Martins skydiving, pool-skimming

for bugs not swimming.

Gleaning from cinema-scripted lines of "A Beautiful Mind",

Leaning into one another our commitment of like kind.

Eating late and lazy breakfast as long as we want,

Meeting friendly natives on our ancestor hunt,

Your yelling brake our out-of-gear car – blunt.

Catching boat rope as bobbling bow slips to shore,

Winnowing words of life as the lake laps for more.

Glancing and wincing at color-awful piggy pink

house in Silvercreek,

Windows powering up against reek of manure,

Your swerving deftly left around road kill maneuver.

Cloudy warehouse skylight sifting warm random rays,

Straining eyes lifting lightened letters from time-worn spines,

Old book scent moistening our fingerprints,

We’re peering at one another around shoulder-to-shoulder books.

Tasting tip of spoon of your lobster bisque,

Topping off with bluegrass in the park, sunset picturesque,

Wanting another funnel soon, bottling more memories with you.

By Susie Roth for her husband Bill, June 12, 2002