[N422] BIRT: date from Sharon Holder; NY from 1900
DEAT: 1926 from Sharon Holder & P/C death cert: heart disease. No informant
P/C 1900 (JPG), 1910, 1920
Photo of her
Letters from her to Maggie (daughter). 29 Dec 1916 from Marceline & July 1920
from Boxley, Arkansas.
Death of Mrs Roach: Ella Nora, wife of James Roach, died at the family home
between Marceline and Bucklin, Dec 8, at the age of 68 years. She is survived
by the husband and two children by a former marriage, Wm Todd and Mrs. Geo.
McConnell of Colorado. Two sisters and one brother are also living Mrs. Jane
Harrison of Tuscumbia, Mrs. Geo Riley of Marceline and Wm. Poynting of
Arkansas. Deceased had been a member of the M. E. church for many years.
Funeral services were conducted at Mt Olivet cemetery, Dec 10, by Rev. O.D.
Hedges, pastor of the First Christian church. (Maggie's writing: her age 69
years 11 months 4 days.)

[N423] BIRT: age 11 in 1870
DEAT: P/C Death cert bronchonpneumonia. Inf: Mrs Vincle WILLIAMS
Information on her & George & descendants from Joyce Jackson (nee Thompson) and
Sharon Holder (nee Williams)Emails 2007
P/C 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
1900: 7 children, 4 living
1910: 8 children, 4 living

[N424] BURI: MI; age 25

[N425] BIRT: 454Z
John Chamberlain MC (22 Dec 1881 - 14 May 1917)
Manager: Chamberlain & Hookham
Director: Thomas Smith
Director: Credendan Conduits
Manager: Tubes Ltd
Despite being eligible for exemption from conscription, he enlisted in the 6th
Btn, Royal Warwickshire Regt in Sep 1914. Commissioned as Lieutenant in 3rd Bn,
South Wales Borderers. Captain attached 14th Bn Welsh Regiment
Killed in action, Boesinghe, Iepre (Ypres), Belgium

married 1907, Hilda Poynting -
Drusilla Chamberlain (1908 - )
Born: King's Norton, Worcestshire.
Louisa Chamberlain (1909 - )
Born: King's Norton, Worcestshire.
H Chamberlain -
married A Redman -
Richard Chamberlain (29 Jan 1914 - )
Born: King's Norton, Worcestshire.
married 1938, Lydia Joan Kay -

[N426] DEAT: P/C Times 19 May 1917 Death announcement

[N427] Knighted 1942

[N428] BIRT: date from Sharon Holder
DEAT: Q1 1888?? source; 16 Jan 1852 from Sharon Holder
?? identical with Mary age "15" living with Elizabeth COOK i 1841
P/C 1850

[N429] Image 1850
Boston, 1821-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists
Name: Joseph Sawyer
Arrival Date: 6 Mar 1850
Age: 27
Gender: M (Male)
Port of Arrival: Boston
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Place of Origin: England
Occupation: Weaver
Ship: Ship Parliament
National Archives' Series Number: M277
National Archives' Roll: 33
With Jane age 26 & George age 0

[N430] BIRT: Q4 1849; 28 Nov 1848 from Sharon Holder

[N431] BIRT: from Sharon Holder
DEAT: from Sharon Holder
BURI: From Phil Clements: Text: Joseph Pointing - Downside - aged 7

[N432] BIRT: 24Z; under POINTING; UKBMD Newton District
DEAT: 169D; age 27
BURI: MI; age 27

[N433] BIRT: 524Z Barton I RD

[N434] BIRT: 369Z Chorlton RD
DEAT: 397D; age 88
WILL: will to Rev Charles Robert MacVicar P.

