[N206] of Bedminster
Julian said John Clements

[N207] BURI: age 26

[N208] BURI: age 2 baseborn

[N209] BURI: age 68 of Clapton ;?? correct Thomas

[N210] BURI: age 78 of Downside; ??? correct Mary

[N211] CHR : P/C

[N212] CHR : P/C

[N213] BIRT: 10Z
BURI: age 1 yr 4 mths

[N214] CHR : of Chilcompton; 1820 according to Phil Clements

[N215] DEAT: 477D age 77
? 1881 correct Annie
WILL: Will under Anne Poynting

[N216] BIRT: 2Z; in UKBMD as girl daughter of John.Mother=NUTH; MSN
BURI: age 1 1/2 from Bristol

[N217] BIRT: "12" in 1841
DEAT: 316D age 58 P/C; liver cancer
BURI: age 58
NB in 1881 census Isaac's wife = Eliza age 52
1841 in Downside ?

[N218] BIRT: age 25 in 1855; age 42 in 1871; age 29 in 1861, born Midsomer Norton
DEAT: 447D age 74 Clutton RD P/C
BURI: age 74
NB in 1881 census Isaac's wife = Eliza age 52
From Sue Tucker: B. c1829 Blanavon, South Wales

[N219] BIRT: 146Z
DEAT: 101D
BURI: age 1 1/2

[N220] BIRT: 161Z ? date Clutton RD

[N221] BIRT: "50" in 1841
DEAT: Q21857 98D age 66
JPG 1841 with George age 15
JPG P/C Land deeds 1854-1857 from Wooster

[N222] DEAT: JULIAN SAYS SHE DIED IN US; ? in Ohio before 1861

[N223] BIRT: date from Sharon Holder
DEAT: I had it down as Q218459 but do not know why !; 9 June from sharon Holder
BURI: of Welton age 24

[N224] from marriage, dau of William POINTING, mason

[N225] BIRT: no proof same as mar. Sarah
CHR : baseborn
Removal of Stephen & Sarah in 1806 from Walcot to Evercreech

[N226] widow

[N227] BIRT: c1832; 3 in 1841; 1851 age 14; 24 in 1861
DEAT: 584D age 86
? = Thomas Angel
Of South Pole, Dorchester St Bath in 1883
in 1881 as PONTING age 49

[N228] DEAT: 466D age 67;Chippenham RD

[N229] DEAT: 264D age 49
?? Matilda died Chippenham RD 1883Q1 age 49

[N230] BIRT: 319Z; Corsham sub district; Mother surname HOWARD
DEAT: 199D age o
no proof correct father

[N231] BIRT: ?? info from descendants [? confusion]
DEAT: Q1 1855 Newport M RD Wales 11a 143 as PONTING
NB no proof same Benjamin as father of Thomas A.
Clive: Benjamin Angell Pointing of Pickwick, Corsham; tailor
P/C London Gazette 12 Dec 1861 Next of Kin wanted: Benjamin Angell POYNTING or
either of his children are requested to communicate with W.W.A., 3 Church St,
Stoke Newington
Clive sent pedigree giving parents as John PONTING & Susannah PULSON married 1
June 1796 in Melksham. Ted sent pedigree showing = Benjamin bap 1796 Bristol,
son of Thomas of Kidderminster

[N232] BIRT: age 20 in 1841; 27 in 1851; 44 in 1871; 54 in 1881
CHR : Adult baptism; cf info in Pat Wheeler's file 6/3/93
just a guess that she is sister of Thomas A.
no proof that 1851 census relates to her
1841 seen; could be Sarah dau of Joh n & Betsy
JPG 1871, 1881

[N233] BIRT: no proof (from 1881); 52 in 1871 born Road, Somerset; 62 in 1881 born Road,
1881 Bradford on Avon : Emmanuekl & Sarah; ?? a second entry needs checkingNo
proof Emanuel Trollope in 1881 married Sarah Pointing

[N234] BIRT: 314Z Clutton RD

[N235] BIRT: 260Z Clutton RD
Ann Gray says she married Q3 1901 Bristol RD

[N236] BIRT: 284Z Clutton RD
DEAT: ?? 1917 (War); Ann Gray says d. 9 Apr 1921
BURI: Ann Gray says MI; age 49 of Norton Heath Lodge
cf photo of children sent by Julian Dec 2003

