[N666] DEAT: after 1761, when proved will of Abraham

[N667] BURI: after 1745
WILL: PCC proved 10 May 1750 by Sarah P. sister of Ormond St London

[N668] WILL: PCC proved 27 Oct 1761 by sister Sarah P. of St Margrits in Lynn Norfolk

[N669] BIRT: 28Z; age 19 born Tredishill, Somerset from 1861 Census
CHR : from Nick Royal
DEAT: 202D age 35
JPG 1861
JPG 6 Jul 1854 SS Washington Pass List John S Pointing, age 50, belongs to
United States, & Caleb Pointing age 12 belongs to Gt Britain

[N680] CHR : of Hallatrow

[N681] CHR : of Hallatrow
BURI: age 1 of Hallatrow

[N682] DEAT: age 4

[N683] DEAT: died between 1710 & 1724
cf Somerset Archive: Battiscombe family papers: DD/BC/113 175 Stephen Smith als
Pointing of Street in par. of Pull als Pill, yeoman & father of\same name
relating to leases

[N684] of Pill 1701

[N685] of Downhead in 1708

[N686] of Doulting

[N687] of Doulting 1676

[N695] DEAT: age 46; 795D
WILL: will

[N696] DEAT: 848D; age 71
WILL: will. Prob to John Pointing & Sylvia Mary Chipperfield

[N699] BIRT: 975Z
DEAT: 800D age 32; Ealing RD
WILL: will to Barbara Pointing, wid

[N700] ? Barbara POINTING
b.18 Apr 1918 d.1999 Hounslow 4/99

[N701] Marjorie ? DELL ?

[N703] BIRT: 431Z Barton R RD
DEAT: 711D age 61
POINTING, George Regimental Number 457823 Box:7951-38 CEF file: George
Pointing Attestation date July 8 1915 at Montreal, born Bristol, England,
mother Mrs. Pointing, 14 Green Lane Avonmouth, Bristol, England born 18 April,
1883 Occupation Rigger and Bridge Builder married no. Have you served in any
military force yes 2 years South Africa (C.M.P.) Height 5' 8" tall, 37 in chest
2 " expansion weight 136 lbs. dark complexion, eyes - light brown, hair dark
brown. Sailed from Montreal on S.S. Scandinavian 27 Aug 1915. Taken on
strength to Shorncliffe 17 Sept 1915. In 18 Oct 1915 Struck off as a deserter.
There is a handwritten note signed by a Leiutenant (name illegible) "This
solder is now serving with the Imp. Navy. No action will be taken to claim him
for further service in the OMFC." 17 Jan 1920--OMFC Personnel S.OS of OMFC on
being discharged for misconduct under KRO para 392, sec 11

[N704] BIRT: ??? NO PROOF
DEAT: Marine Deaths age 28
cf Barry Hodgman

[N707] BIRT: 612Z
DEAT: 376D age 1

[N708] BIRT: 541Z;Blackburn RD
DEAT: 816D; age 69
WO374/54515: army career
WILL: will to Linda Pointing, wid

[N709] DEAT: 973D
WILL: will

[N710] BIRT: 304Z; Clutton RD; 17 in 1891
DEAT: 482D; age 35
as POINTER in 1881
WILL: Adm to Martha Pointing, widow

[N711] BIRT: 266Z; Clutton RD; 1 in 1871; 21 in 1891
as POINTER in 1881

[N713] DEAT: 1099D; as Edna May

[N714] BIRT: 897Z; Blackburn RD

[N716] BIRT: no proof
DEAT: 638D; age 59 no proof correct

[N717] BIRT: 188Z; Clifton RD Q3 1861; P/C birth cert; 9 in 1871
DEAT: 729D; age 85 Q4 1946 Stoke RD; P/C death cert
BURI: Block 13 Row 5 Grave 9
? married twice
In 1881 as POINTER

[N718] DEAT: 551D age 58; influenza epidemic; Q4 1918; P/C death cert

[N719] BIRT: 432Z Q3 1883 Bury RD; P/C birth cert
DEAT: 767D; age 51; Q3 1954 Newcastle L RD; P/C death cert
BURI: Plot 616