[N435] BIRT: 401Z
DEAT: World connect George D. Gilbert
P/C Times 1 Jun 1923 death announcement

[N436] BIRT: World connect George D. Gilbert

[N437] BIRT: 543Z; Barton I RD
DEAT: 597D; age 34; Croydon RD; shot himself
wounded in WW1; cf WO374/54998
P/C Times 14 May 1926 death announcement
JPG Medal Card
P/C biography & writing by him in Western Front Association Stand To! No. 83 p.
31 , contributed by Julian
WILL: Adm to Laura Elizabeth P., wid

[N439] BIRT: 163Z
age 2 in Census 1861

[N440] BIRT: also in IGI
DEAT: age 68; 387D
BURI: age 68
P/C 1891

[N441] DEAT: 153D; no proof correct
? d. Q21866 Wincanton RD 153D

[N442] DEAT: 185D; age 68

[N443] DEAT: 80D
BURI: age 72

[N444] CHR : from Mary Gough
BURI: age 70

[N445] BURI: age 60 ; NO PROOF
sawyer from marriage of Mary

[N446] BURI: age 56; NO PROOF

[N447] BIRT: 172Z

[N448] DEAT: 213D; age 71

[N449] BIRT: Sandra Boucher: Bap 5 Jun 1806 Bruton
DEAT: 234D age 71
Sandra Boucher: bur 19 Jan 1894 Bruton

[N450] CHR : Wm Cosens ? Minister or Registrar
DEAT: 382D; age 70 under Henry; Certificate - named Henry

[N451] DEAT: 310D; age 68

[N452] BIRT: 91Z
CHR : ? should be 1852 (IGI)
DEAT: 591D; Could be 19.11.1924
WILL: will to Sarah P., wid

[N453] BIRT: 357Z
DEAT: 226D; age 0

[N454] DEAT: 176D; age 59

[N455] BIRT: 53 in 1861
DEAT: 351D; age 89

[N456] BIRT: 24 in 1861
CHR : S.H. Casson
DEAT: 265D; age 46

[N457] DEAT: 151D

[N458] DEAT: 569D; age 75
P/C 1891

[N459] BIRT: 440Z Petersfield RD
DEAT: 789D; age 75
WILL: will to Robert George P. & Cecil Gorge COLLINS

[N460] DEAT: 759D; age 72
WILL: Adm to Arthur John P.

[N461] BIRT: 923Z
Enlisted in R.A.F 8.8.1941 trained as fitter armourer. Volunteered to serve
with R.A.F. commando Unit No 3209SCV. Took part in invasion of France,
Normandy, then to India and French Indo China. Demob 17.7. 1946. Rank of
Sergant. Employed as coachbuilder in 1950. Commenced own business 1 July 1950

[N462] BIRT: 288Z; Juliet Certificate
DEAT: 393D; age 69

[N463] DEAT: 808D; age 87
WILL: will to Evelyn Genevieve WITHERS, wid

[N464] BIRT: 610Z
DEAT: 367D; age 0

[N465] BIRT: 384Z Petersfield RD
DEAT: 758D; age 71; Victor shows D.o.d 1.9.1951
WILL: 3662 11s 5d Admin + will 19.11.1951 to Minnie Amelia Poynting and Edward
George Poynting - Production supervisor

[N466] BIRT: 23 in 1903
DEAT: 788D; age 78
WILL: Admin to Edward George Poynting

[N467] BIRT: 802Z
DEAT: 1049D

[N468] DEAT: 1060D

[N470] BIRT: 471Z Bath RD Q1 1886
to Australia (cf letter from Juliette 3 Oct 1987; "packed off in 1930s after
some scandal)
National Archives of Australia: B884 1939-48 Service Number N102500 Date of
Birth: 3 Feb 1886; Place of Birth: Bath, England; Place of Enlistment:
Newcastle, NSW; Next of Kin: Catherine POYNTING

