Descendants of Thomas D
Descendants of Thomas D. Gowin

Thomas D. GOWIN died 1825-1826 in Lafayette Parish,Louisiana. He married Nancy JOHNSON Abt. 1799 in South Carolina.

Notes for Thomas D. GOWIN:

This family's name is spelled many different ways. I don't know which is correct.

They lived in Alabama Territory for a few years, then moved to Louisiana Territory, settling in St. Martin Parish. This area became Lafayette Parish in 1823. Thomas died there about
1825 - 1826.

Notes for Nancy JOHNSON:

Nancy and other members of her family later came to Texas by way of Calcasieu Parish, La. Upon reaching the Atascosita District, like most of the other colonists, Nancy applied for a land grant from the Mexican government, but because of the political situation at the time her request was not granted. Her son, Thomas, posed as head of the household, but to no avail. She reapplied in 1829, but died about 1836 without realizing her dream of owning land in Texas.

Family History insist her Indian Hertiage was responsible.

The Texas government, upon winning it's Independence in 1836, honored her request since she was an early settler in Texas prior to the Revolution. The Republic of Texas approved her application with a First Class Headright of "a league and a labor", which was patented to the Heirs of Nancy Gowin on January 28, 1846 by the President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston. This land was located about 30 miles north of the town of Liberty, Texas and seven miles east of the Trinity River.
Atascosita District was renamed Liberty County in 1836. Isaiah Fields, a son-in-law, was appointed administrator of her estate.

The 1830 Citizens of Texas, Clerks Returns and Reports of Liberty Co. Texas list Nancy Gowin as having been in Texas since 1827.

The 1840 Census of the Republic of Texas list "J. L. Fields" as Administrator for Nancy Gowin. This should be I. S. (Isaiah ) Fields.

In 1895 Roxaline Merrett and Serena Akins signed an Affidavit in which they stated their grandmother, Nancy Gowin, died in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ariminta Buxton, in Liberty Co. Texas about 1836.

1. Sarah GOWIN, b. 1800, South Carolina; d. 1889, Ironwood, Liberty Co. TX.
    Buried: Fields Cemetery.
2. Anne GOWIN, b. Abt. 1802.
3. Stephen Breckenridge GOWIN, b. Abt. 1804; d. 1874.
4. Arminta GOWIN, b. Abt. 1805.
5. Thomas D. GOWIN, b. Abt. 1807.

Generation No. 2

1. Sarah GOWIN was born 1800 in South Carolina, and died 1889 in Ironwood, Liberty Co. TX. Buried: Fields Cemetery. She married Isaiah S. FIELDS.

Notes for Sarah Gowin Fields:
All three of her sons served the Confederacy in the Civil War. Her youngest son, William Harrison Fields, was fatally wounded at Gettysburg. All three of them are mentioned in " There Never Were Such Men Before " By Ruth Peebles.
Both Sarah and her husband, Isaiah S. Fields, are buried in unmarked graves in Fields Cemetery in Liberty Co. Texas. This cemetery is located on land he had set aside, out of his original Mexican land grant for a family cemetery and an Historical Marker was placed inside the cemetery.

Fact 1: 1840, Census of the Republic of Texas, Edited by Gifford White
Fact 2: 1860, Census - Liberty Co. Texas., Grand Cane, HH # 168,
Fact 3: 1880, Census - Liberty, Co. Texas., HH # 98 (living alone)
Fact 4: 1848, Deed to Wm. H. & Vernal B. Fields, Liberty Co. Texas.
Fact 5: February 19, 1879, Application for a Veteran's Widow's Pension and P/A
Fact 6: March 28, 1883, 2nd. Application for a Veteran's Widow's Pension.
Fact 7: June 18, 1946, Affidavitt of Mrs Vernal McNulty, in Re: of Mrs. Isaiah Fields
Fact 8: April 01, 1872, Will Recorded, Book D, pp 120-122, Liberty Co. Texas.