[N720] BIRT: 490Z; Radcliffe Lancs
ancestor of Sally Jawad (Email July 2008)

[N721] BIRT: Q2 1917 Newcastle L RD 859Z
BURI: cremated

[N722] DEAT: age 71
BURI: cremated

[N724] BIRT: 555Z; Wolstanton RD
DEAT: 833D
Lived in 1941 in Newcastle, Staffs
WILL: will to Maria May Pointing widow

[N725] DEAT: 764D age 63; Stoke RD
WILL: Adm to Thomas Pointing lic. victualler (husband)

[N728] BIRT: 876Z; Q3 1918
DEAT: killed in action: RAF Sgt 37 Squadron
BURI: MI Alamein Memorial, Egypt & Newcastle

[N736] BIRT: 331Z; Clutton RD; 15 in 1891
as POINTER in 1881

[N737] BIRT: from Linda Creed; Clutton RD 233Z; 5 in 1871
DEAT: 499D; age 47
NO PROOF CORRECT DEATH; could be death in 1955 !!!
In 1881 as POINTER
WILL: will to Thomas Nuttal lic. vict. & Sidney Metcalfe

[N738] DEAT: 723D age 59 Q2 1946 Newcastle L RD; P/C death cert

[N740] BIRT: 946Z

[N743] DEAT: 943D

[N744] BIRT: 517Z Radcliffe Lancs

[N745] grandfather of Sally Jawad (Email July 2008)

[N746] DEAT: died young
From David Baldwin: Alfred 1925-1925

[N747] BIRT: 1055Z
DEAT: 656D

[N748] see email from Correna (20 Dec 2004) with regard to Tom's father

[N749] T5@

[N751] T7@

[N754] T10@

[N755] T11@

[N758] BIRT: ca 27 Sep 1885

[N760] BIRT: 1851 from death cert; 19 in 1870 born Ohio
DEAT: P/C Death Cert; pericarditis
BURI: MI 1852-1925
data from Ancestry World Tree & from Julian
photo on file
From Worldttree Michael Smith: 1900 US Census Missouri, Miller County, Equality
Township Enumeration District 79 Sheet 6
? married also to HORTON from death cert
JPG 1870