[N471] BIRT: 318Z; ? 21 Aug 1874
DEAT: Killed during W.W.1
BURI: MI Railway Dugouts Burial Ground,Zillebeke, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium;
CEF file:William Poynting Attestation date 12 Aug 1915 Brandon, Manitoba
next-of-kin Mrs. M.A. Poynting (Ellen) 443 Dennis Street Brandon birthdate Aug
21 1878 Occupation police officer married yes. had been active in 99th Brandon
Militia Height 6 ft tall 38 inch chest 2 inch expansion fair complexion, Blue
eyes, fair hair member Ch of England 210 lbs. Private Arrived in England (to
Shorncliffe) on SS Corsican 5 Oct 1915. Overseas 15 Mar 1916 In Field 16 Mar
1916 Killed in action 22 4 1916 Unit 79th to 12 Battn. Buried Cdn Cemetery
114/Inf/G/77 1-5-16 DCS 297 - GH2 Railway Dugouts 1 mile SSE Ypres Ref Map
Sheet 28 1.21.C.8.8 - D.C.S. 319 i mile S.SE Ypres cross erected. His mother
Mrs. Harriet Poynting 4 Pembroke Park Estate, Bennerton, Salsbury, Wilts,
England.15 July 1920 ware service gratuity was paid to Mrs. Mary E. Hall (nee
Poynting) 506 Merdy St. W. Selkirk Manitoba - widow of William Poynting
Servoce # 150202 William Poynting On Attestation Paper:
Do you now belong to the Active Militia? Yes - 99th Brandon
Have you ever served in any Military Force?
6th Hants (5 Yrs) + 5th Queens (9 Yrs) + 99th Brandon (3 Yrs)

[N472] BIRT: age 22 in 1903
Canada Pass List JPG Arrived 6 Jun 1913 on Empress of Britain

[N473] BIRT: 716Z
Canada Pass List JPG Arrived 6 Jun 1913 on Empress of Britain

[N474] CHR : Wm Cosens

[N475] BIRT: 721Z

[N476] DEAT: 471D

[N477] DEAT: 1009D
WILL: Probate 42868.00

[N478] BIRT: 317Z Wincanton RD
DEAT: 748D age 76 Yeovil RD
WILL: To Charles HOSKINGS - grocer 815.12s

[N479] DEAT: 793D

[N480] BIRT: 720Z
DEAT: 399D
WILL: Adm 19.11.1974 4,350

[N481] DEAT: 1027D
WILL: Will

[N483] BIRT: 809Z
DEAT: 1053D

[N484] BIRT: 1083Z
DEAT: 1083D

[N488] BIRT: 518Z Bath RD

[N489] BIRT: 309Z
niece of Jane JEHAN (born ca 1851 Bath)

[N490] CHR : S.H. Cassen

[N491] DEAT: 500D; age 78
BURI: age 78

[N492] BIRT: 131Z

[N493] BIRT: 632Z; ? proof

[N494] BIRT: 378Z

[N495] CHR : Twin James died
DEAT: age 79; 452D

[N496] DEAT: 127D; no prooof correct
d. before 1881

[N497] BIRT: 196Z
DEAT: 131D

[N498] BIRT: 76Z; Wincanton RD;14 in 1861; 33 in 1881; 45 in 1891; 50 in 1901
DEAT: 604D; age 80

[N499] BIRT: Birth cert; 342Z; ? 30 Sep 1876
BURI: Fugglestone nr Wilton

[N500] BIRT: 775Z

[N501] BIRT: 633Z

[N502] BIRT: 112Z Wincanton RD
CHR : Thos? Carrick Curate
P/C 1891

[N503] DEAT: Q4945, 395D aged 69
WILL: Adm to Edith Mary HORN (wife of Edward George Thomas HORN)

[N504] BIRT: 690Z; 10 Oct 1903 from Arthur French

[N505] BIRT: 742Z; from death cert
DEAT: age 58 Reg No 1965-09-016681; pulmonary embolism
Canada Pass List JPG Arrived 6 Jun 1913 on Empress of Britain

[N507] DEAT: 1073D
WILL: Will

[N508] CHR : wm Cosens
BURI: age 11

[N509] BIRT: 783Z
Canada Pass List JPG Arrived 6 Jun 1913 on Empress of Britain

[N510] CHR : admitted to church 8 Nov 1829
DEAT: before 1841; ?? Q21838

[N511] BIRT: 4Z
CHR : sh Casson
DEAT: 2D; Both Juliette and Victor note he was 11/4