[N237] BIRT: 227Z Clutton RD
DEAT: 424D age 37
Ann Gray says he married Alice H. in 1894 with children: Florence Kate, Herbert
James, Percy & Albert Stanley

[N238] ? mar. Esther

[N239] BIRT: 25 June 1812 from Peter Merchant Nov 2005;37 in 1851; age 48 in 1861; age 58 in
DEAT: 347D age 81
In 1841 son of John (farmer);no proof son of this John
?? Thomas in 1841 same as one died 1893
WILL: will to Edward James, tailor/draper & William Ridgemen

[N240] BIRT: 38 in 1851
DEAT: 104D age 45
BURI: MI; date from South Glouc Burial Index. Buried Tormarton age 45

[N241] BIRT: 20Z Q2 1841 Wincanton RD; age 29 in 1871
CHR : F Massey
DEAT: as PONTING, age 34
BURI: John POYNTING of Bathford age 34
JPG 1871

[N242] BIRT: age 31 in 1871 b. Bathford; 40 in 1881; 52 in 1891; 59 in 1901
no proof of marriage
JPG 1881, 1891, 1901

[N243] BIRT: 230Z
DEAT: 161D age 1

[N244] BIRT: age 51 in 1851; 61 in 1861; 71 in 1871
DEAT: age 88
JPG 1851, 1861, 1871

[N245] BIRT: NO PROOF OF PARENTS; 49 in 1851, 59 in 1861, 69 in 1871
DEAT: age 70; Q21873 Bath RD
from Midsomer Norton
Clive Pointing says she is sister of Benjamin Angell pointing
JPG 1851

[N246] BIRT: 23 in 1851; 34 in 1861; age 63 in 1891
DEAT: age 69
P/C 1891

[N247] BIRT: 500Z
DEAT: 903D
WILL: will

[N248] DEAT: 937D
WILL: will

[N250] DEAT: 111D
BURI: MI; age 46

[N251] BIRT: very likely bap 1787
?? correct parents

[N252] DEAT: 596D; age 86
WILL: will to Adelaide COOKE (wife of James COOKE)

[N253] BIRT: 244Z

[N254] ?? = James POYNTING, convict from Bath, who married Mary CROFTON in Australia
in 1835

[N255] BIRT: 333Z described in 1881 as niece of Sidney
DEAT: 792D age 82
Most likely as sister of Ada & Annie (cf letter from Janet Crittenden)
? actually daughter of Elizabeth (sister of Edwin & Sidney) as living with
Elizabeth & Edwin in 1901.

[N256] BIRT: ? not in index
emigrated to Australia

[N257] BIRT: 203Z Clutton RD

[N258] BIRT: 25Z Bath RD Q41841; Twerton District from UKBMD
DEAT: 163D Clutton RD [Mary Pointing has Death cert: age 25 Phthisis of Radstock]
1861 lived with Susan FLOWER wid

[N259] BIRT: Radstock from 1901
CHR : from Mary Pointing
DEAT: 771D age 89 ?? correct William
? correct death & will
P/C 1891
WILL: P/C: will to Harold Anstall physician & Ethel Mary Anstall (wife), daughter of
William P. Son = Frederick Norman P.Grandchildren = Michael P. & Susan P.

[N260] BIRT: 248Z Clutton Rd
DEAT: 701D age 74 Chard RD
WILL: will to Laura Pointing, wid & Arthur Stuart Pointing

[N261] DEAT: 946D

[N262] BIRT: Coleford from 1901
DEAT: 653D age 64

[N263] DEAT: 358D; age 78
?? s. of James & Christina
P/C 1891 inmate of Hospital supported by charity
?? confusion with John (1841 in Bruton)

[N264] DEAT: 383D; age 82

[N265] BIRT: 539Z Clutton RD
DEAT: 896D
WILL: will

[N266] DEAT: 994D
WILL: will

[N267] BIRT: 929Z; ? 11 Jan
DEAT: 1046D

[N270] ?? mar. 1837

[N271] ?? on HMS Severn in 1866 cf Oddments

[N272] BIRT: 187Z Clutton RD; Q3 1861 P/C
BURI: Photo (JPG) MI: died age 71 4 Apr 1933
emigrated 6 Dec 1887 from London on Duke of Argyll. Arr 2 Feb Brisbane

[N273] very likely = Thomas (dissenter of Kidderminster & Bristol)