Notes for Isaiah S. FIELDS:
He was in Jefferson Co. Va. in 1820, married Sarah Gowin, and came to Texas via La. ( 1st. child b. La. ) about 1829, as a member of Joseph Veline's Colony. He was a farmer and settled in Grand Cane, now Liberty Co. Texas. He is listed there in 1840 as the Administrator of the Estate of his mother in law, Nancy Gowin.
He applied for a Mexican land grant, December 12, 1834, by this time he had 2 more children, both born in Grand Cane, Texas. His application was granted June 12, 1835. His brother, Thomas was killed before claiming his land grant.
He served in the Army of Texas from July 07, 1836 - October 07, 1836, as a member of Capt. Hardin's Company. For this service he received bounty warrants in 1843, 1855, and 1857.
He had three more children all born in Grand Cane, Texas. He and Sarah were probably charter members of the Concord Baptist Church in Liberty Co. Texas.

Children of Sarah GOWIN and Isaiah FIELDS are:
1.) Sophronia B. FIELDS, b. 1829, Louisiana;
     d. June 14, 1872, Moss Hill, Polk/ Liberty Co. TX Buried: Fields Cem.(?).
         She married (1) Samuel D. SANSOM.
         She married (2) John Walker STEVENS May 01, 1853 in Polk Co. Tx,
         son of Miles STEVENS and Mary STAPLES.

        More About Sophronia B. FIELDS:
        Fact 1: 1850, U.S. Census, Liberty Co. Tx. HH. # 161
        Fact 2: 1870, U.S. Census, Chambers Co. Texas, HH. # 80
        Fact 3: May 15, 1868, Deed - John W. & Sophronia Stevens to V.B. Fields
        Fact 4: January 21, 1867, Deed - John W. Stevens to Sophronia B. Stevens

        Notes for John Walker STEVENS:
        CSA - Recruited, 08 March, 1862, Liberty Co. Texas as a Pvt. Co. K.
        5th Texas Inf., Hoods Brig. He was wounded at Sharpsburg,
        (Antietam),Md.;  Captured at Gettysburg, Pa. July 02, 1863,
        Released,; November 16, 1864, at Venus Point, Savanna, Ga.
        Surrendered by E. Kirby Smith June 02, 1865 at Galveston, Texas.
        In 1902 he wrote a graphic description of his service as a Confederate
        Soldier in his book, WAR REMINISCENCES.
        He became a Judge in Hill County, Texas, and was also a Methodist Preacher.

Children of Sophronia  FIELDS and John  STEVENS are:
    I. Miles G. STEVENS, b. 1858.
        Notes for Miles G. STEVENS:
        He ran off to Mexico.
    II. Jack R. STEVENS, b. Abt. 1865.
         Notes for JACK R. STEVENS:
         He lived in Hill Co., Texas in 1895.
    III. Osborn Harry STEVENS, b. October 01, 1866, Shilo, Texas;
          d. April 14, 1942, Liberty Co. TX..
           Notes for Osbourn Harry STEVENS:
           He lived in Rusk Co., Texas in 1895.

2.) Serena  FIELDS, b. 1830, Grand Cane, Liberty County, Texas;
     d. June 21, 1896, Liberty Co. Texas Buried: Fields Cemetery.
         She married (1) Valentine BUXON, son of Alexander BUXON & Arminta GOWIN.
         Notes for Valentine BUXON:
         His nickname was, " Tiny ". His mother was Sarah Gowin's sister.
         She married (2) Henderson A. AKINS.
         Notes for Henderson A. AKINS:
         CSA - Enlisted February, 1862, A. W. Spaights Cavalry Co.

Children of Serena FIELDS and Valentine BUXON are:
    I. Sarah  BUXTON, b. 1849; d. 1919.
    II. Elizabeth BUXON, b. 1852, Texas.
Children of Serena FIELDS and Henderson  AKINS are:
    III. Henderson V. AKINS, b. 1866, Texas.
    IV. Lillie E. AKINS, b. 1870;  , and died in Kountz, Texas.
          She married Albert GABRO.
          Notes for Lillie E. AKINS:
          1870 Census list her as Martha L. Akins, 3/12.
          Children of LILLIE AKINS and Albert GABRO are:
            [1]  Leon GABRO.
            [2]  ?? GABRO, m. Robert BANDEES.