[N512] BIRT: 830Z
DEAT: 1072D

[N513] DEAT: age 21

[N514] BIRT: 869Z
DEAT: reported missing on 14 Apr 1942, died between 13.3.1942 and 14.4.1942. HMS
Salton Singapore - missing presumed dead
BURI: MI Plymouth Memorial, Devon: Panel 86, Column 1
Entered RN 25 Oct 1935 on HMS Saltan, Singapore
WILL: adm to Edith Ellen wife of Arthur John 248.1s.1d

[N515] CHR : twin John survived

[N516] DEAT: Juliette notes James died before 1841, poss 1840 - so far only found this death
age 9, which makes birth right
BURI: ? same person

[N517] BIRT: 791Z
DEAT: 394D; age 32 Drowned with 5 others when attempting to rescue soldiers in 2
BURI: MI Milford Haven Cemy., Pembrokeshire: Sec F. Grave 321

[N520] CHR : Wm Cosens

[N523] BIRT: 842Z; Q21914
(nee Poynting) Our dear Mother and Grandmother passed away peacefully in the
early morning of June 16, 2009. At rest after 94 years of life. God be with
you, Mum. Love, Barry, Beryl, Lynda and grandchildren.
Funeral to be held at Portchester Crematorium on Wednesday, July 1, 2009, at
3.00 p.m. Flowers please to Grady's Funeral Directors, 23 Mengham Road, Hayling

[N525] BURI: ?? bur 1792 age 74

[N531] BIRT: 365Z
DEAT: 229D; age 0

[N533] BIRT: 504Z

[N534] BIRT: 1162Z
DEAT: 744D; Victor's Information

[N535] BIRT: 190Z Wincanton RD
DEAT: P/C death cert cancer of uterus. Inf: Milina PORTER, dau

[N536] CHR : Sandra Boucher Anc. File

[N537] BIRT: 743Z

[N538] DEAT: 412D; age 0

[N541] CHR : James White
children listed in Worldconnect Helen Studdart
1881 Census - Living Yew Tree Cottage, Liss. With wife Phillis J (39),
Eliza. J (7), Walter (5), Amelia (3) and Edward (1). Occupation given
as bricklayer
Worldconnect Graham Sherman:
Birth details:- Dec 1842 Wincanton X 576

Marriage details:- Dec 1872 Petersfield 2c 289

The 1881 Census taken on 3rd April shows Phyllis Jane Hogsflesh (39) living at
New Tree Cottage, Liss, Hampshire. With husband Edmund (43) Bricklayer,
daughter Elizabeth Jane (7), son Walter (5), daughter Amelia (3) and son Edmund

The 1891 Census taken on 5th - 6th April shows Phyllis Jane Hogsflesh (48)
living at London Pandcue, 1 East Liss, Hampshire. With husband Edmund (52)
Bricklayer, daughter Amelia (13) Domestic Servant, son Edmund (8) Scholar and
daughter Bertha (5) Scholar.

The 1901 Census taken on 30th - 31st March shows widow Phyllis Jane Hogsflesh
(58) living on own means at London Pandcue, 1 East Liss, Hampshire with son
Edmund (18) Bricklayer's Labourer.

Death details:- Dec 1922 Petersfield 2c 183 aged 79

[N542] BIRT: Worldconnect Helen Studdart
DEAT: Worldconnect Helen Studdart
From Jim Pettit: He was his grandmothers grandfather

[N544] BIRT: 768Z
DEAT: 398D; Killed when attending rear light of timber lorry. Struck by car crashing
P/C Times 19 Oct 1935 report on his death
WILL: Probate to wife Kathleen May P. 847.00