[N274] very likely =Sarah married to Thomas (dissenter of Kidderminster & Bristol)
Pointing Wills at Bristol:
Sarah POINTING widow of Philadelphia Street, 15 Aug 1823
to dtr Sarah wife of Joseph JOHNSON 100
son Thomas P. 100
dtr Ann P. 300
dtr Hannah wife of Thomas IMBER 300
children of late dtr Mary (sic)50 equally divided
rest to son Thomas dtr Sarah and children of late Mary
son Thomas & dtr Ann exors
proved 27 Feb 1826 under 1000

note testator died 25th Jan 1826
WILL: will from Estate Duty Reg: Exec: Ann Pointing of 20 Philadelphia St, Bristol

[N275] BIRT: very likely bap 1781

[N276] BIRT: very likely bap 1779

[N277] ancestor of S. Leddra

[N278] in 1787: "late of Kidderminster", now of St Phillips Bristol

[N279] very likely =Sarah died 1826 (will)

[N280] ?? married in 1846 Chippenham RD (geography is correct

[N281] BIRT: from Tabernacle, Bristol

[N282] BIRT: 44Z Chippenham RD; 7 in 1851; 27 in 1871
DEAT: 211D age 32

[N283] BIRT: 986Z

[N284] DEAT: 313D age 55

[N285] BIRT: 341Z Wincanton RD
P/C 1891

[N286] ?? Henry HELPS (cf 1901 census Castle Cary)

[N287] BIRT: 261Z Bath RD Coldashton from 1901; 2 in 1871;12 in 1881 born Bath; 22 in 1891
DEAT: 617D age 60
CHECK 1901 correct; cf Frederick POYNTING
P/C 1891

[N288] DEAT: age 95

[N289] BIRT: 47 in 1881

[N290] BIRT: 19 in 1857

[N291] BIRT: 587Z Warrington RD
In 1954 was married to Harold ANSTALL

[N292] BIRT: 769Z
DEAT: 831D age 53 Wirral RD
WILL: Adm to Annie Norine Pointing wid

[N293] ? ANSTALL

[N294] DEAT: 999D

[N299] BIRT: 651Z Chard RD

[N300] BIRT: 578Z Chard RD

[N301] BIRT: 42 in 1881; 64 in 1901 (wid)
DEAT: 464D age 69
JPG 1901 as wid

[N302] BIRT: 13 in 1841; 32 in 1861; 41 in 1871; 50 in 1881; 72 in 1901 (wid)
DEAT: 443D age 77
cf handrwritten tree
JPG 1861, 1871, 1881
P/C 1891; JPG 1901

[N303] BIRT: 27 in 1861; 35 in 1871; 45 in 1881
DEAT: ? d. 1895 St Geo H. Sq

[N304] BIRT: 262Z; E. Stonehouse RD; 1 in 1871; 12 in 1881

[N305] BIRT: 276Z; E. Stonehouse RD; 10 in 1881; 30 in 1901 born Plymouth wid

[N306] BIRT: "15" in 1841; 35 in 1861; 45 in 1871
DEAT: 463D; age 83
no proof of parents
? married first to Jane: In 1851 census, Jane age 30 listed as mother of
Alfred. Born Castle Coombe, Wilts
1841 in Downside ?
JPG 1861
WILL: will to Edward P., James P. Annie Rebecca P.

[N307] BIRT: Bradford, Wilts from 1881;38 in 1861; 47 in 1871
DEAT: 372D; age 70

[N308] DEAT: 469D; age 89

[N309] BIRT: 10 in 1861; 20 in 1871
DEAT: 371D; age 47
In 1851 mother = Jane
WILL: will; P/C to Margaret P., wid.

[N310] BIRT: 127Z; Kingston RD; 6 in 1861; 17 in 1871 Q4 1853
DEAT: 14 Sep 1934, Faversham (from Barry Hodgman)

[N311] BIRT: 156Z; Kingston RD Q3 1857
DEAT: 657D; age 79
WILL: will to James P. & Daniel P.

