1871, 54 in 1881, 71 in 1891
DEAT: Q3 1891 330D Bath RD; age 72; ? correct
JPG 1861, 1871 & 1881 & 1891, lived with Susan N. ANGELL , next door to sister,

[N64] BIRT: 25 in 1841; 37 in 1861; 45 in 1871; 57 in 1881
DEAT: age 66 5c453
age 30 in 1851 as Anne

[N65] BURI: age 52

[N66] BIRT: 29 in 1851, 39 in 1861; 44 in 1871, 55 in 1881,69 in 1891, 76 in 1901
DEAT: from MI (but could be wrong)
as Susan M. ANGEL in Weston 1861 age 39 and in 1881 age 55
JPG 1851-1901
In 1851 with nephews William BARTLETT age 16 born Bath & Arthur BARTLETT age 12
born Bath

[N67] BIRT: 25 in 1851
BURI: age 28

[N68] BIRT: 25 in 1841; 70 in 1881; 80 in 1891
DEAT: 353D age 83
JPG 1881, 1891

[N69] BIRT: 6Z; 2 in 1841; 53 in 1891
DEAT: 488D age 72

[N70] BIRT: 32Z; Purton, Wiltshire from 1881 census; Compton Dando from 1901
DEAT: 533D age 74

[N71] BIRT: 45Z Keynsham RD
DEAT: 557D age 75
JPG 1891
WILL: will to Clara P., wid

[N72] BIRT: from Alison Thorne Family Bible
DEAT: 677D age 93
In 1881 as Clara GINGELL, age 31 born Colerne
WILL: will to Walter Ricketts TALBOT & William Arthur MOSS

[N73] BIRT: 78Z Keynsham RD
DEAT: 260D Thornbury RD age 35
WILL: Adm to Jane, wid

[N74] ?? remarried Q21893 Thornbury RD 281M
1891 seen , written as PONTING

[N75] BIRT: 113Z Keynsham RD;28 in 1881 born Corston; 38 in 1891 born corston

[N76] BIRT: 130Z Keynsham RD; 26 in 1881 born Corston

[N77] CHR : 8 Jan from Phil Clements

[N78] BURI: age 64 MI
cf Somerset Archive DD\SOG/1090 agreement of 1797 by Caleb P. of M.N.
cf Somerset Archive DD\CCP/180577 8 Apr 1818 C. Pointing Whitchurch Binegar
? steward to Henry CRESWICKE of Hanham Court, Bitton; cf letters from 1785-6
from Sandra Adams (sent Apr 2005)

[N79] BURI: age 52
from Rootsweb World Connect

[N80] BURI: age 69 MI

[N81] DEAT: 757D age 94

[N82] BIRT: 389Z Barton R. RD
DEAT: 248D age 0

[N83] BIRT: 372Z Barton R. RD

[N84] BIRT: 289Z Q2 1872 from birth cert
DEAT: 1940s
granddaughter of Ann (1803-1891) postmistress
Probate of Sarah Elizabeth granted to her.

[N85] BIRT: 597Z Bath RD
DEAT: 870D
WILL: Will

[N86] DEAT: 995D
WILL: Will

[N88] DEAT: 406D age 65

[N89] BIRT: 9 in 1851; Burnham, Somerset from 1871 age 29; Axbridge RD 29Z; 19 in 1861
CHR : from; father= policeman
DEAT: 283D age 43
JPG 1861 with Thomas & Sophia GIGG

[N90] BURI: age 18 MI

[N91] CHR : aged 2 years
DEAT: 150D
BURI: John Sims Pointing - Temple Cloud - aged 62
cf Somerset Archive DD\CCP/180579,180580, 180581 15 jan 1846 J.S.Pointing
Whitchurch Binegar Admittances & surrender
MIDSOMER NORTON: Conveyance of land in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, between
Richard Sheppard of Wells, Somerset, gentleman, Samuel Palmer Blacker of
Midsomer Norton, gentleman, John Sims Pointing of Clapton, gentleman, and John
Tapp of Oakhill. Dated 29 December 1849 in the 20th year of the reign of
Victoria Property: A piece of ground in Midsomer Norton numbered 888 in the
tithe commutation map. Medium: Handwritten in English on vellum. Condition:
Good Characteristics: Signatures and red wax seals. Revenue and tax stamps.
Document Size (Approx.): 65 by 80 cm
JPG 6 Jul 1854 SS Washington Pass List John S Pointing, age 50, belongs to
United States, & Caleb Pointing age 12 belongs to Gt Britain