[N762] BIRT: 36 in 1870
BURI: MI Francis C. Smith 21 Oct 1821-24 Dec 1901 Band Leader 10 ILL Cavalry - ivil
T64@ Information from G97 tree from Daniel Carlson
Daniel wrote " His original name was Francis Cook Kerr or Kern, original from
Dublin and immigrated from London to the States where he changed his name to
Smith. It was said that he was married once before, and left family in Ireland,
who some eventually emigrated to the States"
GEN: Had a Wife and five children in England, Maybe Illinois.
GEN: Came to America around 1839, setteled in Missouri in 1869.
GEN: He also served in the 10th Calvary Regiment Company C out of Iroquois and
GEN: Champain Counties In Illinois During the Cival war. Special orders 24
GEN: the tenth and the fifteenth reorganizing it as the tenth. Grandson Paul
GEN: Smith has sword he used in that war.
From Kindred tree carlson2
Great-grandfather of Merwin Smith; great great grandfather of Michael Smith
naturalized in 1840 (ag 19) according to Michael Smith
Michael Smith wrote:Francis was my 2nd great grandfather. He was married on 4
1848 to Sarah Jane Weeks I have a copy of the original marriage
record from Illinois where they were married. He had 7 or eight
children before he entered the Civil war as a volunteer form
Illinois. He was discharged due to an injury he received by
being thrown from a horse and according to my family's handed
down stories was never seen again by his Illinois family. I
have a 2nd cousin who is in possession of a letter from great
grandfather where he writes that it was discovered he was alive
and living in Missouri when he filed for a pension having served
as a Union soldier during the Civil War. It is said that my
great grandfather and my grandfather traveled to Missouri where
they met him and his new wife Mary Elizabeth Paynting (spelling
from my family).
From Merwin Smith (9.11.01) He is incorrect in saying that I have a letter from
my great grandfather
saying it was discovered he was alive in Missouri. This came from my
uncle Clyde Smith, Michael's grandfather, and I also have photo copies
of Francis C. Smith's certificarte of marriage to Sarah Jane Weeks, 4
July 1848 in Macoupin County, Illinois. Also photo copies of a pension
request dated 10 March 1884 giving his unit as "C Company 10th Regiment
Illinois Cavalry" with the notation "There is no record of discharge.
No evidence of alleged injury"; his claim of disabilities stating his
enlistment for 3 years on 15 September 1861 and date of discharge 7
March 1862 at Camp Flagg "services no longer required" and his
description as age 69, height 5 ft 9 in, complexion fair, hair sandy,
eyes blue, and describes in his handwriting "Injury to right leg by
being thrown from my horse at Camp Flagg, Quincy, Ill. ever since
troubled with Rheumatism Kidney disease and cough." I have a photo copy
of a document called Pensioner Dropped dated May 9, 1914 stating that
pensioner Sarah J. Smith, soldier Francis C. Smith, was "last paid at
$12 to Jan. 4, 1914, has this day been dropped from the roll because of
Death Jan. 23, 1914." So, it appears she actually did get the pension,
probably instead of Mary Paynting. I also have a photo copy of an
interesting and kind of mysterious document headed "General Affidavit"
dated with a stamp March 20, 1894 but made out on 17 February 1894 "in
the matter of Sarah J. Smith widow of Francis C. Smith." It's a hand
written statement describing Francis Smith's death by drowning in the
Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois, falling from a plank loading from
the dock to the boat. This was from a friend and witness to the fall
who said Francis "was drowned in said river by said fall; that search
was made for the body a day or two or more but failed to find his
body." There are some more details and the statement says this happened
"in the year 1877 or 1878 on or about the first of June on one or the
other of said years..." This is very strange as I previously had
Francis' death 24 December 1902 in Tuscumbia, Missouri.
Photo on file
From 1880 census: 10 children, 5 living
JPG 1870: painter
More details of descsendants on file
FRom Ancestry World Connect Michael Smith:Francis Cook (Curle) Smith is for his
descendents a man of mystery. In the home of Dale Smith it was told he was a
British Seaman kidnaped from his home and forced to serve in His Majesty's
Navy. It was held that he and his brother jumped ship during the war of 1812
and swam ashore to become patriotic American citizens. How ever the truth is he
was born in England , Wales or Ireland in October of 1821. The 1860 and 1900
Census records record that in 1840 Francis became a naturalized citizen. The
1860 Census shows him living in Macoupin County Illinois and lists his
occupation as an artist and the value of personal estate at $300. On the 15th
day of September 1861 he enrolled as a private in Company "C" 10th Illinois
Cavalry Volunteers. It is believed that he served 6 months when he was thrown
from a horse injured and left the service. Though we have no record of his
discharge according to a letter in the posession of Merwin Smith Francis stated
his date of discharge was March 7, 1862 at Camp Flagg "Services no longer
required" He stated in his writings that his disabilities were: "Injury to
right leg by being thrown from my horse at Camp Flagg, Quincy, Ill, ever since
troubled with Rheumatism Kidney disease and cough". He was a pensioner under
the act of June 27, 1890, certificate 529789. Sometime in the 1860's he
traveled down into Missouri where he then, Abt age 47, met and in 1868 married
then 17 year old Mary Elisabeth Poynting. When he filed for his pension his
Illinois family learned that he was alive. The 1900 Missouri Census shows he
had 10 children by Mary 5 of whom were living in 1900.
According to his grandson Clyde one of Francis's sisters was an English
governess in the house of the Czar of Russia for twenty years.

[N766] T122@

[N768] T125@

[N770] BIRT: George Frank (from Julian); age 9mths in 1870

[N772] Title: 1910 Census Equality Township Miller County Missouri
Note: Image 12 District 79