[N312] BIRT: 2 in 1861; 11 in 1871
DEAT: 692D; age 81
WILL: will to Dorothy Mary PILGRIM (wife of William Basil PILGRIM) & Herbert Samuel

[N313] BIRT: 8 in 1871

[N314] BIRT: 1863 from The Labour Who's Who; 7 in 1871
DEAT: 733D; age 83
Probably had other children:
Henry William 1886-1959
James Theodore (1898-1977)
Thomas (1893)
Albert Edward (1890-1890)
Alfred Charles (1902-1975)
cf The Labour Who's Who 1927
P/C 1891
WILL: will to Priscilla P., wid

[N315] BIRT: Beds from 1881; New Mill End, Herts from 1901; 47 wid in 1901
DEAT: 620D; age 74
WILL: Adm to George William P.

[N316] BIRT: 361Z; 23 in 1901
DEAT: 803D; age 81
WILL: will to Elsie Margaret STENNING

[N317] BIRT: 385Z; 23 in 1903

[N318] BIRT: 413Z Barnet RD

[N319] BIRT: 429Z
DEAT: 839D; age 82 Thurrock RD
army 1901-1902
WILL: will to Barclays Bank

[N320] BIRT: 459Z Barnet RD; 27 in 1912

[N321] BIRT: 486Z Barnet RD; 14 in 1901

[N322] BIRT: 522Z Barnet RD; 11 in 1901
DEAT: 843D; age 75
WILL: will to Basil Michael KIDD

[N323] BIRT: 553Z Barnet RD
DEAT: 909D
WILL: will

[N324] BIRT: 571Z Barnet RD
DEAT: 927D
? called Albert
WILL: Will

[N325] BIRT: 595Z Barnet RD Q2 1896 22 or 29th Feb (from Death); 5 in 1901
DEAT: 1035D
lived Hendon
WILL: Will

[N327] BIRT: 28 in 1903

[N328] BIRT: 26 in 1912

[N329] DEAT: 977D
WILL: will

[N331] DEAT: 861D; age 73

[N332] DEAT: 556D; age 65

[N333] BIRT: 393Z; Thanet RD
DEAT: Reg No 10696 age 69
National Archives of Australia: B884/V43602 1939-48 Service Number V43602 Date
of Birth: 14 Oct 1895; Place of Birth: Ramsgate, England;Place of Enlistment:
Mt Martha, VIC; Next of Kin: Albert POINTING
National Archives of Australia: MT1487/1 25 Feb 1919 S/Major 5th Reserve
Cavalry Regiment
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Australian Army
Service Number V43602
Date of Birth 14 Oct 1895
Date of Enlistment 3 Feb 1941
Locality on Enlistment NORTHCOTE, VIC
Place of Enlistment MOUNT MARTHA, VIC
Date of Discharge 29 Jan 1942
Rank Sergeant
Posting at Discharge 57/60 Battalion

[N334] DEAT: Reg No 10721 age 58

[N335] BIRT: 803Z Thanet RD
DEAT: War Death from illness
BURI: MI Djakarta War Cemetery, Indonesia: 2.B.10
National Archives of Australia: Service No VX36766 DOB: 5 Mar 1912: Place of
Birth: Ramsgate. Place of Enlistment: Royal Park, VIC. Next of Kin : Vernon
POINTING. B883/VX36766
cf Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour. Acting Bombardier 4. Anti Tank Regt
RAA. died 26/8/45 in Sumatra from illness
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Australian Army
Service Number VX36766
Date of Birth 5 Mar 1912
Date of Enlistment 12 Jul 1940
Locality on Enlistment NORTHCOTE, VIC
Place of Enlistment ROYAL PARK, VIC
Date of Death 26 Aug 1945
Rank Bombardier
Posting on Death 4 Anti Tank Regiment

[N336] BIRT: 437Z
DEAT: 273D ; age 0

[N337] BIRT: 487Z
DEAT: 308D; age 0

[N338] BIRT: 502Z
DEAT: 864D; age 79; Gosport RD

[N339] DEAT: 675D; age 50
1891 & 1901 seen


[N341] BIRT: 872Z;Malling RD
DEAT: 1092D Lambeth RD

[N342] BIRT: 829Z; Malling RD

[N344] BIRT: 510Z
DEAT: 333D age 2

[N345] BIRT: 533Z Thanet RD

[N346] BIRT: 603Z Thanet RD

[N347] DEAT: from Linda Creed

[N348] BIRT: 565Z
DEAT: 353D; age 0

[N349] DEAT: 662D age 80

[N350] BIRT: 480Z

[N351] BIRT: 547Z
BURI: MI Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
WILL: Adm + will to James P.

[N352] BIRT: 49 in 1911 born Hampstead Rd
DEAT: 703D; age 82 York RD
WILL: will to Horace Bertram P.