[N545] DEAT: 1052aD

[N547] BIRT: 191Z
DEAT: noted as deceased on son Henry Robert's birth cert

[N548] CHR : Wm Cozens
BURI: Wm Cozens

[N549] CHR : Rev F Sturmer
DEAT: 100D
BURI: age 25

[N550] BIRT: 144Z
DEAT: 106D

[N552] BIRT: 279Z Wincanton RD
DEAT: 273D age 12

[N553] BURI: age 3 months

[N555] BIRT: 155Z
DEAT: ?? Civil Reg entry
?? father of Victoria Agatha May b. 1900

[N556] BIRT: 427Z

[N557] BIRT: 5Z

[N565] CHR : P/C
BURI: John Pointing - Downside - aged 18 months

[N566] CHR : from Ann Gray

[N567] DEAT: age 63
of Wick & Abson

[N568] BIRT: "60" in 1841
DEAT: age 76
1841 seen

[N569] BIRT: 48 in 1851; 50 in 1861
DEAT: age 68
1841 seen

[N570] BIRT: 40 in 1851; 5.[?] in 1851; 65 in 1861
JPG 1851: In 1851 with brother in law Robert Toghill West ?? age 56 married
born in Dyrham, Gls
JPG 1861; with wife's brother Roger J. West married age 66 & niece Elizabeth A.
Pointing age 19

[N571] BIRT: 71Z; 5 in 1851 as Richard; 14 in 1861
DEAT: 448D; Wells RD age 58
P/C 1891
WILL: will to Sarah Maria , wid

[N572] DEAT: 660D age 80
cf Email from Bernice Pegler (2002)
WILL: will to Rowland P. & Carrie HUGO (wife of Frederick HUGO)

[N573] BIRT: 373Z
DEAT: 913D

[N574] DEAT: 890D

[N575] BIRT: 404Z

[N576] BIRT: 503Z
DEAT: 737D; age 59
Willof Edith Clara mentions Pamela Evelyn P. !!
WILL: will to Dick P., butcher; Walter Donald SALVIDGE & Herbert James MITCHELL

[N577] DEAT: 926D
WILL: Will

[N578] BIRT: 914Z
DEAT: 958D

[N579] DEAT: 1003D

[N582] BIRT: 249Z; Clutton RD ; P/C; 2 in 1871; 22 in 1891 born St Brides, London
DEAT: 619D age 60
WILL: Will to Ann Teresa P., wid

[N583] DEAT: 772D; age 86
married first to BROWN ?
WILL: will to Maria Teresa GISSING, wid & Joseph Gordon GISSING

[N584] BIRT: 577Z Blackburn RD

[N585] BIRT: 561Z
DEAT: 810D age 67
?? related to William John, with daughter Pamela E. !
WILL: will to Pamela Evelyn P., spr & Doris Ivy CAREY (wife of Ernest EDward CAREY)

[N586] BIRT: 615Z
DEAT: 404D; age 3

[N587] BIRT: 706Z

[N588] BIRT: 559Z
DEAT: 856D age 74
WILL: 1967 to Arthur John OATES, civil servant

[N589] BIRT: 629Z
DEAT: 929D
WILL: Will

[N590] DEAT: 1012D
WILL: Will

[N591] BIRT: 581Z
DEAT: 362D age 0

[N592] ? age 10 in 1841 Chilcompton
?? mar 1849 in Bath to Andrew Burbridge

[N593] BIRT: 9 in 1841
Just possibly to Victoria Mar 1857 on ship James Baines age 25

[N594] WILL: Admon Wells 1845 office copy Angel Pointing Holbrook, wife of John Holbrook of
Compton Dando, yeoman, 1841. To her sons Thomas Bince, James Bince; daughter
Tryphena Brice; grandaughters Augusta & Laura; bequest to burial ground at
Meth. chapel Tucking Mil

[N595] very likely is son of Thomas & Mary
WILL: will recited 1823; proved 1824: cf Somerset Records Deeds G/1664 Group Code
AAMF. Also in DD/PO/4