[N774] BIRT: 1090Z
DEAT: 1067D
WILL: Will

[N778] no proof address

[N780] BIRT: 1071Z
DEAT: 1051D

[N782] BIRT: 1111Z Q3 1943

[N785] DEAT: 590D; age 38 Q3 1924
BURI: Record Search

[N786] DEAT: 1097D

[N788] BIRT: 11 Sep 1895 from Martin Whitehead
DEAT: age 73; Trowbridge RD 851D

[N791] BIRT: 926Z; twin
DEAT: 1100D

[N793] DEAT: 1045D
WILL: Will

[N804] BIRT: 12 in 1881
DEAT: Romford RD ; age 60 610D
WO374/54514 has details ; also WO364/3016
Served in RE Regiment until demobilized in Nov 1919. Appointed 5 Oct 1914, as
Quartermaster of 11 Bn The Welsh Regt with rank Honorary Lt. 5 Oct 1917
promoted to Temporary Captain. 21 Mar 1919 joined Royal Welsh Fusiliers as
Quartermaster. Saw action in WW1, wounded in Salonika. Served with South Wales
Borderers. Retired to Brecon. Reached rank of CSM RE. Served in St Lucia 1900,
Edinburgh Castle 1899 in Work Services. Civil Engineer in Cardiff
WILL: Adm to Edward William & Walter George Pointing

[N805] BIRT: Army Birth
DEAT: 939D
Served Royal Engineers: Constanople & Malta 1922/3; Netheravon 1923/29;
Mauritius 1929/32; Devonport 1932/5; Ceylon 1935/8; Chatham 1938/9
WILL: Will

[N806] BIRT: 692Z
DEAT: 923D

[N807] DEAT: 605D age 57

[N808] DEAT: 916D;Chatham RD

[N813] BIRT: Pewsey RD; 964Z

[N815] BIRT: Army Birth

[N816] BIRT: 792Z
DEAT: 936D

[N819] BIRT: from Ted Pointing

[N820] Enlisted 26 Dec 1850 in Bath Royal Marines age 21
cf Jonathan son of Joseph of Frome & M.N.
OLd Bailey 26 Nov 1849:
156. JONATHAN POINTING was again indicted for stealing 1 handkerchief, value
25.; the goods of Samuel Taylor, from his person.

SAMUEL TAYLOR . On Tuesday afternoon, 20th Nov., I was in the tap-room of the
George and Dragon public-house-the prisoner was there-I had my handkerchief
taken out of my pocket, which had been safe not many minutes before-this is it.

Prisoner. Q. Was I in your company? A, You were in the room.

GEORGE WILLIAM WATERS . I am a pawnbroker. This handkerchief was pawned with me
on 20th Nov. by the prisoner; it was redeemed afterwards by some one else.

JOSEPH HYDE . On the night of 20th Nov. I bought the duplicate of this
handkerchief of the prisoner,

Prisoner's Defence. I gave a shilling for the duplicate, and went to pawn the
handkerchief again, and they would not give me but eightpence for it; I then
sold the duplicate again.

GUILTY . Aged 30.- Transported for Seven Years. (The sergeant of Marines stated
that both the prisoners had very bad characters, and Pointing had been tried
five times by a Court-martial.)

Old Bailey 28 Nov 1849
155. JONATHAN POINTING and WILLIAM GRAY , stealing 2 boots, value 5s.; the
goods of William Henry Sullivan and another.

WILLIAM HENRY SULLIVAN . I live in Powis-street, Woolwich. I keep a shoe-shop
with my brother-I was in the back-kitchen about half-past four o'clock on 20th
Nov., I heard a cry, and ran down Union-street-I saw a marine about fifty yards
in advance, with two boots in his hand-I stopped him, and took them from him-I
do not know who the person was-I have no belief on the subject-these are my
boots; they are two odd ones.

JAMES WARREN . I am nine years old. On that afternoon I saw Pointing pull the
two boots down, and give them to the other prisoner, and he went off-Mr.
Sullivan came after him, took him, and took the boots from him; it was not so
dark but he could have seen him if he had looked.

JOSEPH SMITH . I saw Mr. Sullivan run after the prisoner, Gray, and take the
boots from him; it was light enough for me to see him.

Gray. I never had the pair of boots in my bands.

POINTING- GUILTY . Aged 30. Confined Nine Months.

