Descendants of John Buckner                     Descendants of John Buckner

Generation No. 1

1.  John BUCKNER was born Abt. 1631 in Oxfordshire,  England, and died Abt. 1695 in Essex  County,  Virigina.  He married Debroah FERRERS July 10, 1661 in London,  England  by  the  Vicar of  Canterbury, daughter of  Unknown FERRERS and Marie TURNER.

In the London Register of the Harleian Society is the entry: "John Buckner of St. Sepulchres; citizen and salter; bachelor age about 31, married July 10, 1661 to Deborah Ferres of West Wickham, Buckinghamshire, Spinster about 19; with consent of her mother, widow, now wife of Andrew Hunt of the same, at West Wickham." John was a landed proprietor and vestryman of Petsworth Parish; a member of the House of Burgesses 1683-1692, and a clerk of Gloucester county. In 1667 he patented 194 acres in Gloucester County. ( History of Ellis - Buckner and Allied Families in America by Winifred Ellis Suman, Washington, DC. 1973. Library of Congress CS 71.E47)

Children of John BUCKNER and Deborah FERRERS are:
 1. Elizabeth BUCKNER.
 2. John BUCKNER Jr. was born:  St. Paul's  Parish,  Essex  Co. Virginia;
     He died:  Abt. 1748, King  George  Co.  Virginia.
  3. Maj. William  BUCKNER, died: May 01, 1716, Yorktown,  York  Co.  Virginia.
  4. Richard BUCKNER was born: 1662-1667; He died: 1733.
  5. Thomas  BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1692. He died: Abt. 1755.

Generation No. 2

Richard  BUCKNER  was born 1662-1667, and died 1733.
He married Elizabeth COOKE Abt. 1689, daughter of  Hon. COOKE and Frances IRONMONGER.

Children of Richard  BUCKNER and Elizabeth  COOKE are:
 1. Elizabeth BUCKNER, was born in 1690 and  died in 1770;
     She married Mordecai  COOKE III  in 1706.
  2. Richard  BUCKNER Jr. died: December 14, 1777 in Caroline  County, VA
      He married  Elizabeth  AYLETT.
  3. William  BUCKNER was born : Abt. 1699 in "The  Neck"  Caroline  Co.  VA.
       He died: Abt. 1760.
   4. Philip BUCKNER was born:  Abt. 1702;
       He died: August 10, 1762, Louisa  County,  VA.
   5. John BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1710 in VA.

Generation No. 3

John BUCKNER was born Abt. 1710 in Virginia.  He married Sarah BUCKNER, daughter of Thomas BUCKNER and Sarah  MORGAN.

    1. John BUCKNER was born 1735 in Virginia;
        He died : December 1820 in  Jones  County,  Georgia..
    2. Thomas BUCKNER was born: March 09, 1738/39 in Curratuck  Co. North  Carolina;
        He died: January 05, 1779.
    3. Jesse  BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1740 in Virginia;
        He died: Abt. 1826, Chatham  County,  North  Carolina.
    4. Solomon Benjamin BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1743 in Virginia;
        He died: July 1830 in Putnam  Co.  Georgia.
    5. Henry BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1745.
    6. Philip BUCKNER was born: May 13, 1747 in Caroline  County,  Virginia;
        He died: October 24, 1820, Bracken  County, Kentucky.

Generation No. 4

John BUCKNER was born: 1735 in Virginia, and died December 1820 in Jones  Co., GA.
He married Mary  M. BROWN Abt. 1764.

He  served  in  the  American  Revolution.
1811  Jones  Co.  Tax  list  202  1/2  Acres  adjacent  to  Harris  Watercourse  In  Capt.  Thomas  Gordon's  Dist.

Children of  John  BUCKNER and Mary  BROWN are:
 1. Mary  BUCKNER died: 1820.  She married  John  C. MADDOX.
 2. Monroe  BUCKNER.
 3. Elizabeth  BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1765.
 4.William  BUCKNER was born: 1766;  He died: Abt. 1799 in Hancock  Co.  GA.
     He married:  (1) Rebecca  MORRIS; He married: (2) Tabitha MONK.
 5. Joel BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1767 in Brunswick  Co.  Virginia;
     He died: Abt. 1814, Hancock  Co.  Georgia.
 6. Wiley  BUCKNER was born: January 07, 1779 in North  Carolina;
      He died: November 17, 1866, Talbot   Co.  Georgia.
 7.  John BUCKNER was born: Virginia;  He died 1839 in Putnam  Co.  GA.
 8. Benjamin  BUCKNER was born: 1785.

Generation No. 5

Benjamin BUCKNER  was born: 1785.
He married: Mariah SAUNDERS Abt. 1812, daughter of Peter SAUNDERS.

