William DICKERSON was born Abt. 1840 in Louisiana.  He married Priscilla (--?--) Abt. 1857.

Children of William DICKERSON and Priscilla (--?--) are:
I  Charlotte DICKERSON was born Abt. 1858 in Louisiana, and died 1899-1900 in Probably,  Sabine  Parish,  Louisiana.
She married:
    (1) Evaniste LAFFITTE May 18, 1874 in De Sota  Parish,  Louisiana.
         Children of Charlotte DICKERSON and Evaniste LAFFITTE are:
         1.  Marie Lou LAFFITTE, b. 1877.
         2.  Ella LAFFITTE, b. July 1879.
         3.  Joe LAFFITTE.

    (2) Johnathan Young "John" LEE on May 15, 1892 in De Sota  Parish,  LA, son of
        John LEE and Adaline LEE.
    Children of Charlotte DICKERSON and Jonathan LEE are:
        4.  Nealie LEE was born February 16, 1894 in Converse, Sabine Parrish LA,
            and died December 08, 1967 in Livingston, Polk County TX
            Buried:  Peebles  Cemetery.
            She married Jake Allison McNIEL November 25, 1910 in Center,
            Shelby County TX,
            son of Oliver Cleveland McNIEL and Julia Ann CLINTON.
            Children of Nealie LEE and Jake McNIEL are:
             1) Johnie Allison McNIEL was born September 29, 1911, Logansport,
                 De Soto Parish,  LA  died-April 28, 1973, Livingston Polk County TX
                 Buried:  Peebles  Cemetery
                 He married: Sally Jane ENGLISH, July 19, 1929, Mansfield LA.
             2) Gracie McNIEL was born September 09, 1913, Converse, Sabine Parrish LA
                 died August 23, 1914, River Bottom, Sabine Parrish LA-
                 Buried:  Sabine  Parish,  La..
             3) Elmer McNIEL was born on February 26, 1915, Hunter, DeSoto Parish,  LA
                 died September 9, 1969, Livingston, Polk County TX  Buried:Peebles Cemetery
                 He married:
                 Gladys SHEPHERD, September 02, 1933, Livingston, Polk County TX.
             4) Charlie Edward McNIEL--- Private
             5) Cornelia Laverne McNIEL was born April 10, 1921, Joaquine, Shelby Co. TX
                 died on February 20, 1987, Lubbock, TX
                 She married:
                  (1) William Byrd PATTERSON, November 11, 1936, Polk County TX
                  (2) Donald Rump DAVIS, January 11, 1940, Coldspring, San Jacinto Co. TX.
             6) Willie Mae McNIEL was born on  December 12, 1924, Lufkin, Angelina Co.TX
                 died September 02, 1995, Lumberton  Hardin  County, TX.
                Buried: Peebles Cemetery
                 She married Charlie Glen  (Sr.) BUSBY, November 08, 1945, Lake Charles, LA
             7)  Oliver Cleveland McNIEL was born on January 18, 1927 in Livingston
                 Polk County TX
                 died December 1980, Vinton, Calcasieu Parrish LA
                 He married:
                 Ruth Mae FONTENOT, April 24, 1944, Livingston, Polk County TX.
            8)  Annie Lee McNIEL was born on August 11, 1931, Leggett, Polk County,  Texas
                 and died in Beaumont,  Texas
                 She married:
                 (1) Richard Elton (Dick) LODGE, June 29, 1946, Livingston, Polk Co. Texas
                 (2) Lobitz SAVOY

     5.  Monroe LEE, b. January 08, 1897;
        d. January 23, 1913, Converse,  Sabine  Parish, Louisiana.

II Cornelia DICKERSON b. Abt. 1861, Louisiana.
III Ellen DICKERSON, b. Abt. 1868, Louisiana.
VI Amy DICKERSON, b. Abt. 1868, Louisiana.