[N92] DEAT: 300D age 87; Portsea RD [Nick Royal has cert]. Inform = W.O. Jordan cousin
1875:Kellys Directory

[N93] CHR : Wes. Meth Reg
BURI: age 11 yrs 11 mths

[N94] CHR : Wes. Meth Reg
DEAT: ?? this John or John son of Elijah
?? went to Allegheny PA, USA. Living there in 1880

[N95] BURI: age 9 mths

[N96] BURI: age 18 mths P/C

[N97] BURI: age 9 MI

[N98] CHR : ? correct James
BURI: age 64
JPG 1841 in Downside near Abel

[N99] BIRT: ?
BURI: age 43 ? correct Jane

[N100] BIRT: "45" in 1841
DEAT: from Phil Clements
1861 in Midsomer Norton age 74

[N101] BIRT: minor in 1842
DEAT: 60D; age 32 of tuberculosis from worldconnect by Philip. Informant is mother
age 22 in 1841

[N102] BIRT: age 29 (1851), 37 (1861), 40 (1871)

[N103] BIRT: age 25 in 1851 and age 58 in 1881
in 1822 at Tusson's lodge, Wells

[N104] BIRT: ? not reg
cf WFT 45, Tree 715. Submitted by Susan Kinsman, MtVernon, WA, USA

[N105] BIRT: 43Z Clutton RD Q1 1844

[N106] BIRT: 73Z Clutton RD; Mother = ELFORD (UKBMD)

[N107] BIRT: 89Z Clutton RD
???? in 1910 inmate at St Elizabeth Hospital Montgomery, Dayton, Ohio. age 62
,bornm England imm 1884. na. widower [P/C]

[N108] BIRT: 116Z Clutton RD

[N109] CHR : P/C
DEAT: ?? Q21853 Bath RD 74D

[N110] BIRT: 68Z Bath RD

[N111] BIRT: 68Z Bath RD; Mother = CHIVERS (UKBMD)
BURI: MI age 22

[N112] CHR : P/C
DEAT: 181D age 74

[N113] CHR : The entry looks more like JAMES !!!
DEAT: 59D; P/C; age 86 dropsy; Clutton RD
BURI: age 86 of ClaptonP/C ; This is John father of Priscilla
in 1841 in Clapton, Midsomer Norton age c75 or 73
No clear proof of his parents

[N114] BIRT: ?? (1762 from Jennie Newman)
DEAT: 7D Clutton RD; age 73; P/C
BURI: age 73 of Clapton P/C; ? correct Ruth

[N115] CHR : P/C
DEAT: ? 1882
BURI: age 83 of Norton; P/C

[N116] BURI: ? date

[N117] CHR : P/C
BURI: P/C; age 78

[N118] BIRT: c1799
BURI: P/C age 79 of Norton

[N119] DEAT: c1797 age 60 (Sue Tucker)
BURI: ??? correct James; 1787 according to Phil CLEMENTS

[N120] BIRT: ?1728
DEAT: ?1803
BURI: age 75 P/C; ?? correct Elizabeth

[N121] ? witness at marriage of William HODGES & Mary ASHMAN in M.N. 26 Feb 1781

[N122] DEAT: from Sharon Holder
BURI: age 64 of Downside

[N123] CHR : 5 Jul (Elinor Wood)
BURI: age 70

[N124] CHR : 5 Jul from Elinor Wood
BURI: childbirth

[N125] BURI: Elinor Wood says bur 31 May 1795 M.N.

[N126] BIRT: ?? why do I think this
DEAT: 97D Clutton RD
BURI: age 82
in 1851 age 80 uncle of Stephen & Elizabeth MAGGS,wid
in 1841 age 65 living with Stephen & Eliz Maggs

[N127] DEAT: date from Sharon Holder; Q11841 Clutton RD 13D
BURI: Betty Poynting - Bakers Lane, Downside - aged 76; I originally had it as 1839

[N128] ?? died 1807 cf ADM44/P5

[N129] BURI: age 72

[N130] BURI: age 75 of Norton

[N131] BURI: age 70

[N132] BIRT: Binegar from 1861
DEAT: before 1871

[N133] CHR : P/C
DEAT: age 67 278D
WILL: will to William BRICE, Terry HILL & Charles GREEN P/C. Bequests to wife Hannah,
William BRICE, Charles GREEEN, Children of Henry & martha PADFIELD, Ruth wife
of William CHIVERS

[N134] BIRT: 85 in 1901
DEAT: 439D age 89
BURI: of Welton
P/C 1891
surname from UKBMD
JPG 1901 (with sister in law Ruth Chivers & visitor Jesse CHIVERS age 17)

