Generation No. 1

 Jacob SUTTON was born Abt. 1755 in Probably,  Pitt  County,  North  Carolina, and died March 20, 1838 in Baker  County,  Georgia.
Notes: Was a soldier in the American Revolution.
He married:
(1) Louise Rene COTTE.

    Children of Jacob SUTTON and Louise COTTE are:
    1. Cullen SUTTON was born 1790-1800 in Pitt  County,  North  Carolina;
        died Before 1850, Probably , Baker  County , Georgia.

     2. Willey SUTTON born in  1789, Pitt  County,  North  Carolina;
        died  March 03, 1841, Baker  County,  Georgia;
        married (1) Lourinna COTTE, October 01, 1812, Jefferson  County  Georgia;
                      (2) Charlotte PEEBLES, January 10, 1830, Jefferson  County  Georgia.

     3. Theophilus SUTTON, married Jane WALTON, December 31, 1818.

     4. Zachariah  SUTTON born in  1785, Pitt  County,  North  Carolina;
        died about 1843, Dooly  County,   Georgia;
        married Frusanna ASKEW, February 27, 1810.

     5. John  C. SUTTON born 1790-1800, Pitt  County,  North  Carolina;
        died 1845, Baker  County,  Georgia;
        married Lydia BLOUNT, 1820-1825.

    6. Blount SUTTON married Elizabeth McMURRY

    7. Seaborn SUTTON, born  1804 and died 1890
        married Emily NORRIS.

(2) Judith BLOUNT March 27, 1822 in Pulaski  County,  Georgia.
    Children of Jacob SUTTON and Judith BLOUNT are:
    8. Gatzer  SUTTON.
    9. Argent SUTTON.

Generation No. 2

Cullen SUTTON  was born 1790-1800 in Pitt  County,  North  Carolina,
He died before 1850 in Probably , Baker  County , Georgia.
He married Mary GRIFFIN.

Children of Cullen SUTTON and Mary GRIFFIN are:
 1. Sarah SUTTON was born about 1837, Thomas  County,  Georgia.
 2. Martha  Jane SUTTON was born about 1839, Baker  County,  Georgia.
 3. Oliver SUTTON was born about 1843, Baker  County,  Georgia
    died about 1891, New Orleans,  Louisiana.

Generation No. 3

3.  Oliver SUTTON  was born Abt. 1843 in Baker  County,  Georgia,
He died Abt. 1891 - 1895 in New Orleans,  Louisiana.
He married
(1) Mary Ann DEASON, daughter of William DEASON and Sarah MILLER.
(2) Mrs. Merinda A. (TOMPKINS) FIELDS, daughter of A.N.B. TOMPKINS
                       She was the Widow of Vernal B. FIELDS.
(3) Ada MORRIS in Liberty  County,  Texas.

Generation No. 4

Children of Oliver SUTTON and Mary Ann DEASON are:
1. William Cullen  SUTTON, born February 02, 1867, Polk  County ,  TX.
    He died August 24, 1902, Liberty  Co.  Tx.  Buried;  Fields  Cemetery.

         Children of William Cullen SUTTON and Mattie STEPHENSON are:
         1.) Hattie L. SUTTON was born  August 24, 1887, Liberty  Co.  TX.;
          She died December 25, 1979, Buried:  Groves,  TX.;
          married Enoch McCAIG, March 13, 1905, Liberty  Co.  TX.

         2.) Pearl Clista SUTTON, was born February 20, 1890, Clark, Liberty County, Texas
         She died February 08, 1968, Livingston Polk County, TX    Buried Blue Water Cem.
         She married Oscar Lee MUNSON, March 11, 1911, Fuqua, Liberty County, TX.

         3.) Mamie  SUTTON was born February 04, 1892, Clark Liberty County,  TX.
         She died January 07, 1968, Buried  Devers,  TX
         She married George H. NORRIS.

         4.) Iney Ethel SUTTON was born April 04, 1894, Clark Liberty County,  TX.
         She died January 20, 1974, Buried:  Fields  Cemetery
         She married Sidney Clay  WALLACE, May 19, 1911, Liberty  Co.  TX..

         5.) Bertie SUTTON was born September 11, 1895, Clark Liberty County,  TX.
         She died  July 11, 1899, Clark Liberty County,  Texas.

          6.) Lillian SUTTON was born September 18, 1897, Clark Liberty County,  TX.
          She died December 23, 1968, Buried:  Fields  Cemetery
          She married Willie HENLEY, October 14, 1914, Clark Liberty County,  TX

           7.) A. Dewey SUTTON was born September 29, 1899, Liberty  Co.  TX.;
           He died  November 09, 1933, Buried  Fields  Cemetery
           He married Exa Christine LEGG, October 04, 1924, Clark, Liberty County,  TX.

           8.) William Ula SUTTON was February 1902, Clark Liberty County,  TX.
           He died was Buried :  (-?-)  Cemetery  at  Dayton,  TX.
           He married Berdie Lillie FUDGE.

2. Emma SUTTON  married E. R. GAY, February 02, 1884, Polk  Co.  Tx.
3. Mary Ann SUTTON married Henry Jackson RICHARDSON, June 06, 1884.
4. Sarah Jane SUTTON.  married Henry Jackson RICHARDSON.

            Children of Sarah SUTTON and Henry RICHARDSON are:
             1.) Ed RICHARDSON.
             2.) Alvin RICHARDSON.
             3.) Kit RICHARDSON was born November 27, 1895, Holly  Grove,  Texas;
                  married Cassie BURNSON, 1919, Milvid,  Liberty  County,  Texas.
             4.) Dick RICHARDSON.
             5.) Albert RICHARDSON.
             6.) Nora RICHARDSON.
             7.) Celesta  RICHARDSON.
             8.) Brunson RICHARDSON.
             9.) Vernie RICHARDSON.
           10.) Irene RICHARDSON.
           11.) ? RICHARDSON Birthdate Unknown

          Children of Oliver SUTTON and Merinda TOMPKINS are:
 5. Susie SUTTON  She married BILLY HENLEY.

            Children of SUSIE SUTTON and BILLY HENLEY are:
             1.) Rena HENLEY.
             2.) Ruby HENLEY.
             3.) Milton HENLEY.
             4.) Rubbart HENLEY.
             5.) C.B. HENLEY.

 6. George SUTTON,  Buried:  Sealy,  TX..
 7. Frank SUTTON.
 8. Jim SUTTON    Buried  Willis,  TX
 9. Violet SUTTON   married Neil LUCKEY
10. Josephine SUTTON.

Children of Oliver SUTTON and Ada MORRIS are:
11. Forrest SUTTON was born in  1888, Liberty  County,  Texas;
        He died December 26, 1975.
12. Arthur SUTTON was born  September 03, 1891
        He died August 12, 1961, Buried:  Big  Sandy  Cemetery - Polk  County, Texas;
        He married Buna Vestie LILLEY.
13. Infant  SUTTON.

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