[N353] DEAT: 901D
WILL: will

[N354] BIRT: 530Z Fulham RD
DEAT: 925D
wrote several books
cf The Labour Who's Who 1927
WILL: will

[N355] BIRT: 136Z Q2 1855
BURI: JPG OPR age 11 mths of Teddington

[N359] BIRT: 935Z

[N360] BIRT: 900Z

[N361] BIRT: 990Z

[N363] BIRT: 855Z
DEAT: 987D
WILL: will

[N364] BIRT: 886Z
DEAT: 632D; age 13

[N365] BIRT: 133Z Lewisham RD; born Woowich from 1891;6 in 1861; 16 in 1871 as Elizabeth
JPG 1891: Robert age 50, Elizabeth Ruth age 52. Ages don't fit but otherwise
seems right

[N366] BIRT: 154Z; Greenwich RD (date from Navy records);4 in 1861; 13 in 1871 born Woolwich
DEAT: 538D; age 62
ADM188/28 O.N. 53844 P/C
Date of Birth: 13 Mar 18.. [not legible on copy]
Place of Birth: Woolwich
Date of C.S. engagement: 13 Mar 1874 10 years 16359B
5' 2" Brown hair, brown eyes, fair complexion, No scars erc, Trade: none
1 Jan 73 to 4 Jan 84 Invalided from Cambridge
[served on many ships e.g. Cambridge, Aurora, Victor Emanuel, Roy Adelaide,
Vernon, Tyne, Curacoa, Encounter, Zephyr, Lion mainly as Bugler]
Joined RT[?]A Chatham B458 9 Dec 01
Reenrolled to age of 55 21 July 06
Discharged 12 March 1911 (age)

[N367] DEAT: 524D; age 53

[N368] BIRT: 425Z Q1 1883
CHR : JPG OPR (2 versions)
"Bandsman Stonehouse Buffs"

[N369] BIRT: 235Z
DEAT: 168D; age 2

[N370] BIRT: 208Z E. Stonehouse RD; 6 in 1871
DEAT: 479D; age 43

[N371] BIRT: 596Z;
?? mar 1915 in Medway RD

[N372] BIRT: 625Z;

[N373] BIRT: 184Z E. Stonehouse RD; date from Navy;from 1901: Devon E Stondourne; 10 in 1871
DEAT: 702D; age 82
WILL: will to Sarah, wid

[N374] BIRT: Ireland from 1891 census
DEAT: 428D age 33

[N375] BIRT: 540Z; NO PROOF
DEAT: 337D; age 0

[N376] BIRT: 676Z; NO PROOF

[N377] BIRT: 569Z; Stoke Damerel RD
DEAT: 476D; age 14

[N378] DEAT: 746D; age 78
P/C 1891
WILL: will to William Frank HOLLAND, solr

[N379] BIRT: 49 in 1851, 59 in 1861; 69 in 1871
DEAT: Isaac Harris, male, aged 77 years. Cause of death: pneumonia 7
Ancestor of Nick Harris of Bath
Ancestor of Rolf Harris cf Family History Monthly July 1996
JPG 1851, 1861, 1871

[N380] BIRT: 46 in 11851; 55 in 1861; 67 in 1871
CHR : Bap 1804 as Betsy (need to check but can exclude baptism in 1807 as Elizabeth
born ca 1806 in Compton Dando
age 55 in 1861
Surname spelt Pointon in Isaac Harris birth cert.(1840)
1881 widow age 77 with John & Susan R. Clayton (daughter)

[N381] BURI: age 38 of Hallatrow

[N382] CHR : of Hallatrow
BURI: age 2 of Hallatrow

[N383] BIRT: 202Z; 7 in 1871
?? sister of Isabella (1881 in Lancs)
Aught Thomas Bury 8c 743
FIELDING Frances Bury 8c 743
Nicholas Henry Plomer Bury 8c 743
Pointing Amelia Susan Bury 8c 743

[N384] BIRT: P/C
BURI: Photo (JPG) MI: died age 84 1 Nov 1949 as Maria

[N385] BIRT: ? not in Civ Reg ? Q21885 as PONTING
emigrated 1887, arriving Brisbane 1888