[N135] CHR : P/C

[N136] BIRT: 66 in 1901
married to William CHIVERS of Midsomer Norton, coalminer cf will of Elijah (d.
1884). ? mar. 1866
JPG 1901

[N137] CHR : P/C

[N138] CHR : P/C
BURI: P/C age 2

[N139] CHR : P/C

[N140] CHR : P/C
BURI: age 58 P/C

[N141] BURI: MI age 43
had 6 children in 1884

[N142] BURI: MI age 19

[N143] BIRT: 123Z
DEAT: 189D age 19

[N144] BIRT: 122Z
BURI: age 9 mths

[N145] BURI: MI
? confused with other son Alfred

[N146] BURI: MI age 2 yrs 9 mths

[N147] ? from previous marriage of Henrietta

[N148] BIRT: 272Z; Q1 1871
DEAT: 777D age 85
WILL: will to John Alexander BLACKMORE

[N149] BURI: MI age 56

[N150] BIRT: 710Z
DEAT: 960D
cf article in Baths & Wilts Evening Chronicle(p.10 20 May 1965) about mushroom
WILL: will

[N151] BIRT: 673Z
DEAT: 900D

[N152] BIRT: 601Z Keynsham RD
DEAT: 829D age 66
WO339/129135 Royal Flying Corps
WILL: will to Sidney James P., John Alexander BLACKMORE & John Matthew CLOSE

[N153] BIRT: 634Z; Q1 1899 Keynsham RD

[N154] BIRT: 350Z
DEAT: 766D age 76 Bathaven RD
Army records: Royal Engineers; & WO363/P410
WILL: will to Violet May GILL (wife of Hubert Jack GILL)

[N155] DEAT: 855D age 80
WILL: Adm to Violet Ethel May GILL

[N156] BIRT: 779Z

[N157] BIRT: from Alison Thorne Family Bible

[N158] BIRT: c1812 from death, c1808 from marriage
DEAT: 292D; Highworth RD; age 74
WILL: P/C will; Admon describes her as spinster, but will says her brother is Stephen

[N159] BIRT: 67Z Thornbury RD P/C; 5 in 1851
DEAT: 432D age 58
P/C 1891
WILL: Adm & will to Sarah Jane wid.

[N160] BIRT: Bath from 1891
DEAT: 586D age 77
WILL: will to Thomas Edward P. & Maud Mary Stone

[N161] BIRT: 394Z
listed twice in 1901 as Poynting & Pointing in different places

[N162] BIRT: 294Z
Grandmother of P.V. Merchant (letter Oct 2005)

[N163] BIRT: 312Z

[N164] BIRT: 377Z

[N165] DEAT: 828D age 85
related to Mrs T. Merry
WILL: will to Edward John P. & Herbert Derrick WEEKS

[N166] DEAT: 819D age 79
WILL: will to Edward John P. & Herbert Derrick WEEKS

[N168] BIRT: 844Z
DEAT: 1025D
WILL: Will

[N171] BIRT: 80Z;Clutton RD; 23 in 1871
CHR : d. of Maria (single)
in 1851 visitor age 3 with Elijah

[N172] CHR : ?? bap 1788 in Chilcompton
DEAT: ?? Q21839 Clutton RD 8D
not on 1841 census
? could be William bap 1778 of Bruton

[N173] BIRT: "40" in 1841
DEAT: 157D age 69
JPG 1841 near Abel & James

[N174] BIRT: 1 in 1841; 41 in 1881 born Chilcompton
DEAT: 335D age 51; no proof correct
No proof Joseph in 1861 = Joseph in 1881, but no other Josephs in civil reg
? = Joseph age 31 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards in London in 1871 Census, born
Shepton Mallett, P/C
JPG 1881

[N175] BIRT: "45" in 1841; 65 in 1851
wid age 65 in 1851 JPG, with children & grandchildren incl Emma Carpenter age 1
born Frome

[N176] BIRT: age "45" in 1841
related to John (c1811-1892)
Will 1844 at Bristol Record Office:
Richard POINTING elder, of Taylors Court, Broad St
sergeant of the court of requests and sheriff's officer. 27th Dec 1843
monies include from policy with Norwich Union 19681 (life)
bequests to son John of 96 Strand, Mddx, London, commercial traveller on trust
wife Esther, and then to:-
"divided between all and every my children"

son John and wife Esther ecexutors
proved 13th Mar 1844
JPG 1841

[N177] BIRT: 20 in 1841; 34 in 1851
NOT d 1886 Swindon

[N178] BIRT: "20" in 1841; 32 in 1851; 47 in 1871; 59 in 1881
JPG 1871, 1881

[N179] ?? = MERRETT

[N180] DEAT: 357D age 80

[N181] BIRT: 111Z; Chipping Sod RD

[N182] BIRT: 302Z
NO PROOF OF PARENTS; grandaughter of Thomas of Thornbury in 1881