3.) Selina J. FIELDS, b. June 06, 1833, Grand Cane, Liberty County, Texas;
     d. February 16, 1915, Clark, Liberty Co. TX. Buried: Fields Cemetery.
     She married (1) W. C. "Billy"  CLAYBROOKS.
     She married (2) Eli Sechart STEPHENSON August 02, 1868 in Liberty Co. TX.
     Son of  William STEPHENSON and Mary PREWITT.

     Notes for Eli Sechart STEPHENSON:
     CSA - Enlisted 27 March, 1862 - Galveston, Texas. - Pvt., Co. F,
     26th Texas Cavalry, De Bray's Reg., Davis' Mtd. Batt'n.
     He was a farmer and died August 12 1871, of typhoid fever..

     She married (3) Laird David PIPKIN December 20, 1874 in Liberty Co. TX..

     Notes for Selina J. FIELDS:
     Selina and L. D. Pipkin were married by the  J.P. of Liberty County, Texas,
     R. R. Fields, ( her brother ).

Children of Selina  FIELDS and W. C. "Billy" CLAYBROOKS are:
    I. W. C. "Billy" CLAYBROOKS Jr., b. 1857; m. Ada  RICHARDSON.
        Notes for W. C. CLAYBROOKS
        He had one child who died young.
    II. Sally  CLAYBROOKS.
        Notes for Sally CLAYBROOKS:
        Died as a child.
        Notes for Leroy  CLAYBROOKS:
        Died as a child.
Child of Selina FIELDS and Eli STEPHENSON is:
    IV. Martha "Mattie" STEPHENSON, b. May 16, 1870, Ironwood, Liberty Co. Texas;
          d. January 08, 1907, Liberty Co. TX. Buried; Fields Cemetery.
           She married William Cullen SUTTON December 26, 1886 in Liberty Co. Texas,
           son of Oliver SUTTON & Mary DEASON
           She married ( 2 ) John Scott, September 07, 1906, Liberty Co. TX.

          Children of Mattie STEPHENSON and William Cullen SUTTON are:
            [1] Hattie L. SUTTON, b. August 24, 1887, Liberty Co. Texas;
                 d. December 25, 1979, Buried: Groves, Texas.;
                 m. (1) Enoch  MCCAIG, March 13, 1905, Liberty Co. Texas.
                 m. (2) Clarence Ray.
                 Notes for Hattie L. SUTTON:
                 She was known as " Aunt Sister ".

             [2] Pearl Clista SUTTON, b. February 20, 1890, Clark Liberty County, Texas;
                   d. February 08, 1968, Livingston Polk County Texas. Buried Blue Water Cem.;
                   m. Oscar Lee MUNSON, March 11, 1911, Fuqua, Liberty County, Texas.
                   Notes for Pearl Clista SUTTON:
                   In 1910 Pearl Sutton was working at a Boarding House in Old Milvid, which
                   was a sawmill town in Liberty County, Texas. Oscar Lee Munson was working
                   at the sawmill there. This is where they met.

