Descendants of Frances (Unknown)
Descendants of Frances (Unknown)

Generation No. 1

Mrs. Frances (UNKNOWN)-FOWLER- McNIEL-VAWTER  was born February 01, 1830
in Tennessee, and died March 03, 1915 in Appleby, Nacogdoches County Tx.
She is buried in an unmarked grave in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co.
She married (1) Unknown FOWLER, date & place unknown.
She married (2) Larkin McNIEL August 03, 1855 in Nacogdoches County,Tx.,
son of John  McNIEL and Frances CLEVELAND.
She married (3) Lorenso D. VAWTER Nov. 14, 1861 in Nacogdoches County, Tx.

Notes for Frances (UNKNOWN):
Her father was born in Tennessee and mother was born in Virginia.
No other data about them is known.

Family history say that Frances was about 13 years old when her parent(s) died. At some point after, that she married a man by the name of Fowler and came to Texas on a wagon train. The order and location of these events is unknown.
Family history also says that she liked to smoke a pipe, and would often light it in the fireplace. One day, shortly before her death, as she leaned over, the chair she was sitting in, turned over, causing her to fall into the fireplace. She was badly burned and taken to a near-by hospital. She died shortly after that, but the cause of her death is unknown.
She was said to have been a very strong and hard-working woman.
As far as I know she had no children by her first marriage to
(Unknown) Fowler.

After Larkin's death, she married Lorenso Dow Vawter,
and had 3 more children; (1) Theodore Vawter b. 1862,
(2) Andrew Donalson Vawter b. 1867,
and (3) Alpha Frances Vawter b. 1870.

1850 - (?)
1860 - Angelina Co., TX., Homer; H.H. No. 369 - 359, list
Larkin/59/b.GA.; Frances/35/b.TX.; Martha/15/b.TX.; William/10/b.TX.
(both Frances & Martha's ages are incorrect)
1870 - Nacogdoches Co., TX. Dist. V, Linn Flat,
H.H. No. 175/175, list;
L.D. Vaught - 59 - Farmer - Tenn., (should be VAWTER)
Frances - 40 - Tenn.,
Robert N. - 15 - Ms.,
Theodore - 7 - TX.
Andrew - 3 - TX.,
Alpha - 1/12 - TX.,
Martha Maniel (?) - 14,
Oliver C. - 11 - TX. (McNiel is mispelled as Maniel)
1880 - Nacogdoches Co., TX.,
(Soundex) Vol. 25, E.D. 52, Sheet 19, Line 43, LIST:
L.D. Vawter - 68 - Tenn.
F. Vawter, Wife, 50, Tenn.
L.P. Vawter, Son, 17, TX......(.Theodore ?)
A.F. Vawter, Son, 10, TX......(Son ?.....Alpha Frances?)

Notes for Larkin McNIEL:
Nacogdoches Co. TX 1854 School Census lists him as guardian
for Elizabeth and William.
He was on the 1857 tax list in Nacogdoches County, TX.
His occupation was listed as farmer on the 1860 Census of Angelina Co. Texas.
His burial place is unknown........Family History says he died of puemonia (sp), at Homer, Angelina Co., Texas and he "was buried near where they lived".

Children of Frances (UNKNOWN) and Larkin  McNIEL are:
1. Martha J. McNIEL,  was born April 22, 1856 in Texas.
m. William Watley PHILLIPS March 25, 1875 in Nacogdoches Co. Tx.,
son of  Elijah PHILLIPS and Lucy BROYLES.
Children of Martha McNIEL and Wiliam PHILLIPS are:
(1) Thomas Jefferson  PHILLIPS, b. June 10, 1878, Appleby,
Nacogdoches Co. Texas; d. May 08, 1969;
m. (1) Emma Ida HAMILTON, February 28, 1896, Nacogdoches Co., Texas;
m. (2) Mrs. Mary GOODMAN, May 07, 1935, Texas.
(2) William Hardy  PHILLIPS, b. November 1885.
(3) George W. PHILLIPS, b. March 1897.

