[N1430] CHR : FreeREG "Who were marryd on 13th of the month"

[N1431] CHR : FreeREG

[N1432] CHR : FreeREG

[N1433] CHR : FreeREG

[N1434] CHR : FreeREG

[N1435] CHR : FreeREG

[N1436] CHR : FreeREG

[N1437] CHR : FreeREG

[N1438] CHR : FreeREG

[N1439] CHR : FreeREG

[N1440] CHR : FreeREG

[N1441] CHR : FreeREG

[N1442] CHR : FreeREG

[N1443] CHR : FreeREG

[N1444] CHR : FreeREG

[N1445] CHR : FreeREG

[N1446] CHR : FreeREG

[N1447] CHR : FreeREG

[N1448] blank on marriage

[N1449] BIRT: 15 in 1911; 602Z
DEAT: 840D age 69

[N1450] BIRT: 9 in 1911; 671Z

[N1451] BIRT: Q21884 447Z
CHR : JPG OPR (2 versions)

[N1452] BIRT: 30 in 1918

[N1453] BIRT: 38 in 1918

[N1454] BIRT: from 1911 Census' ? = Elizabeth Maria

[N1455] BIRT: 515Z

[N1456] BIRT: 643Z
DEAT: 403D age 1

[N1457] BIRT: 554Z
DEAT: 346D age 0

[N1459] Judy THIESSEN (email Mar 2010)

[N1460] BURI: age 72 Record Search

[N1461] BURI: Record Search

[N1462] BURI: Record Search age 0

[N1463] MARR: lic of 03 Mar 1775; wit: Isaac GOLLEDGE; Angel POYNTING

[N1464] MARR: ?? 1753 in MN or Compton Dando

[N1465] MARR: lic

[N1466] MARR: lic; both wid

[N1467] MARR: wit: Elizabeth Pointing & John TAYLOR

[N1468] MARR: lic; wit: Isaac Pointing

[N1469] MARR: lic; wit: Isaac Pointing

[N1470] MARR: William farmer of Publow; wit George & edwin SMITH

[N1471] MARR: lic; wit: Thos Pointing; Jeremiah/Jemima Pointing; Edwin of Publow

[N1472] MARR: 3M wit: Thos Pointing; Anna Maria Pointing

[N1473] MARR: 45M; XI 45 Bath RD

[N1474] MARR: 29M

[N1475] MARR: 59M; Bath RD Q4 1855

[N1476] MARR: 96M

[N1477] MARR: 120M

[N1478] MARR: 277M Bath RD

[N1479] MARR: 292M Bath RD

[N1480] MARR: 494M Bath RD

[N1481] MARR: from Canada Whos Who 1979

[N1482] MARR: 64M P/C

[N1483] MARR: 1M; Q2 1838;Bristol RD; wit Thomas POINTING, Mary JONES

[N1484] MARR: 233M

[N1485] MARR: 140M Bath RD

[N1486] MARR: 237M;Bristol RD

[N1487] MARR: Isaac Gollidge married by licence Betty Poynting Both of Midsomer Norton Both

[N1488] MARR: lic; John of Shepton Mallet; wit: Isacc GOLLEDGE

[N1489] MARR: 186M;Barton R. RD

[N1490] MARR: 336M

[N1491] MARR: 504M Bath RD

[N1493] MARR: 130M; ? not in C of E register

[N1494] MARR: 143M Bath RD Q4 1869

[N1495] MARR: wit: John S. Pointing; Caleb Pointing

[N1496] MARR: FreeREG; Wits Elizth NUTH & John TAPP

[N1497] MARR: ?