[N183] BIRT: 50 in 1861 unm; 69 in 1881 mar
DEAT: 334D age 81
related to Mary Emily (d.1890) & Mary (d.1892)
P/c 1871 (& JPG), 1891 census
JPG 1861, 1881
WILL: will to Rosetta Pointing, wid & relict & Louisa Pollard wid, sister. P/C.
To Rosetta, sister Louisa Pollard & her children; late sister sarah Merrett &
her children. Adopted great nephew Wallace Henry Legge Pointing as son

[N184] BIRT: 55 in 1881; age 79 in 1901
DEAT: 506D age 91
JPG 1881
P/c 1891 census
WILL: will to Daniel Henry Lambert & William Burchell Pritchard solcrs.

[N185] BIRT: ?c1828; 10 in 1841
DEAT: 323D age 62
spr in 1890 ?? same person in 1851 & who died 1890
WILL: will + Adm to Mary, spr sister

[N186] BIRT: 20 in 1841; 31 in 1851; 45 in 1871
DEAT: 336D age 73
JPG 1871 with Sarah MERRETT
WILL: will to Louisa Pollard (sister), James John Merrett (Nephew). P/C. George
Pollard (nephew)

[N187] BIRT: Fern Hill from 1871
DEAT: 583D; age 90
? 1881 in Bishops Waltham, Hants, teacher
P/C 1871

[N188] BURI: ? correct Caleb
Somerset Archives (not seen):
[no title] DD/HI/A/189 c.1250, 1414-1763

48 docts.

Leases, generally for lives or years and lives, of properties at Tadhill
described variously in either parish, but held of the manor of Whitnell in
Properties incl. West and Easter Tadhill. Lease, 1762, is of a ruinous cottage
and has letter enclosed, 1768, from Frome Turnpike Surveyor offering to buy
stone from (?this) house to build a turnpike house at Upper Tadhill
Tenants (16c-18c): Allyn, Cornish (There is more than one reference to this
family in this bundle), Finnier (of Leigh on Mendip), Horner (John of Stoke
Lane, 1530, 1539), Huntley, Hyatt (of Shepton Mallet), James (of Stoke Lane),
Martin, Millard (of Leigh on Mendip), Plumer (of Stratton on the Fosse),
Poynting, Ray (There is more than one reference to this family in this bundle),
Sims, Smith (last 3 all Leigh on Mendip), Springer (There is more than one
reference to this family in this bundle), Tucker (incl. of Stoke Lane) (There
is more than one reference to this family in this bundle), Watts (There is more
than one reference to this family in this bundle)

[N189] IGI: EDITH LAMBERT Christening: 29 MAR 1702 Motcombe, Dorset, England

[N190] more data in oddments collection

[N191] DEAT: age 37 or more in 1705

[N192] DEAT: ?1682
WILL: will

[N193] BIRT: "55" in 1841

[N194] BIRT: very likely bap 1791 "49" in 1841
DEAT: ? Q41842 Hereford RD
JPG 1841

[N195] BIRT: 8 in 1841, 16 in 1851, 40 in 1871, 47 in 1881; 56 in 1891; 78 in 1911
DEAT: 520D age 83
Thomas Angel according to G.K.Pointing. Retired, after selling business to
brother Henry Richard, to his daughter Bessie in Southsea
P/C 1871, 1891
JPG 1911
Thomas White POINTING according to Harry White's marriage

[N196] BIRT: 168Z; 21 in 1881 as Maria; 41 in 1901
DEAT: 445D age 45
?? in 1881 in Westminster
WILL: will to Alice Mary P., spr

[N197] BIRT: 47 in 1881
DEAT: 465D age 74
BURI: MI at Highland Rd Cemetery, Southsea

[N198] BIRT: 438Z
DEAT: 668D age 53
On Teutonic arriving 28 Mar 1907 in Ellis Island age 23yr 7m. Salesman, born
in Wells
WILL: Adm to Frances Alice, wid

[N199] DEAT: 773D age 76

[N200] BIRT: 828Z
DEAT: 527D age 1

[N202] BURI: or bur 23 Jan 1731

[N203] CHR : ? correct father; According to Phil Clements this is actually a burial of
BURI: age 71 P/C; ? correct Joseph

[N204] of Warminster

[N205] of Clapton


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