2. Oliver Cleveland McNIEL, was born July 15, 1860 in Homer, Angelina Co. Tx.
died January 26, 1946 in Livingston, Polk County, TX.; Buried: Peebles Cemetery.
m. Julia Ann CLINTON May 14, 1879 in Nacogdoches County TX.;
daughter of William Elias CLINTON and Sarah Ann FREEMAN.
Notes for Oliver Cleveland McNiel:
1860 - Homer - Angelina County TX was taken on 07/05/1860.
This was 10 days before Oliver Cleveland was born.
It lists Larkin McNiel, Frances, Martha, and William.
1870 - Linn Flat, Nacogdoches Co., TX., He and his sister, Martha, are listed as Martha and Oliver C. " Maniel ". They are living with their mother and step-father, L. D. Vawter, whose name is also misspelled as "Vaught ".
1880 - Nacogdoches Co.,Tx.  He and Julia Ann were married & living
in the household of her brother, John Clinton.
1900 - DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.
1920 - Shelby County, Texas.
Children of Oliver Cleveland  McNIEL and Julia A. CLINTON are:
(1) Oliver Francis McNIEL, b. August 18, 1886;
      d. June 10, 1922, Center, Shelby County TX;
      m. Mary Polk "Mae"  CLINTON.
      He was murdered in Shelby County Texas.He lived 8 days after being
      shot in the back while plowing his fields.
      Apparently Oliver McNiel was well thought of.
      Wanda Starr of Indian Springs said her father had owned a gun that had
      belonged to Oliver Frances McNiel.
      He and his wife were first cousins. She was the
      daughter of John Allison Clinton, his mother's only brother.

(2) Jake Allison McNIEL, b. February 01, 1892, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co. Tx;
      d. March 21, 1987, Silsbee, Hardin County Tx.;  Buried: Peebles Cemetery;
      m.Nealie LEE, November 25, 1910, Center, Shelby County Tx.
      Notes for Jake Allison McNIEL:
      Notes for JAKE ALLISON MCNIEL:
      Jake was a farmer, but also worked in sawmills. He made rig timbers in Arkansas,
      then along with his Dad, bought and sold cattle. He worked for the WPA, building roads
      and whatever jobs they had to do. Then for the City of Livingston, Texas for about 5 years.
      He drove a truck for them, and later became the "Night Watchman" for the city of Livingston.
      He also worked for a while before he retired for his son, Oliver Cleveland McNiel,
      in the oil fields and was probably a part of what they liked to call their "all McNiel crew".
      Jake was a hard working man all his life and didn't let retirement slow him down.
      He "Mowed yards for a Living" until he was close to 80 years old. He worked at
      a very fast pace, and didn't stop until the job was done. He always raised a great garden,
      even in the " black land" soil behind his house in town.
.     "Jake's" first name was probably "John", (after his mother's only sibling,
      John Allison Clinton). Somewhere along the line he began to use his middle name, Allison.
      This is the name he used on his marriage license and the name given for him on at least
      some of his children's birth certificates (delayed).
      His own Delayed Birth Certificate filed in Polk Co., Texas and proven by :
      Affidavit - A - signed by Mrs. D. D. Matlock and Affidavit - B - signed by T. E. Phillips,
      dated December 17, 1956, gives his name as Jake McNiel.
      1900 - DeSoto Parish, LA. He is listed as Allison - 7 - m. - b. TX.
      1920 Shelby County TX; HH 244/244 (Name listed as Allison)

      Notes for Nealie LEE:
      Her real first name was Cornelia. She was living in either Sabine or DeSoto Parish, LA.
      with her father and step-mother, Annie, when she and "Jake" decided to get married.
      They eloped and crossed the Sabine River to get married in Shelby Co. TX.
      Then went back to live near her family in La.

(3) Sarah Annie McNIEL, b. October 18, 1893, Nacogdoches County Tx;
      d. April 21, 1936, Polk County Tx.;  Buried: Peebles Cemetery;
      m. Babe HUTCHISON, December 15, 1912, Nacogdoches County Tx.

     Notes for Sarah Annie McNIEL:
     She died at age 43 from a cerebral hemorrhage.
     Annie loved little kids and having company.
     She had a deep laugh and a soft voice. It was her laughter
     that people seem to remember most about her.
     She was about 5'6" tall, big boned and worked very hard.
     When Robert, their first child, was born, Babe (her husband) said that he
     would stay up with the baby at night because Annie needed to rest.
     This didn't last very long. One night, after he had worked all day, Babe sat down
     to watch the baby after Annie had gone to bed. He went to sleep and kicked over
     a coal oil lamp he had left on to see the baby by. A fire started, he yelled for Annie
     to get the baby out of the house while he put out the fire. Very little damage was done,
     but that ended anyone staying up all night with the baby.
     When Robert was in the 3rd grade, Babe got sick. Annie had to take over plowing
     the fields. Robert came home one day and saw his mother plowing.
     He quit school the next day so he could stay home and help her.