GRAY- GUILTY . Aged 20. Confined Nine Months

Title: Pointing, Jonathan
Description: Jonathan Pointing, one of 294 convicts transported on the
Equestrian, 27 August 1852
Sentence Details: Convicted at Central Criminal Court for a term of 7 years.
Vessel: Equestrian (Ship)

Date of Departure: 27 August 1852

Place of Arrival: Van Diemen's Land
Subject(s): Convicts - Australia - Registers
Australia - Genealogy
Source: Australian Joint Copying Project Microfilm Roll 92, Class and Piece
Number HO11/17, Page Number 495 (250)
Creator: Great Britain. Home Office
Publisher: State Library of Queensland
Digital ID: ctr-001553

[N821] DEAT: killed in N. Africa 1939-1945

[N822] BIRT: c.1836 from Clive;5 in 1841; 18 in 1851 born Broughton as PONTING; 28 in 1861
DEAT: age 64 from Ted Pointing; as PONTING Q31895 Chippenham RD5a 32 age 63; From MI
7 Sep 1895 age 63
JPG 1881

[N823] BIRT: c.1828; 45 in 1881
DEAT: from MI age 60; age 58 died 01 Jan 1894 from Ted Pointing; age 58 from civil
widow of Semington, Wilts

[N824] BIRT: cf info in Pat Wheeler's file 6/3/93; age 54 in 1881; 10 in 1841; 25 in 1851;
CHR : cf info in Pat Wheeler's file 6/3/93 + IGI
from Clive

[N825] BIRT: age 10 in 1841.age 21 in 1851
CHR : from entry; cf info in Pat Wheeler's file 6/3/93
DEAT: age 30; William Angell PONTIN 5a27
from Clive

[N826] BIRT: 1841: age 40; 1851: age 54, mar born Corsham; 66 in 1861; 74 in 1871
DEAT: Bradford W. RD; 252D age 85
from Clive
JPG 1841, 1851 as PONTING
JPG 1861`as POINTING with sons Benjamin & Thomas

[N827] BIRT: 237Z;Chippenham RD; 14 in 1881

[N829] BIRT: "49" in 1841, 59 in 1851; 69 in 1861
DEAT: 159D; age 75; Clifton RD
In 1841 living with Mary THOMAS age 19
niece = Mary Ann Webb mar. to Henry Webb of Wellington Park, Redland; niece =
Sarah Merrett, whose daughter is Mary Wright Merrett
no proof correct marriage
JPG 1851 (living with HAWs), 1861

[N830] BIRT: "49" in 1841, not born in County
1844 Pigot's directory
?? Will 1846 at Bristol Record Office
James POINTING, gent 19 Jan 1843
all to my wife Mary
proved 15 Aug 1846

(very brief will) as you can see
JPG 1841

[N831] BIRT: 54 in 1861
1871 seen

[N832] BIRT: 54 in 1861
1841 & 1851 seen

[N833] BIRT: 14 in 1841
Exec of wills of John (died 1892) & Mary (d. 1892)
P/c 1891 census

[N834] DEAT: before 1881

[N835] BIRT: 1 in 1851

[N836] alive in 1890

[N838] BIRT: 550Z
DEAT: 883D

[N839] DEAT: 624D Q2 1930
BURI: Record Search

[N840] BIRT: 871Z;Q1 1918
DEAT: 1042D

[N849] BIRT: 523Z Weymouth RD
DEAT: 720D; Naval War Death
BURI: MI Portsmouth (Kingston) Cemetery, Hants Row 1, Grave 71
no proof correct parents: He is son of Henry Augustus & Sarah
Navy career in ADM188 (not seen) M10691
WILL: Will to Dorothy Miriam Pointing, widow

[N850] DEAT: 876D
JPG Notification of kin to apply to Treasury solicitor

[N851] BIRT: age 35 on marriage; I wonder whether this could be wrong !!

[N852] CHR : from Vital Records Index; entry seen
this is in Colerne Corsham area;

[N853] DEAT: 536D age 64

[N854] BURI: age 45

[N855] ?? died 1869 Wells RD or 1866 in Wincanton RD

[N856] DEAT: 327D; age 89
also in Worldconnect by Bernadette Higgins

[N857] BIRT: 969Z Q4 1926
DEAT: Havering RD 1088D

[N858] BIRT: 682Z
DEAT: 919D
BURI: Grave W 227; age 73

[N859] DEAT: 637D; age 28

[N860] DEAT: 951D

[N865] BIRT: 236Z; East Wells or Dulcote; 14 in 1881
DEAT: 717D; age 78
Butchers shop at 71 Thomas St, East Wells near Dulcote