              [3] Mamie "Mae" SUTTON, b. February 04, 1892, Clark Liberty County, Texas;
                    d. January 07, 1968, Buried: Devers, Texas;
                    She married: Cash Doucette, October 17,1910
                    She married: George H. NORRIS.
                    Notes for Mamie SUTTON:
              [4]  Inez Ethel SUTTON, b. April 04, 1894, Clark Liberty County, Texas;
                    d. January 20, 1974, Buried: Fields Cemetery;
                    m. Sidney Clay WALLACE, May 19, 1911, Liberty Co. Texas.
                    Notes for Inez Ethel SUTTON:
                    Better known as "Aunt Iney".
 Description by her nephew Dempsie Henley in his book  "The Murder of Silence"
Copyright 1970, page #12:   "My Aunt Ina Wallace, a bundle of endless energy, was and is a most unusual, but vanishing individual. She must weigh at least 90 pounds. She can outwalk, outfish, outhunt just about anyone in the Big Thicket. Though she is now in her late 70's she is still very active in the woods. She wears ankle top lace shoes (men's), an apron made from feed sacks, and an old-fashioned bonnet and long dress. With this early-day costume she roams the Trinity River bottom country without fear. She still shoots an old 12-gauge shotgun with accuracy and is considered the best trapper in the area. This Big Thicket pioneer is generous to a fault. One of my greatest childhood delights was to visit my Aunt Ina at Clark. She would always make us a big sack of delicious tea cakes. Also she would take us on hunting and trapping trips for which she would act as guide, instructor, and cook. She knows the Big Woods and its inhabitants as well as anyone I ever knew. While Aunt Ina is a kind-natured soul and naturally generous, she can also become a 90-pound terror! When she is provoked she will challenge anything and anybody. We all learned this at an early age and stayed clear of her when her patience had run out.
Even today when she decides to go into the woods she will take a good 'dip' of Levi Garrett snuff, slip on her gunny sack, put on her old bonnet and strike out at a pace that would leave most of us panting in the shade."

              [5]  Bertie SUTTON, b. September 11, 1895, Clark Liberty County, Texas;
                   d. July 11, 1899, Clark Liberty County, Texas.

              [6] Lillian SUTTON, b. September 18, 1897, Clark Liberty County, Texas;
                    d. December 23, 1968, Buried: Fields Cemetery;
                    m. (1) Willie  HENLEY, October 14, 1914, Clark Liberty County, Texas.
                    m. (2 ) Primrose Wallace.

              [7] A. Dewey SUTTON, b. September 29, 1899, Liberty Co. Texas;
                    d. November 09, 1933, Buried Fields Cemetery;
                    m. Exa Christine LEGG, October 04, 1924, Clark, Liberty County, Texas.
                    Notes for A. DEWEY SUTTON:
                    He worked in the Oil field.

             [8] William Ula SUTTON, b. February 1902, Clark Liberty County, Texas;
                   d ------ Buried : (-?-) Cemetery at Dayton, Texas;
                   m. Bertie LILLIE  FUDGE.

Child of Selina FIELDS and Laird PIPKIN is:
    V. Annie  PIPKIN, b. February 28, 1874;
        d. April 10, 1966, Liberty Co. TX. Buried: Fields Cemetery;
        m. (1) John  ISLER; m. (2) Thea RYE;
        m. (3) Richard HART; m. (4) Dan POOL.

4.) Randolph R. FIELDS, b. February 1839, Grand Cane, Liberty Co., Republic of Texas;
     d. 1902, Clark, Liberty Co. TX. Buried: Fields Cemetery.
         He married (1) Eliza TARKINGTON. He married (2) Martha J. ROSS.

        Notes for Randolph R. FIELDS:
        CSA - Recruited March 08, 1862, Liberty Co. Texas as a Pvt., Co. K,
        5 th Texas Infantry, Hoods Brigade. Residence- Liberty Co. TX., Occupation - Farmer.
        His grave is now marked with a CSA Marker.
        On the 1850, Liberty Co. TX. Census, his name is listed as " Major ".

        More About Randolph R. FIELDS:
        Fact 1: December 29, 1879, District Court Records, Polk Co. Texas
        Fact 2: January 01, 1880, District Court Records, Polk Co. Texas.
        Fact 3: October 21, 1889, Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Texas.
        Fact 4: August 12, 1903, Deed Records, Liberty Co. Tx., Vol. 7, p. 402.
        Fact 5: November 07, 1902, Deed Records Lib. Co. Tx. to C. J. Gerlach & Bro.
        Fact 6: September 30, 1903, Bill from B.F. Waldrep - $30.00 for medical treatment.
        Fact 7: October 22, 1903, Bill for nursing and charge for making coffin - $70.80
        Fact 8: January 13, 1904, Inventory and Appraisement of Estate, Jack McNulty, Adm't.
        Fact 9: July 1905, Claim against Estate by Gerlach Bros. for note on 286 acs. of land.