[N386] BIRT: 1889/B043953 John Norman Pointing

[N387] BIRT: 1890/B046541

[N388] BIRT: 1893/C009101
National Archives of Australia: B884 1939-48 Service Number Q155626 Date of
Birth: 11 Oct1893; Place of Birth: Toowoomba, Qld;Place of Enlistment:
Toowoomba, Qld; Next of Kin: E. POINTING
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Australian Army
Service Number Q155626
Date of Birth 11 Oct 1893
Place of Birth TOOWOOMBA, QLD
Date of Enlistment 9 Apr 1942
Locality on Enlistment TOOWOOMBA, QLD
Place of Enlistment TOOWOOMBA, QLD
Next of Kin POINTING, E
Date of Discharge 19 Apr 1945
Rank Signalman

[N389] BIRT: 1896/C008640

[N390] BIRT: 1898/C008739

[N391] BIRT: Rootsweb submission by Jennifer Crockett; 1901/C008852

[N392] BIRT: 1902/C008999

[N393] BIRT: 1907/C009337
DEAT: 1908/C001800

[N394] BIRT: P/C birth cert
National Archives of Australia: A9301 1939-48 Service Number 43224 Date of
Birth: 27 Sep 1908; Place of Birth: Fernvale, Qld;Place of Enlistment:
Brisbane; Next of Kin: Margaret POINTING
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number 43224
Date of Birth 27 Sep 1908
Place of Birth FERNVALE, QLD
Date of Enlistment 27 Jun 1941
Locality on Enlistment FOREST HILL, QLD
Place of Enlistment BRISBANE, QLD
Date of Discharge 11 Dec 1945
Rank Leading Aircraftman
Posting at Discharge 6 Aircraft Depot

[N395] National Archives of Australia: B884/Q268793 1939-48 Service Number Q268793
Date of Birth: 16 May 1922; Place of Birth: Toogoolawah, Qld ;Place of
Enlistment: Qld; Next of Kin: Albert POINTING

[N396] DEAT: 815D; age 84

[N398] DEAT: 222D; age 64
several books in Cambridge U.L. & NUC
built church at Monton which contains several MIs
P/C 1871
WILL: will : Mary Whitfield P., sid; Charles Thomas P. of Egerton Rd, Fallowfield, son

[N399] DEAT: 416D; Ormskirk RD age 62
WILL: will to Edith Harland P. spr

[N400] BIRT: 65Z
DEAT: 208D; age 29 Chorlton RD
P/C 1871
WILL: will to mary Agnes P., wid

[N401] BIRT: Hulron in Forest from 1901
DEAT: 390D age 85; Surrey SW RD
P/C Times 6 Jun 1935 Death announcemnt
P/C Guardian 17 Aug 1935 Probate
WILL: will to Alice Hogarth NICHOLSON spr, John Whitfield Elford P.

[N402] BIRT: 336Z; Chorlton RD
DEAT: 549D; age 42; Farnham RD
P/C 1891
WILL: will to Mary Agnes P.

[N403] BIRT: 118Z;Barton RD
DEAT: 511D; age 61
Poynting theorem
P/C 1891
P/C Guardian 1 Apr 1914 obituary
PDF Obit NY Times 1 Apr 1914
Prof. John Henry Poynting.
LONDON, March 31.-John Henry Poynting, Professor of Physics at Birmingham
University, is dead.
John Henry Poynting, Sc. D., F. R.S., J. P., Professor of Physics in Birmingham
University. England, since 1880, was the son of a Unitarian minister, and
was born near Birmingham in 1852. His education was obtained at his fathers
private school, Owens College, and Trinity College, Cambridge, of which he was
elected a Fellow in 1878. He held various honors, and won a number of prizes
in physical research, was President of Section A of the British Association in
1890, and belonged to the Academia dei Lincei. His publications included
several books on physical questions.
WILL: will to Maria Adney P., wid

[N404] DEAT: 547D; age 61
WILL: will to Marion GRUBB (wife of David Burlingham GRUBB)

[N405] BIRT: 426Z
DEAT: died on active service
BURI: MI Bapaume Post Military Cemetery, Albert, Somme, France: Grave I.G.7
details in WO374/54997
WILL: will to David Burlingham GRUBB

[N406] BIRT: 55Z; Q1 1845
DEAT: 493D; age 66
book translated by him in Cambridge UL
P/C 1891
P/C Times 14 Apr 1905 POYNTING v. FAULKNER: income tax
WILL: will to Clara Martha P. wid

[N407] DEAT: 641D; age 91; Manchester S RD
WILL: will to John Whitfield Elford P. & Margaret Helen P.