[N866] BIRT: 20 in 1887; age 32 in 1901
DEAT: 716D; age 78

[N867] BIRT: 499Z Fulham RD
DEAT: 799D; age 70; Battersea RD
cf Lily E. died Wandsworth RD 1959 age 71 !!
WILL: will. Probate to Terence Broughton Barton

[N868] DEAT: 842D; age 76; Wandsworth RD
WILL: Will, Probate to Peter David Pointing & Eileen Mary Law married woman

[N876] BIRT: 526Z Wandsworth RD
DEAT: 487D; age 19

[N877] BIRT: 564Z Fulham RD
DEAT: 651D; age 41; Medway RD
In army at York
WILL: Adm to Florence Elizabeth Pointing, wid

[N878] DEAT: 1002D

[N879] BIRT: 847Z
DEAT: 1014D

[N882] DEAT: 1022D

[N883] BIRT: 631Z Fulham RD
DEAT: 928D
was in prison

[N885] BIRT: 19 in 1881 as Alice; 39 in 1901; 48 in 1911
DEAT: 721D age 83
JPG 1901
WILL: Will. Prob to Henry William Pointing & Hugh Alan Logan

[N886] DEAT: 244D; age 16

[N887] BIRT: 271Z; 10 in 1881 born wells; 29 in 1901 (married)

[N888] BIRT: from 1851 & 1861 censuses; 40 in 1841; 56 in 1851, 67 in 1861
CHR : from Julian
DEAT: ? 1865 Wells RD; before 1871
JPG 1841, 1851, 1861

[N889] BIRT: 30 in 1841; 48 in 1851; 53 in 1861
DEAT: ?? d. 1848 or 1871 (age 70) in Wells RD

[N890] BIRT: 3 in 1841, 12 in 1851,21 in 1861, age 30 in 1871
CHR : Sue Tucker (James Isaac)
DEAT: ? 1918 in Pontypridd age 80
P/C 1871, 1891

[N891] BIRT: 257Z
DEAT: 166D age 0
? 1868-1868

[N892] BIRT: 424Z

[N893] BIRT: Rootsweb Worldconnect Susan Stead as PULLEN

[N894] BIRT: 46Z; 8 in 1851; 14 in 1861
DEAT: 373D; age 54
P/C 1871

[N895] BIRT: age 55 in 1901
DEAT: 572D age 76
no proof correct death

[N896] DEAT: 203D age 12
? died 1875 age 12

[N897] BIRT: 353Z Wells RD

[N898] BIRT: 889Z; Q3 1919
DEAT: 1098D

[N901] BIRT: 466Z
DEAT: 782D; age 71
WILL: will

[N902] DEAT: 898D
WILL: will

[N903] BIRT: 17Z

[N904] BIRT: 33Z

[N905] from will of Elijah (d. 1884)
Family listed in Worldconnect (Carrie HOLBROOK)

[N906] BIRT: 1 in 1881 as Wallace L. WILLIAMS
DEAT: age 68; 736D
from Will of John:15 Feb 18801 my wife adopted my great nephew who was baptised
in the name of Wallace Henry Legge Pointing and who was on that date of the age
of 1 year and 7 months as her son.
P/c 1891 census

[N907] BIRT: 20 in 1897
DEAT: 635D age 54

[N908] BIRT: 1 in 1841

[N909] BIRT: 105Z or Q3 1851 Bath RD 101Z; 8 in 1861
DEAT: 615D; age 77
??? Queensland pass list
Name: Edward Pointing
Age: 20
Birth Year: abt 1852
Ship Name: Indus
Port of Departure: London, England
Port of Arrival: Moreton Bay
Arrival Date: 1 Jul 1872
WILL: Will P/C to Ellen SMITH; Nellie Louise PRICE

[N910] BIRT: age 44 in 1901
DEAT: 528D & 526D; age 55

[N911] DEAT: 678D age 76

[N912] BIRT: 497Z Bury RD
DEAT: 796D age 70
NO PROOF SON OF THIS WILLIAM; Certainly is William died 1912
WILL: Will to Edna Whitttaker (wife of Walter Johnson W.) & Inez Tomlinson ( wife of
Roland T.)