[N1498] MARR: 13M P/C Cert; wit John Elford & selina Widcomb

[N1499] MARR: 34M

[N1500] MARR: 150M Clutton RD

[N1501] MARR: 126M Bath RD

[N1502] MARR: P/C ; Wit: Charles Symes

[N1503] MARR: P/C; wit: John Hawkins, Richard Ashman

[N1504] MARR: both of Norton wit: Elijah Pointing; P/C

[N1505] MARR: James of Radstock P/C; Wit: Joanna James George Taylor

[N1506] MARR: P/C; Wit: James SNOOK

[N1507] MARR: wit: William Smith; George Taylor

[N1508] MARR: wit: James Pointing; Julian says Joseph (confirmed by Elinor Wood)

[N1509] MARR: Wit: William JAMES & Christian PURNELL

[N1510] MARR: from Worldconnect (Robyn Allman)

[N1511] MARR: wits: Ann Pointing & James SPERRING 87M P/C

[N1512] MARR: P/C; Wit Thomas & Priscilla Angell

[N1513] MARR: 132M Frome RD Q3 1866; Wits Charles & Anna Maria GREEN

[N1514] MARR: 139M Clutton RD

[N1515] MARR: 293M; Q1 1895

[N1516] MARR: 522M

[N1517] MARR: 392M

[N1518] MARR: 572M Bath RD

[N1519] MARR: 57M; s. of Isaac age 68 wid. ; Mary Ann age 47

[N1520] MARR: 151M Bath RD P/C

[N1521] MARR: 368M Bath RD

[N1522] MARR: 300M

[N1523] MARR: 503M Bath RD

[N1524] MARR: 397M

[N1525] MARR: 400M Bath RD; wit incl John George & Sarah I. POINTING

[N1528] MARR: 6M; wit: Richard POINTING; Mary POINTING

[N1529] MARR: 411M

[N1530] MARR: 100M
Adopted: I1660

[N1531] MARR: lic; Stephen P. bondsman

[N1532] MARR: lic at Doulting, M.N., Emborrow, Wells or Frome

[N1533] MARR: lic

[N1534] MARR: lic

[N1535] MARR: botp

[N1536] MARR: lic

[N1537] MARR: 58M Bath RD

[N1538] MARR: lic

[N1539] MARR: wit: Caleb Poynting; Julian said 7 Apr
FreeREG 24 Apr Joseph of bedminster, blind

[N1540] MARR: lic; Thomas of Midsomer Norton; no proof correct marriage

[N1541] MARR: 60M P/C; wit: Samuel Treasure & Maria Bridges

[N1542] MARR: wit: Thomas Chard & John Morris

[N1543] MARR: 2M wit: Jane Pointing & Isaac Cook

[N1544] MARR: ? not reg; Wits James JONES & James SPERRING

[N1545] MARR: Thomas age 45, wid son of Benjamin P., tailor

[N1546] MARR: 121M Bath RD

[N1547] MARR: from Clive & register; wit Isaac PRITCHARD & Ann ELGAR

[N1548] MARR: 112M; Chippenham Reg Office as Emanuel

[N1549] MARR: 215M wit: Emily Pointing

[N1550] MARR: 10M; P/C wit: Thomas & Sophia GIGG

[N1551] MARR: from Bath BMD; 117M

[N1552] MARR: wit: Thomas Pointing

[N1553] MARR: 419M

[N1555] MARR: Bristol from IGI; I had Bath from another source

[N1556] MARR: no proof correct Hannah

[N1557] MARR: 283M wit: Elizabeth Pointing

[N1558] MARR: 124M Frome RD

[N1559] MARR: 148M Clutton RD

[N1560] MARR: 264M Clutton RD wit: Bessie WISE & William Henry COTTL

[N1561] MARR: 667M

[N1562] MARR: 500M Taunton RD; FreerEF

[N1563] MARR: 796M

[N1566] MARR: wit: Thos Poynting; Harriett Roberts

[N1567] MARR: ?? or Pitcombe 1786 to Sarah EWENS ???

[N1568] MARR: 331M

[N1569] MARR: 337M Bath RD

[N1570] MARR: 640M ? correct mar.

