[N1647] MARR: 775M

[N1648] MARR: 1013M

[N1649] MARR: 303M Bath RD

[N1650] MARR: 343M Q1 1903 Guildford RD; MC Wits William & Emma Louise POYNTING

[N1651] MARR: 616M

[N1652] MARR: Reg 12753

[N1653] MARR: 347M; Witness George and Alice Ralph - marr cert Petersfield RD

[N1654] MARR: In presence of Charles Palmer and Thos Poynting

[N1655] MARR: 580M

[N1656] MARR: 908M Liverpool S RD;

[N1657] MARR: 315M (under Charles Henry)

[N1658] MARR: 611M

[N1660] MARR: 665M

[N1662] MARR: 410M

[N1663] MARR: 350M; Witness Fanny Louise Poynting/Julia Eliz Horn and William H. Horn

[N1664] MARR: 214M

[N1665] MARR: 358M

[N1666] MARR: 62M

[N1667] MARR: 369M

[N1668] MARR: 584M

[N1669] MARR: 486M Bath RD

[N1670] MARR: 334M

[N1671] MARR: 557M

[N1673] MARR: 718M; Entry from register - George Poynting, 32, widower, Army cook, 7 Field

[N1674] MARR: 701M

[N1678] MARR: 664M

[N1680] MARR: 446M

[N1681] MARR: 62M Q2 1888 Wincanton RD P/C; wit: Albert POYNTING

[N1682] MARR: could be 9th June witness Wm Poynting and Sarah Ellen

[N1683] MARR: 73M; Jun in IGI

[N1684] MARR: 594M

[N1688] MARR: 168M Q4 1872 Petersfield

[N1690] MARR: 624M

[N1693] MARR: 221M

[N1695] MARR: 339M Gloucester RD

[N1701] MARR: 973M

[N1704] MARR: P/C 219M; wit: Annie Pointing Samuel Dally; also Clutton Register Office

[N1705] MARR: 230M also Bath Register Office

[N1706] MARR: Bristol RD; 328M; P/C; wit+ Elizabeeth & william Pointing

[N1707] MARR: 183M Keynsham RD Q4 1876

[N1708] MARR: 405M

[N1709] MARR: 435M;Well RD; witness Rowland Pointing

[N1710] MARR: 498M

[N1711] MARR: 804M

[N1712] MARR: 266M;Blackburn RD; wit: Isabella Pointing

[N1713] MARR: 476M

[N1714] MARR: 583M

[N1715] MARR: 546M

[N1716] MARR: 1810 ?; lic James Bince of Compton Dando & Angel Pointing Golledge of M.N. Wit:

[N1717] MARR: 633M Bath RD

[N1718] MARR: 563M

[N1722] DIVO: separated by 1935

[N1723] MARR: 289M Clutton RD

[N1724] MARR: 480M Q4 1919 Wellingborough RD; date & place from Worldconnect

[N1725] MARR: 525M

[N1726] MARR: 519M

[N1728] MARR: 152M; 153M; Q1 1871 Bristol RD; Wits Laura POINTING & William Higgins Butcher

[N1729] MARR: 176M

[N1730] MARR: 89 M, Q41858 Bristol RD; wit: Hannah GOULD & Samuel STRANGE; son of John

[N1731] MARR: 252M : NO PROOF

[N1732] MARR: ?? Q31858 Frome RD 88M

[N1733] MARR: 10 May 1875 from obit

[N1734] MARR: William Pointing married after banns Mary Gulliford Both of Chilcompton Both

[N1735] MARR: Married as John JONES, sojourner P/C JPG BT & OPR
By Francis Cull, Curate. Francis Cull was curate of Orlestone in 1714

[N1736] MARR: no proof this William mar.

[N1737] MARR: Jane, natural child

[N1742] MARR: lic

[N1743] MARR: lic

[N1744] MARR: lic

[N1745] MARR: lic

[N1746] MARR: lic; Mother consents

[N1747] MARR: lic; Parents consents

[N1753] MARR: 488M

[N1755] MARR: 807M

[N1759] MARR: 481M

[N1761] MARR: 752M

[N1763] MARR: 304M ; no proof Blackburn RD ?;

[N1764] MARR: 210M 8c 628 FreeBMD & Bury RD

[N1765] MARR: under POINTON

[N1766] MARR: 683M Q31940

[N1767] MARR: 449M

[N1771] MARR: 278M Blackburn RD

[N1772] MARR: 297M Blackburn RD

[N1774] MARR: 770M


[N1778] MARR: 412M

[N1779] MARR: ?? 1904-6

[N1781] MARR: 538M

[N1783] MARR: 484M

[N1784] MARR: 784M

[N1789] MARR: 483M

[N1792] MARR: ? not married

[N1795] MARR: 564M

[N1801] MARR: 307M Chippenham RD

[N1802] MARR: 507M;Medway RD

[N1804] MARR: 803M

[N1806] MARR: 773M; Chatham RD

[N1808] MARR: 539M

[N1809] MARR: 590M

[N1812] MARR: 654M

[N1813] MARR: from Clive

[N1814] MARR: 296M; Q3 1895; Chippenham RD; wit W. Pointing (2nd Corp RE)