[N408] BIRT: 310Z;Q4 1873 Chorlton RD
DEAT: 827D; age 88
Sedbergh 1891 census index:

[N409] DEAT: 396D; age 71; Bury St E RD
WILL: will to Rev Charles Robert MacVicar P.

[N410] BIRT: 84Z; Chorlton RD
DEAT: 374D; age 49; Barton I RD
Noted ornithologist;Publ "Eggs of British Birds" 1895-6
P/C 1871
WILL: will to Laura Elizabeth P., wid

[N411] DEAT: 392D; age 83; Surrey Mid E RD
P/C Times 9 Oct 1940 death announcement
WILL: will to Eric Auchinvole P. & Lucy Rosalind HENRI

[N412] BIRT: 507Z; Barton I RD; Warley Lancs from 1901
DEAT: Q31968 age 79 398D
WILL: will

[N413] DEAT: 836D; age 71; Chichester RD
WILL: will to Eric Auchinvole P.

[N415] BIRT: ? Abroad ? India
age 73 in 1997 in Noke, Oxon

[N416] BIRT: 881Z

[N417] article in Oxford DNB

[N418] BIRT: 200Z; Barton RD
DEAT: 541D; age 56; Ormskirk RD
WILL: will to John Whitfield Elford P.

[N419] BIRT: from Gravestone; "15" in 1841
CHR : I had it as 1823, but Phil Clements & sharon Holder both say 1824. "George
DEAT: from Gravestone
emigrated ca 1849; Naturalization Record Wayne Co 1848. JPG P/c Naturalization
ca Oct 1848 or 1849. age 27 emigrated 1848.
As "PINTINY" in 1880
P/C 1870
NY Pass List:
Name: Geo Poynten
Arrival Date: Aug 15, 1849
Age: 25
Gender: U
Port of Arrival: New York
Port of Departure: Bristol
Place of Origin: England
Ship: Sir H Douglass
Family Identification: 2914124
Microfilm Serial Number: M237
Microfilm Roll Number: 82
together with:
Eliza Poynten Age: 25
Jane Poynten Age: 10 m
Picture from Joyce Thompson
JPG 1841 with father.
JPG 1850 Wooster, Wayne Co, Ohio, masin age 26, with Elizabeth (26) & Jane (7)
and James TANNER age 66 born England (no trade given)
JPG P/C Land deeds 1854-1857 from Wooster

[N420] BIRT: Clutton RD Q11849 POINTING; age 22 in 1870; 14 Jan from Sharon Holder
DEAT: P/C Death cert. uraemic coma. Inf: T.J. HARRISON. Maiden name of mother
P/C From newspaper (Linda Thompson, 2003):Mrs. Jane Harrison Departs This
Life : Deceased Was Born at Chilcomton, England, in 1849 .
Mrs. W. T. ( Jane ) Harrison died at the home of her son, T. J. Harrison, in
Eldon on June 3, at the age
of 79 years. She had been an invalid for some time with dropsy and death was
hastened by an attack
of influenza.
She was setting in a chair when she died, and only a few moments before she
conversed with the family
and said that she was suffering no pain.
The deceased's maiden name was Jane Poynting and she was born at Chilcomton,
England, January
18, 1849. Her parents came to America about the year of 1850 , andsettled at
Wooster, Wayne
County, Ohio. About 1860 they emigrated to Missouri and settled near High Point.
On May 10th, 1875 , she married to William Tryon, and to this union one child,
Minerva , was born.
He departed this life January 19, 1879, and she married to Willian T. Harrison
March 14, 1883. To this
union was born one son, Thos. J. Harrison.
She is survived by these two children, the daughter now being Mrs. Minerva
Hardin, who resides at
Versailles. She is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Eva Riley, of Marceline,
eight grandchildren, and a
host of other relatives and friends who morn her death.
She was a member of the Methodist church. Funeral services were conducted at
Tuscumbia, Tuesday
by the pastor of the Eldon Nazarene church, Rev. Forrester, and burial was made
in the Tuscumbia
cemetery. Burial was in charge of the Jones Funeral Home of Eldon.
Photo from Joyce Thompson

[N421] BIRT: age 15 in 1870, 24 in 1880; 16 Aug from Sharon Holder
In 1880 = William T.


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