[N1571] MARR: 692M

[N1574] MARR: 521M;Q2 1924

[N1575] MARR: 487M

[N1576] MARR: 138M; no proof; could be Q21870 Whitechapel RD

[N1577] MARR: 53M

[N1578] MARR: 39M Bristol RD; Wit: James HUDSON, Ann HALE

[N1579] MARR: ?

[N1580] MARR: 181M

[N1581] MARR: 406M

[N1583] MARR: 349M Q3 1903 Barnet RD; Wits: George William & Margaret Sarah POINTING; JPG OPR

[N1584] MARR: 511M

[N1585] MARR: 413M; ? PROOF

[N1586] MARR: 409M Q2 1912 Barnet RD; JPG OPR Wits: George William & Margaret POINTING

[N1587] MARR: 512M

[N1589] MARR: 466M Q3 1918

[N1590] MARR: 198M;Thanet RD; P/C

[N1591] MARR: 389M

[N1592] MARR: 404M

[N1593] MARR: 723M

[N1594] MARR: 485M

[N1595] MARR: 579M Q4 1930 Faversham RD; MC Wits A.HOGBEN & Smith [?]; Helen Marjorie

[N1596] MARR: 228M

[N1597] MARR: 441M

[N1598] MARR: 229M
In 1911: 7 children, 3 dead

[N1599] MARR: ??; 719M

[N1602] MARR: 830M

[N1603] MARR: 721M

[N1604] MARR: 786M

[N1607] MARR: 690M

[N1608] MARR: 213M

[N1609] MARR: 261M

[N1610] MARR: 342M

[N1611] MARR: 258M

[N1612] MARR: wit: Thos & Elizabeth DAVEY

[N1613] MARR: Banns; both of Paulton; Wits John WEST & Ruth HARFORD

[N1614] MARR: Bury RD

[N1615] MARR: 225M; P/C; 12 Dec 1884 from birth cert of son

[N1616] MARR: 333M

[N1617] MARR: 99M ; Barton on Irwell Register Office or Registrar attended

[N1618] MARR: 179M

[N1619] MARR: 201M; Barton on Irwell Register Office or Registrar attended

[N1620] MARR: 167M; Q3 1872

[N1621] MARR: 439M

[N1622] MARR: 849M

[N1623] MARR: 240M; Barton on Irwell Register Office or Registrar attended

[N1624] MARR: 505M Q4 1921 Croydon RD; P/C Times 10 Oct 1921

[N1625] MARR: 739M Q2 1945

[N1626] MARR: P/C under POINTING; FreeBMD gives Elizabeth ACKOTT. Vol 11 page 141 Clutton RD

[N1627] MARR: 98M ; Barton on Irwell Register Office or Registrar attended

[N1628] MARR: 372M

[N1629] MARR: P/C Times 13 Dec 1918

[N1630] MARR: Free BMD Vol 20 page 37 Ashton RD Q4 1848; date & place from Sharon Holder

[N1632] MARR: 501M Q3 1921 Kensington RD P/C Times 26 Sep 1921

[N1633] MARR: 338M Q2 1902 Birmingham RD; P/C Times 5 Jun 1902

[N1635] MARR: 62M

[N1636] MARR: witnesses Elizabeth Hix and Thos Rawlins

[N1637] MARR: By Licence

[N1638] MARR: 226M; no proof correct

[N1639] MARR: 282M; free BMD 5c825

[N1640] MARR: witnesses Harry Poynting and John Parfitt

[N1641] MARR: 32M; In presence of Wm Poynting and Mary Ann Poynting

[N1642] MARR: 158M

[N1643] MARR: In presence of John Hunt and Elizabeth Butler

[N1644] MARR: 114M

[N1645] MARR: 157M 2b 605; wit John [?SOUTHING];Alice MADGEWICK

[N1646] MARR: 380M
Guildford St Nicholas Banns
Arthur John Poynting b otp & Edith Ellen Parker S All Saints South Lambeth
banns read 31 May, & 7 & 14 Jun 1908


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