Sussex Electoral Poll of 1734

Sussex Electoral Poll of 1734 - "A"

Surname Firstname FreeholdParish Residential Parish Comments
Acton Richard Ripe Ripe
Adams Francis Hastings Hastings
Adams George Walberton Walberton Cl.
Adams John Hastings Hastings
Adams John Rye Rye
Adams John Salehurst Salehurst
Adams Thomas Hastings Hastings
Adams William Burwash Brede
Addaker William Chichester Chichester
Adds Johnb Lewes Lewes
Ade John Barlavington Upwaltham
Adkins John Battell Brightling
Adkins Samuel East Hoadly East Hoadly
Agate John Warnham Warnham
Agate Thomas Warnham Warnham
Ailmore Thomas Sedlesham Petersfeild, Hants Gent.
Ailsbury John Hastings Hastings
Ailsbury Thomas Hastings Hastings
Ailward Theodore Bosham Bosham
Aires John South Over South Over
Akehurst William Folkington Folkington
Albery Henry Lurgashall Lurgashall
Alce Henry East Bourne East Bourne
Alchorne William Selmiston Selmiston
Alderton Thomas Tillington Tillington
Alderton William Northiam Northiam
Allberry John Funtington Funtington
Allbright William Ferring Tarring
Allbury Thomas Rumbleswick Rumbleswick
Allce Robert Seaford Bletchington
Allchin George Hamsey Hamsey
Allchorn Thomas Hartfeild Buxted
Allcock John Horsted Kaynes Horsted Kaynes
Allcock John Trotton Trotton Cl.
Allcock John, jnr Treaford Trotton Cl.
Allcock Richard Keymore Keymore
Allcorn John Buxted Buxted
Allen James Chichester Chichester Clerk
Allen James Fletching Fletching
Allen Nicholas Compton Berwick Compton Berwick
Allen Thomas Burdham Burdham
Allfry Richard Westhoadly Westhoadly
Allfry Richard Westhoadly Westhoadly
Allingham Henry Worth Worth
Allingham John Ardingly Ardingly
Allwyn Robert Treaford Treaford Esq.
Almon John Burwash Burwash
Amos Thomas Funtington Funtington
Amsley Henry Mayfeild Mayfeild
Anderson John Westbourne Westbourne
Andrew James West Chiltington West Chiltington
Andrew John Didling Didling
Andrew John Heyshot Cocking
Andrews James West Chiltington West Chiltington
Andrews John Fletching Fletching
Andrews John Funtington Funtington
Andrews Nicholas Bepton Bepton
Andrews Robert Harting Heaver, Hants
Angar Edward East Bourne East Bourne
Ansell Thomas Warnham Warnham
Appleford Thomas Sedlesham Sedlesham
Apps John Battell Battell
Apps John Nenfeild Nenfeild
Apps Owen Boxgrove Chichester
Apps Richard Ringmire Chayley
Apsley John Thakeam Lewes Esq.
Arcoll John Mayfeild Mayfeild
Argles Thomas Fletching Cuckfeild
Armstrong Richard Lewes Guildford, Surrey
Arnell thomas Steyning Backworth, Surrey
Arnold John Westhoadly Westhoadly
Arnold Richard Beeding Betsworth, Surrey
Arnold William Worth Hoathly
Arnop Thomas Petworth Petworth
Arterfell William Lewes Lewes
Ashburnham William, Sir Guestling Guestling Bart.
Ashby William Uckfeild Uckfeild
Ashdown Thomas Rotherfeild Leigh, Kent
Ashfeild William Twineham Twineham
Ashforld Thomas Woodmancourt Woodmancourt
Ashold William Wivelsfeild Uckfeild
Ashton William Rotherfeild Rotherfeild
Askall John Aburton Beeding
Astler John Aldingbourne Aldingbourne
Atree James Barcombe Barcombe Gent.
Atree Thomas Barcombe Barcombe Gent.
Atterfell Samuel Arlington Arlington
Attree jeremiah Street Street
Attree Joseph Clift Clift
Austen Clem Burwash Burwash
Austen Edward Ticehurst Tenterden
Austen John Seaford Seaford
Austen Nicholas Heyshot Heyshot
Austen William Mountfeild Tenterden, Kent Esq.
Autsey Thomas Henfeild Henfeild
Avery Anthony Warbleton Warbleton
Avery Edward Ashburnham Ashburnham
Avery John Pevensey Ashburnham
Avery Robert Hurstmonceux Wortling
Avery Stephen Lewes Lewes
Avery Thomas Arundell Arundell
Avery William Salehurst Salehurst
Axell Isaac Brightling Brightling
Ayley John Stedham Bently Hants
Ayling Henry Trotton Trotton
Ayling John North Mundham North Mundham
Ayling John Stedham Petworth
Ayling John Trotton Ipeing
Ayling John Walberton Walberton
Ayling Richard Stedham Stedham
Ayling Richard Treaford Treaford
Ayling Richard Trotton Trotton
Ayling Richard, jnr Kirdford Stedham
Ayling Samuel Petworth Petworth
Ayling William Cocking Cocking
Ayling William Stedham Stedham
Ayling William Terwick Trotton
Ayling William Tillington Chidingfold, Surrey
Aylward John Warnham Guilford, Surrey
Aymes Nicholas Stedham Stedham
Aynscomb George Rusper Rusper
Ayres Gab Lewes Lewes

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