[N1815] MARR: Frome RD; 107M

[N1816] MARR: ????; from Julian

[N1817] MARR: Banns

[N1818] MARR: P/C The Times 27 Oct 1845 Notice

[N1819] MARR: 928M

[N1821] MARR: 447M

[N1822] MARR: 821M

[N1823] MARR: 995M

[N1824] MARR: 725M

[N1825] MARR: 582M

[N1827] MARR: 1084M

[N1828] MARR: 28M;Q2 1846;Chippenham RD as POINTING

[N1829] MARR: from Vital Records Index; lic

[N1830] MARR: from Vital Records Index; Banns

[N1831] MARR: from Vital Records Index

[N1832] MARR: 40M; Q4 1849,Bristol RD; Wit: James COWDIN;THomas PETERS

[N1833] MARR: wit: James COLEMAN & Joseph FRANCIS

[N1835] MARR: 534M

[N1836] MARR: 709M

[N1839] MARR: 242M Q4 1887 Fulham RD; JPG OPR Wits: Joseph & B.H.B. GREEN

[N1840] MARR: 424M; St Alban the Martyr, Fulham Rd

[N1845] MARR: 426M

[N1846] MARR: 912M

[N1847] MARR: 489M

[N1848] MARR: 270M

[N1849] MARR: of "out parish"

[N1850] MARR: 106M

[N1851] MARR: 354M; 18 Jun 1903 Wickwar, Gls from Rootsweb Worldconnect Susan Stead as PULLEN

[N1852] MARR: 174M Bath RD

[N1853] MARR: 367M;Wells RD; witness Carrie Pointing

[N1854] MARR: 688M

[N1857] MARR: 423M

[N1860] MARR: 577M

[N1861] MARR: 306M; Q2 1897 Fulham RD; JPG OPR Wits: A. BUNDELL, G.HALL

[N1862] MARR: 738M

[N1863] MARR: 236M

[N1864] MARR: 244M: no proof correct William

[N1865] MARR: 430M

[N1869] MARR: wit= George PONTING

[N1870] MARR: Eliz = spr ;wit: Robert Grange; Sarah Grange

[N1871] MARR: 464M

[N1872] MARR: 621M

[N1873] MARR: both wid of Dorchester

[N1874] MARR: JPG OPR; Wits: Jas CHASLER [??] & Margaret WHITEHEAD

[N1875] MARR: IGI

[N1876] MARR: IGI

[N1877] MARR: Sandra Boucher Anc. File

[N1878] MARR: IGI

[N1879] MARR: IGI "Of Calne, Wilts"

[N1880] MARR: IGI

[N1881] MARR: 429M

[N1882] MARR: 619M

[N1883] MARR: 384M

[N1884] MARR: 432M

[N1885] MARR: 895M

[N1893] MARR: 930M Q1 1962

[N1895] MARR: from Elinor Wood; wit William WOOD & Mary Ann WOOD

[N1896] MARR: no proof correct Henry


[N1898] MARR: IGI; no proof correct John; 8 Jan 1703 from FreeREG

[N1899] MARR: IGI

[N1900] MARR: IGI

[N1901] MARR: IGI

[N1902] MARR: IGI

[N1903] MARR: IGI

[N1904] MARR: IGI


[N1906] MARR: inferred from IGI

[N1907] MARR: IGI subm

[N1908] MARR: IGI

[N1909] MARR: IGI

[N1910] MARR: Q11844 Clutton RD misindexed as POUTING; ?20th; Wir George STONE

[N1911] MARR: IGI

[N1912] MARR: John of Chilcompton

[N1913] MARR: 549M

[N1914] MARR: 799M ; NO PROOF

[N1917] MARR: 647M

[N1921] MARR: 592M

[N1923] MARR: 33M

[N1924] MARR: 477M

[N1925] MARR: 537M

[N1926] MARR: 189M; NO PROOF; likely to be Temple Church

[N1927] MARR: Reg No 1919, 021002

[N1928] MARR: 5c1205 Bath RD

[N1929] MARR: from Vital Records Index

[N1930] MARR: from Vital Records Index

[N1931] MARR: from Vital Records Index

[N1932] MARR: 128M; Clutton RD

[N1933] MARR: from Nick Savill

[N1934] MARR: IGI

[N1935] MARR: c1728-1812; IGI

[N1936] MARR: Boyds

[N1937] MARR: IGI

[N1938] MARR: IGI; "of Ardingly, Sussex"

[N1939] MARR: IGI

[N1940] MARR: IGI

[N1941] MARR: Boyds



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