[N596] BIRT: 693Z
DEAT: 1066D
WILL: Will

[N597] BIRT: 702Z
DEAT: 932D

[N598] BIRT: 725Z

[N599] BIRT: 752Z
DEAT: 954D

[N602] cf Sydney Morning Herald Death notice 13 Jul 1998
National Archives of Australia: B883/QX38341 1940-47 Service Number QX38341
Date of Birth: 6 Dec 1922; Place of Birth: Ipswich, Qld ;Place of Enlistment:
Brisbane, Qld; Next of Kin: William POINTING
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Australian Army
Service Number QX38341 (Q119572)
Date of Birth 25 Jun 1922
Place of Birth IPSWICH, QLD
Date of Enlistment 17 Oct 1941
Locality on Enlistment BORALLON, QLD
Place of Enlistment BRISBANE, QLD
Date of Discharge 12 Feb 1946
Rank Gunner
Posting at Discharge R AUST HVY BTY RAE

[N603] National Archives of Australia: B883/QX42133 1940-7 Service Number QX421333
Date of Birth: 19 Nov 1923; Place of Birth: Lowood, Qld; Place of Enlistment:
Ipswich, Qld; Next of Kin: William POINTING
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Australian Army
Service Number QX42133 (Q128189)
Date of Birth 19 Nov 1923
Place of Birth LOWOOD, QLD
Date of Enlistment 17 Jan 1942
Locality on Enlistment BORALLON, QLD
Place of Enlistment IPSWICH, QLD
Date of Discharge 7 Oct 1944
Rank Driver
Posting at Discharge 1 AUX HT COY

[N609] BURI: Photo (JPG) MI: 1903-1998

[N610] BURI: Photo MI age 73 husband father grandfather great grandfather
National Archives of Australia: B884/Q148157 1940-47 Service Number Q148157
Date of Birth: 6 Sep 1923; Place of Birth: Lowood, Qld ;Place of Enlistment:
Lowood, Qld; Next of Kin: Hilda POINTING
WW2 Nominal Roll:
Service Australian Army
Service Number Q148157
Date of Birth 6 Sep 1923
Place of Birth LOWOOD, QLD
Date of Enlistment 9 Mar 1942
Locality on Enlistment LOWOOD, QLD
Place of Enlistment LOWOOD, QLD
Date of Discharge 13 Oct 1945
Rank Driver
Posting at Discharge H Q FIRST AUST ARMY

[N614] DEAT: 672D; age 65

[N615] BIRT: 588Z Morton Down from 1901; 24 Jul 1895 from Worldconnect
DEAT: from Worldconnect

[N616] BIRT: from Worldconnect

[N617] BIRT: 616Z Wellingbrough RD
DEAT: 893D

[N618] BIRT: 650Z Wellingbrough RD
DEAT: 865D; age 68

[N619] BIRT: 694Z (Arthur Stanley)
DEAT: 997D

[N620] DEAT: 970D

[N622] BIRT: 1057Z
DEAT: 659D; age 0

[N623] BIRT: 6 in 1841

[N624] BIRT: 53Z Keynsham RD; Mother: ADLAM (UKBMD); 26 in 1871
DEAT: ?? 225D age 32

[N625] BIRT: 90Z; Chipping Sodbury RD; 1 in 1851

[N626] BIRT: age 7 in 1870, 16 in 1880 Nov 1862; date from Sharon Holder
DEAT: from Sharon Holder

[N627] DEAT: from obit

[N628] BIRT: from Gravestone; age 46 in 1870
DEAT: from Gravestone
?? sister of David COOK; ? Jane
Susan Holder: old notes, written perhaps by Evangeline : From Frome, where her
people are buried. Name before marriage was Elizabeth ACOT
Maiden name given as CHAPMAN in deathcert of dau Jane

[N629] CHR : William Pointing, son of Isaac and Betty

[N630] CHR : Text: William and Mary Pointing, twins, children of William and Mary
?? married Ruth DOWLING

[N631] DEAT: ? d ca 1795

[N632] BURI: no proof correct

[N633] BURI: John Poynten the elder
BURI: John Poynten
? wife of John the elder: Jone bur 28 Apr 1559 Evercreech wid.