     Notes for Babe HUTCHISON:
     He died in a back yard raking leaves. He worked at a sawmill.
     He is buried in the Willis Cemetery in Montgomery County TX

(4) Vernon  McNIEL, b. March 03, 1895;
      d. May 16, 1984, Livingston, Polk County, Tx;  Buried: Peebles Cemetery;
      m. Lois Lydie BREWER, February 10, 1923, Center, Shelby County TX.
      Notes for Vernon McNIEL:
      He served in the U.S. Army during World War I.
(5) Martha Jewell McNIEL, b. June 06, 1897, Joaquine, Shelby County TX;
      d. October 16, 1919, Joaquine, Shelby County TX.
       Notes for MARTHA JEWELL MCNIEL:
       I have a letter written by Martha Jewel to her friend, Mrs Omie Alford.
       The envelope has been lost, but it was written about 1919 from Joaquine, Texas.
       She signed her name "Jewel McNiel".

Children of Frances (UNKNOWN) and Lorenso Dow VAWTER are:
3. Theodore VAWTER,was born September 06, 1862 in Cushing,
Nacogdoches County TX, and died December 19, 1936 in Nacogdoches Co.
Tx. Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
m. (1) Elmina Josephine "Mina" BULLOCK April 20, 1882 in Nacogdoches Co, Texas,
daughter of James BULLOCK and Mary RUSSELL.
m. (2) Georgia Lorene WILBURN January 28, 1904 in Nacogdoches Co., Texas,
daughter of Jack WILBURN and Marietta  LANDERS.

Notes for Theodore VAWTER:
He lived in the Bogg Community, later called Pleasant Hill.

Children of Theodore VAWTER and Elmina "Mina" BULLOCK are:
 (1) Ada  VAWTER, b. January 15, 1883, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas;
      d. November 26, 1940, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co. Tx. Buried: Bethel Cem.;
      m. Tom J. JOHNSON, December 29, 1898.
 (2) Jesse Franklin VAWTER, b. November 01, 1886, Nacogdoches Co. Tx;
      d. February 07, 1981, Eagle Lake, Colorado Co. Tx..;
      m. Beulah Ann HOPKINS, January 25, 1907, Nacogdoches Co. Tx..

Children of Theodore VAWTER and Georgia WILBURN are:
 (3) John Homer VAWTER, b. August 07, 1905;
      d. Appleby, Nacogdoches Co. Texas;
      m. Rachel Alta  HILL, February 25, 1927, Lufkin, Angelina County, Texas.
 (4) Audrey Etta VAWTER, b. January 23, 1910; m. Milam SIKES.
 (5) Dorine VAWTER, b. August 17, 1914; m. Willie CLEVENGER.
 (6) Martha VAWTER, b. February 23, 1923, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co. Texas;
      d. Appleby, Nacogdoches Co. Texas.

4. Andrew Donaldson  VAWTER, b. January 26, 1867, Nacogdoches Co. Tx;
    d. October 02, 1870, Texas.
5. Alpha Frances VAWTER, was born April 09, 1870 in Linn Flat, Nacogdoches,
County TX, and died 1930s  (probably in Polk Co.,Tx.)
m. Marion E. SMITH August 30, 1896 in Linn Flat, Nacogdoches County TX.

Notes for Marion E. SMITH
He was in the Confederate army, Co. D 14th Alabama Regt. CSA.

Children of Alpha Frances VAWTER and Marion E. SMITH are:
 (1) Georgie Elizabeth SMITH, b. June 02, 1898;
       d. May 29, 1973, Montgomery County, Texas Buried: Peebles Cemetery;
       m. Sid FIELDS.
       Notes for Georgie Elizabeth SMITH:
       Buried in Peebles Cem., Polk County Texas.
       She was 74 years, 11 months, & 27 days old at time of her death
       according to the metal marker at the cemetery.
 (2) Addie SMITH, m. Claude BAILEY.


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