O'Neill & Pobjoy - Bashford, Wardle, Rowland, Salt, Courage

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Ancestors of ..........
  • Tamsin O'Neill The descendant of these lines.

  • Pedigree of Agnes Ann O'BRIEN, a descendant of James COURAGE, who married an ANZAC and came to Australia as war bride.

  • Pedigree of Sophia KING, a descendant of William KING, she married and with her husband and children emigrated to Australia in 1862.

  • Pedigree of Susan L POBJOY, a descendant of James POBJOY from the Australian branch

  • Pedigree of Iris J ROWLAND, a descendant of Hugh ROWLAND from the New Zealand Branch.

  • Pedigree of Susanna W BASHFORD, a descendant of Laurence SALT & Thomas WARDLE, from the Australian branch.

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