[N634] BURI: husbandsman

[N635] BURI: "daughter of Isbell Poynten widow"
? dau of John the younger

[N636] ? wife of John the younger

[N637] CHR : Richard of Stratton

[N638] CHR : no proof correct father

[N639] bap 1546 or 1548

[N640] CHR : Richard of Stratton

[N641] CHR : John Of Stratton

[N642] CHR : John Of Stratton

[N643] CHR : John of Stratton

[N644] CHR : John of Stratton

[N645] CHR : John of Stratton

[N646] CHR : John of Stratton

[N647] BURI: ?

[N648] BURI: ?

[N649] BURI: age 74

[N650] BURI: age 69

[N651] CHR : no proof same as mother of Stephen & Susannah
BURI: age 67

[N652] CHR : baseborn
BURI: age 87
Settlement record 15 May 1813 Bruton to Evercreech
Settlement record 12 Sep 1797 Evercreech to Stone Easton. This gives her age as
about 35 & her father is given as late dec. Stephen Pointing, parishioner of
Evercreech. She thought she was born in Evercreech. I have full extract of this
In 1851 described as age 87, pauper, widow born Evercreech

[N653] ?? settlement certficate Buckland (Bruckland (Brookland ??), Kent etc
D\P\eve/13/3/4 Evercreech Settlement Examination
The examination of Stephen Pointing, taken upon oath before me, Thomas Coward
Esq., one of his majesties' justices of ye peace for the said County
[Somerset]- Decr 12th 1733... Who saith he was born at Evercreech in the said
County and lived with his parents and in the said parish till about 3 years and
half .. since An then went to the [sic] Bath in the said County and wrought at
day work about 3 months and from thence to Winterbourn Stoke in the County of
Wilts and there made bargains with Stephen Goodenough from Xmas to ye
Michaelmas following for 52 shillings and then covenanted with the said
Goodenough for one whole year for ye sum of seven guineas and received six
pence covenant money and lived with him only one month of the time and his
Mistress and he had some difference and then parted from his services and went
off and from thence went and wrought at divers places by the day and so forth
until he came to Rumbly[??] in the county of Kent and wrought there sometime by
the week and then (there??) was married to Elizabeth Coates by Francis Cull,
Curate of the Parish of Bruckland ye 1st of June last and from thence I and my
wife made the best of our journey to Evercreech and came there the 25th day of
November last past. We had a certificate of our marriage but lost it and other
things out of a box comeing on ye road. His mark X Stephen Pointing. Taken
before me Tho. Coward

[N654] BURI: ?? 6 Jul 1782, Evercreech

[N655] CHR : ? father = Stephen in reg.
BURI: age 73 of Stratton; no proof

[N656] CHR : baseborn; no proof mother Mary is dau of Stephen
BURI: age 72 unm

[N657] CHR : baseborn; no proof mother Mary is dau of Stephen
?? died 1807 cf ADM44/P5

[N658] CHR : baseborn

[N659] BURI: age 33
on HMS Volga 25 Dec 1798. Joined at Plymouth from HMS Swiftsure per Little Belt
7 Oct 1810. Served on Cumberland. etc cf ADM44/P9 No.2068 Seaman's effects

[N660] BURI: age 5mths

[N661] BURI: ???= Betty bur 10 Apr 1767 age 54, Evercreech

[N662] CHR : baseborn; ?? mother

[N663] CHR : illeg.; Elizabeth of Bruton

[N664] Dr Williams Library has a sermon by him spoken in Bromsgrove in 1768 &
published in London in 1768
WILL: PCC Proved 8 Nov 1791 . Exec: elder nephew Joseph Taylor of 5 Nags Head Ct ? ,
Church St, London. Mentions youngest nephew Isaac Taylor of Southwark. To be
buried in grave of late sister Sarah at Baptist Meeting House Worcester.



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