Children of Benjamin  BUCKNER and Mariah  SAUNDERS are:
1. Martha Ann  BUCKNER was born: 1813 in Georgia;
    She died: 1866 in Rusk  Co. Texas.
 2.Thomas  J. BUCKNER was born: 1816, Georgia.
 3. Fatima  Mariah BUCKNER was born: Abt. 1820;
     She died: Abt. 1854.

Generation No. 6

1. Martha Ann  BUCKNER was born: 1813 in Georgia;
    She died: 1866 in Rusk  Co.  Texas.
    She married Mumford  S. FREEMAN Abt. 1834,
    son of  Noah FREEMAN & Julian  ROGERS.

Martha and her family left Henry County, Georgia shortly after the birth of their 7th. child
about 1848. They settled in Rusk County, Texas where only 2 years later Martha's husband
Munford S. Freeman, died leaving her to raise the children and one on the way, alone.
He did not leave a will. When John S. Buckner was appointed Administrator of the Estate, he identified himself and stated that his brother-in-law, M. S. Freeman, had died on December 1, 1850.
Martha Buckner Freeman left a will, but due to a fire in the Rusk County Courthouse, no record of it exist.
Mumford and Martha's burial place is unknown.

Children of Martha Ann BUCKNER and Mumford S. FREEMAN are:
1.) Joseph P. FREEMAN was born: 1835 in Henry Co., Georgia.
     He died: Date & Place unknown
     He married: Srah Jane Marchant Sept. 23, 1855 in Rusk Co., TX
2.) Noah Thomas FREEMAN was born: 1838 in Henry Co., Georgia;
     He died: Abt. 1889 in Texas or Louisiana.
     He married: Jenny Amanda Hill June 21, 1867 in Rusk Co., TX
3.) Sarah Ann FREEMAN was 1840 in Henry  County,  Georgia.
      She died:  Date & Place unknown
      She married:  William Elias CLINTON Nov. 25, 1858 in Rusk County, Texas
4.) Mary "Mollie" Ann Mariah FREEMAN was born: 1844 in Henry Co. Georgia
      She died: Date & Place unknown
     She married: Francis  B. WEAVER, August 27, 1863, Rusk  County  Texas.
5.) David Mosley FREEMAN was born: 1846 in Henry Co., Georgia
      He died: Date & Place unknown
6.) Lydia Drucilla  FREEMAN was born: 1847 in Henry  Co., Georgia
     She died: Date & Place unknown
     She married Greenbury  BOYD: Abt. 1870 (No record located)
7.) Julia Ann E. FREEMAN was born: 1848 in Henry Co. Georgia
     She died: Date & Place unknown
     She married: Kinyon J. MURCHISON, October 18, 1863, Rusk  County,  Texas.
8.) Lucy Jane FREEMAN was born: October 01, 1851 in Rusk County, Texas;
     She died: September 28, 1885, probably in Nacogdoches Co., Texas
     and is buried: Linn flat Cemetery in Nacogdoches Co., Texas
     She married: William Archibald Hamilton April 10, 1870 in Nacogdoches Co., TX

2. Thomas  J. BUCKNER  was born: 1816 in Georgia.
He married Temperance RUSH:  December 21, 1837 in Upson  Co.,  Georgia,
daughter of James RUSH and Elizabeth  BUCKNER.

They are listed on the 1850 Coosa County, Alabama Census, where he is listed as a Wagon Maker.
By 1860 he and his family were living in Panalo County, Texas.

Children of Thomas BUCKNER and Temperance RUSH are:
 1.) James BUCKNER was born: 1839 in Georgia.
 2.) Elizabeth BUCKNER was born: 1842 in Alabama.
 3.) John  F. BUCKNER was born: 1844 in Alabama.
 4.) Frances  BUCKNER was born 1847 in Alabama;
      She married: J. W. CHAPMAN, October 10, 1866.
 5.) Amanda BUCKNER was born: 1853 in Alabama.

3. Fatima  Mariah  BUCKNER was born Abt. 1820, and died Abt. 1854.
She married (1) Eli SNELLGROVE; 1841 in Talbot County, Georgia.
She married (2) John  Calvin CALHOUN Abt. 1849.

Children of Fatima  BUCKNER and Eli SNELLGROVE are:
 1.) Benjamin Eli  SNELLGROVE was born: Abt. 1847.
 2.) Mariah Wesley Ann SNELLGROVE was born: 1843 and died: 1914.

Children of Fatima  BUCKNER and John CALHOUN are:
1.) John Calvin CALHOUN Jr. was born: Abt. 1851.
2.) James Duncan  CALHOUN was born: 1853.

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