The Polk County TX MUNSONS  

The Polk County Texas

                                  Julia Ann Predmore Munson & William Berry Munson

William Berry Munson was born March 17, 1855 (or 1853) in New Jersey.
He married Julia Anne Predmore, daughter of Daniel Predmore and Martha
Card of Vernon Township, Sussix County New Jersey, on September 11, 1877
in New Jersey. Together with their newborn son, Charles William, W.B.’s son
from a previous marriage George Walter age 7, and W.B’s sister, they came to
Texas.  The first documented place they have been found in was Anderson County,
where they are listed on the 1880 US Census.  (Anderson County appears to
have been a common entry point into Texas.)  Family history states that his
sister married a man named Suggs and settled near Troup, Smith County TX.
From Anderson County they next traveled to Plank, in Hardin County .
W.B. was a farmer and they operated a sawmill at Plank, TX. Next they
moved to Trinity County near the town of Glendale.
While in Trinity County he operated a sawmill.  They buried their five
month old son, Albert Carroll, in the Glendale Cemetery in October 1884.
On November 11, 1895, W.B. Munson bought an 80 acre tract of land in
Polk County, TX at 10 Mile Board for $1800.00, from the estate of James Fowler.
William Berry and Julia Ann moved Ten Mile Board with their children.
Family history records that they moved into a “cabin” until their new two-story
home was completed.  The drive way to their home was lined with cedar trees.
There primary occupation was farming.
At the end of July 1916 W.B. became ill.  After a brief bout with the flu,
he passed away on July 31, 1916 at the age of 61. He was buried at Blue Water
Cemetery.  Julia Ann was left to raise the younger
children and their grandson, Arthur Lee.  On August 24, 1925 Julia Anne Munson
passed away and was laid to rest next to her husband in the Blue Water Cemetery.

Child of WILLIAM MUNSON and -?- UNKNOWN is:

1. GEORGE WALTER MUNSON, b. February 19, 1873, Jersey  City,  Hudson  Co.,  NJ;
d. August 25, 1953, Jasper, Jasper  Co., TX      Bur.  Evergreen  Cemetery.


2. CHARLES WILLIAM MUNSON, b. April 12, 1880, Jersey  City,  Hudson  Co.  N J;
  d. March 24, 1916   Buried: Blue Water   Cemetery.

3. HENRY OWEN MUNSON, b. January 23, 1883, Plank,  Hardin  Co.  TX.;
  d. April 08, 1934, Polk  Co.  TX    Buried:  Blue  Water  Cemetery.

4. ALBERT CARROLL MUNSON, b. May 08, 1884, Plank  or  Trinity  TX;
  d. October 30, 1884, Trinity  Co.  TX    Buried:  Glendale  Cemetery.

5.  OSCAR LEE MUNSON, b. May 16, 1889, Plank, Hardin County Texas;
m.  Pearl Clista SUTTON on March 11, 1911 Fugua, Liberty Co TX
d. October 29, 1970, Livingston Polk County, TX  Buried Blue Water Cem..

6.  EDD BENTLY MUNSON, b. May 23, 1892, Plank,  Hardin  Co.  TX.;
  d. February 12, 1964, Round  Rock,  TX..

7.  JESSIE LEITH MUNSON, b. July 27, 1896, Trinity Co. TX;
  d. July 29, 1959, Buried;  Blue Water   Cemetery.

8. IRA BERRY MUNSON, b. May 09, 1900, Polk Co. TX.;
  d. October 20, 1965, Polk Co. TX    Buried:  Blue Water Cemetery.

9. IDA MAE MUNSON, b. February 19, 1903, Mt. Rose, Polk Co. TX;
  d. March 18, 1986, Buried:  Menard Chapel Cem..

10. ALVIN ERNEST MUNSON, b. February 24, 1906, Polk Co. TX;
  d. January 22, 1952, Baytown,  TX      Buried:  Blue Water Cemetery.

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