        Notes for Martha J. ROSS:
        She took their children and went to Comanche Co. Texas, but was living in Liberty Co. Texas
        in 1880.

Children of Randolph R. FIELDS and Martha J. ROSS are:
    I. William  FIELDS, b. 1869.
    II. Mattie  FIELDS, b. 1873; m. L. B. THOMAS.
    III. Leah  FIELDS, b. 1870; m. P. R. CLARK.
    IV. Rena  FIELDS, b. 1876; m. A. W. EVANS.

5.) Vernal B. FIELDS, b. May 05, 1842, Grand Cane, Liberty County, Republic of Texas;
     d. June 05, 1872, Liberty Co. Texas Buried: Fields Cemetery.
         He married Meranda A. TOMPKINS May 05, 1868, daughter of A.N.B. TOMPKINS.

        Notes for Vernal  B. FIELDS:
        CSA - Enlisted August 24, 1861, Livingston, Texas as a Pvt. Co. K, 5 th. Texas Infantry,
        Hoods Brigade. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability,
        December 16, 1861, Richmond, Va. Re-enlisted as a Pvt. ,
        Company F, Reily's Regiment, October 11, 1862, Livingston, Texas.
         His grave is marked with a CSA Marker.

        Vernal was working in a the field when he saw a storm coming, as he leaned on his hoe,
        watching the clouds, he was fatally struck by lightening.
        Records describe as having Hazel eyes, dark complexion and black hair.

Children of Vernal  FIELDS and Meranda TOMPKINS are:
    I. Arminta Minnie FIELDS, b. 1869, Ironwood, Liberty Co. Texas.
       Notes for Arminta Minnie FIELDS:
       She died very young.
    II. Vernal Elizabeth  FIELDS was born July 30, 1872 in Ironwood, Liberty Co. Texas,
       She died September 03, 1955 in Baytown, Texas; Buried: Concord Cemetery.
       She married Jackson Frankeon  MCNULTY January 01, 1888 in Liberty County, Texas.
       Notes for Vernal Elizabeth FIELDS:
       She ran a Post Office at Clark, Texas.

      Children of Vernal Elizabeth FIELDS and Jackson MCNULTY are:
       [1] Eddie Jackson MCNULTY, b. August 27, 1890; m. Mollie A. BLAKLEY.
       [2] Baby Boy MCNULTY.
       [3] Minnie Lee MCNULTY, b. January 20, 1895; d. May 17, 1977.
       [4] Alton Zellie MCNULTY, b. January 20, 1895; d. February 1920.
       [5] Evie MCNULTY, b. July 1899.
       [6] Christie MCNULTY, b. April 03, 1908.
       [7] Myrtle MCNULTY.
       [8] William Blackwell MCNULTY, b. 1914; d. June 12, 1991.

6.) William Harrison FIELDS, b. August 10, 1843, Grand Cane, Liberty Co, Republic of Texas;
     d. July 16, 1863, Gettysburg, PA. Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va..
    Notes for William Harrison H. FIELDS:
    CSA - Recruited March 08, 1862 at Liberty, Texas as a Pvt., Co. K, 5 th Texas Infantry,           Hood's Brigade. He was wounded in the chest and shoulder and captured
at Gettysburg, Pa. July 02, 1863. He died in a Federal Hospital in Pa.
and was Re-interred after the war and buried in an unmarked grave in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.
A Memorial CSA Marker has been placed in Fields Cemetery, Liberty County, Texas...... his family's cemetery.

2. Anne GOWIN  was born Abt. 1802.
She married (1) (Unknown) WHITE.
She married (2) (Unknown) CAMPBELL.
She married (3)  Joseph GREER.