[N913] DEAT: 754D
WILL: Adm to Henry P., lic. victualler

[N916] BIRT: 962Z
DEAT: 602D

[N918] ? d. 1946 in Sale (Adm to William)

[N919] ? of Clapton, Maperton 1742-1744

[N920] BURI: MI age 62

[N921] BURI: MI age 36
?? married 1767 in Bristol
of Wells in 1767

[N922] BIRT: IGI
? = William Henry born 1857of Bruton

[N923] BIRT: 659Z Q2 1900; date from Worldconnect
Info from Ancestry Worldconnect Rosemary Clayton (2005)

[N924] BURI: infant

[N925] BIRT: 45 in 1851

[N926] ???? died in Australia age 1886 (just a guess)

[N927] BIRT: ?
BURI: age 56; NO PROOF
Estate Duty Will 1813 Box 7 f. 580

[N928] ? married Rosanna REED 6 Dec 1802 Bruton

[N929] BURI: age 12 days

[N930] BURI: age 12 days


[N934] BURI: age 59

[N935] BIRT: 457Z
DEAT: age 34
BURI: MI Thepval Memorial, Somme, France
cf Alfred Charles b. 1902 in Fulham, died 1975
No proof Alfred Charles born 1885 = Alfred died 1916 age 34, except the latter
had a brother George Henry of Nottingham

[N936] In Militia list 1798 Chipping Wycombe
Burial 11 May 1801 St John Winchester Joseph POINTINGS, soldier

[N937] BIRT: 529Z
DEAT: age 50; 691D

[N938] DEAT: 639D age 51

[N939] WO97/200 for full details. Age 24 on 7 May 1812
? = John Pointin of Dorchester mar 1830 to Mary DAY

[N940] CHR : no proof correct !!
WO97/200 for full details. age 30 on 25 Mar 1821

[N941] WO97/200 for full details. Age 23 on 21 May 1800

[N942] BIRT: "65" in 1841, not born Oxfordshire
? = John of Wycombe born ca 1788
JPG 1841 as John POYNTIN with daughter Ann Sophia COOK
WILL: will & Estate duty; Execs Thomas Shrubb & Joseph Wallis of Dorchester.

[N943] BIRT: NO PROOF OF MOTHER; "25" in 1841; 39 in 1851
DEAT: died before 1861

[N944] BIRT: "25" in 1841; 39 in 1851
JPG 1851 as COOKE
1861 seen in Dorchester as wid

[N945] only correct if his son was baptized in Charlbury

[N946] ? chr 8 Apr 1750 Bruton, son of Henry

[N947] BURI: ? 25 Jan 1784 Bruton

[N948] BURI: age 2

[N949] BIRT: ???
BURI: age 74, poor; NO PROOF

[N950] BURI: age 65; NO PROOF

[N951] DEAT: ? as Catherine Wincanton RD
BURI: age 70

[N952] DEAT: age 4 days; Reg No 1947-09-009964

[N953] BIRT: Iowa from birth of daughter; Missouri from 1900 cens.
Details of descendants are from Joyce Thompson

[N954] CHR : P/C
BURI: P/C age 1

[N955] BURI: P/C age 68

[N956] BIRT: from Jennie Newman

[N958] BIRT: Sandra Boucher Anc. File
DEAT: Sandra Boucher Anc. File

[N959] BIRT: Sandra Boucher Anc. File

[N960] BIRT: Sandra Boucher Anc. File

[N961] CHR : IGI

[N962] BIRT: IGI "Of Calne, Wilts"

[N963] CHR : IGI

[N964] BIRT: 473Z Barton R. RD

[N965] BIRT: 662Z

[N966] BIRT: 493Z Barton R. RD

[N967] BIRT: 527Z Barton R. RD

[N968] DEAT: 1093D

[N984] DEAT: lost at sea

[N985] Email (20 Nov 2004)

[N986] DEAT: car accident

[N991] from Mary Ann Pointing's will

[N992] BURI: pauper

[N993] BURI: age 27

[N994] DEAT: age 46

[N995] BURI: no proof correct Henry


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