Notes for ANNE GOWIN:
The Atascosita Census of 1826 list:
Anna Going, female, age 33 (?), ( born ? 1793 ? ) born South Carolina, from La.
wife of Joseph Greer.
Almira White, female, age 9, born La., daughter of Anna Going.
Elizabeth Campbell, female, age 6, born La., daughter of Anna Going.
Sarah Greer, female, age 3, born La., daughter of Joseph Greer.
Alexander Greer, male, age 1, born Texas, son of Joseph Greer.

Child of Anne GOWIN and (Unknown) WHITE is:
1.) Almira  WHITE, b. Abt. 1817, Louisiana.

Child of Anne GOWIN and (Unknown) CAMPBELL is:
2.) Elizabeth CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1820, Louisiana.

Children of Anne GOWIN and Joseph GREER are:
3.) Sarah GREER, b. 1823, Louisiana.
4.) Alexander GREER, b. 1825, Texas.
5.) John W. GREER.

3. Stephen Breckenridge was born Abt. 1804, and died 1874.
He married Adeline (UNKNOWN).

Children of Stephen B. GOWIN and Adeline (UNKNOWN) are:
1.) William Thomas GOWIN, b. 1830
       He married Deliah (UNKNOWN)

    Notes for William Thomas GOWIN:
    All children born in Louisiana.

    Children of William  Thomas GOWIN and Deliah (UNKNOWN)  are:
    I. Lawrence  GOWIN, b. 1854.
    II. Breckenridge  GOWIN, b. 1859.
    III. Mitchell GOWIN, b. 1860.
    IV. Fulton  GOWIN, b. 1863.
    V. James  GOWIN, b. 1866.
    VI. Richard  GOWIN, b. 1870.
    VII. Bray GOWIN, b. 1874.

2.) James GOWIN, b. 1832.
3.) Emily GOWIN, b. 1836.
4.) Hadley GOWIN, b. 1838.
5.) Catherine GOWIN, b. 1841.
6.) Alfred GOWIN, b. 1845.
7.) Nancy GOWIN, b. 1848.
8.) Mary GOWIN, b. 1851.
9.) Menosval GOWIN, b. 1854.

4. Arminta GOWEN  was born Abt. 1805.
    She married (1) Alexander BUXTON.
    She married (2) Thomas SNOW.

Children of Arminta GOWIN and Alexander BUXTON are:
1.) Elan  BUXTON, m. H. M. CHERRY.
2.) Mary BUXTON, m. Benjamin C. CLARK.
3.) Sarah  BUXTON, m. James  MARTIN.
4.) Roxaline  BUXTON, m. (Unknown) MERRETT.
5.) Valentine  BUXTON.
      He married Serena  FIELDS.
      Notes for Valentine BUXTON:
      Nickname was " Tiny ".

       Child of Valentine  BUXTON and Serena  FIELDS is:
        I. Sarah  BUXTON married (1) John  HENLEY.
           She married (2) James Michael CAIN.

        Children of Sarah  BUXTON and John  HENLEY are:
            (1). William Henderson  HENLEY, b. 1872; d. October 04, 1920;
                    m. Susie SUTTON.
            (2.) Cynthia Alice HENLEY, b. 1873; m.

             Children of Sarah  BUXTON and James Michael CAIN are:
             (3.) Minnie Blanch  CAIN, b. May 02, 1877
                     m. Benjamin E. SNELL.
             (4.) Swan CAIN, b. February 25, 1878.
             (5.) Chaplie "Chap" Harrison CAIN, b. April 21, 1879.
             (6.) Sam Houston CAIN, b. April 25, 1881.
             (7.) Robert Lee Wyatt CAIN, b. April 16, 1883.
             (8.) Maybry Elder CAIN, b. August 20, 1885.

Children of Arminta  GOWIN and Thomas SNOW are:
6.) Mollie  SNOW, m. Albert  MORSE.
7.) James  SNOW.

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