Descendants of John Vickery
Descendants of John Vickery

John  VICKERY was born Bef. 1657 in Virginia, and died 1698. He married
(1) Mary UNKNOWN; married (2) Margaret UNKNOWN.

Children of John VICKERY and Margaret UNKNOWN are:
1. John VICKERY, m. Anne UNKNOWN;
2. Hezekiah VICKERY, b. 1683, Virginia; d. Abt. 1736, Orange County, Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2. Hezekiah  VICKERY  was born 1683 in Virginia, and
died Abt. 1736 in Orange County, Virginia.
He married Merci  HOLLAND 1734 in Augusta County, Virginia.

Children of Hezekiah VICKERY and Merci HOLLAND are:
1. Maraduke VICKERY, b. 1715, Maryland;
    d. December 26, 1787, Randolph County, North Carolina.
2. Luke Holland  VICKERY, b. Abt. 1719.
3. James VICKERY, b. 1723.
4. Joseph VICKERY, b. 1735.
5. Hezekiah VICKERY, b. 1736.

Generation No. 3

3. Marmaduke VICKERY was born 1715 in Maryland, and
died December 26, 1787 in Randolph County, North Carolina.
He married Elizabeth NATION 1734 in North Carolina,
daughter of  Captain  NATION and Bethiah ROBINS.

Notes for Marmaduke VICKERY:
Also spelled Vickory.
He served in Lytle's Company and Colonel Shepherd's 10th Regiment
On file at the War Department Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, DC in the list of soldiers in American Revolution is:
"Marmaduke Vickery I enlisted in 1782 for 18 months
service in the American Revolution"
Will - dated 26 Dec 1787 in Asheboro, Randolph Co, NC; probated in Dec 1788.

Children of Marmaduke VICKERY and Elizabeth NATION are:

1. Christopher VICKERY, b. 1740, Virginia.;
2. John VICKERY, b. 1741-1743;
3. Elizabeth VICKERY, b. May 11, 1750, Augusta, Virginia.
4. Charity  VICKERY, b. 1752, Augusta, Virginia.
5. Jereter VICKERY, b. May 08, 1754, Augusta, Virginia.
6. Dorcas Earkes VICKERY, b. November 29, 1755, Randolph Co., North Carolina.
7. Sampson Whitley VICKERY, b. December 01, 1757, Rowan Co., North Carolina;
    d. 1840-1841, Ellard, Yalobusha County, Mississippi.
8. Bethiah VICKERY, b. December 11, 1760, Guilford County, North Carolina.

Generation No. 4

Sampson Whitley VICKERY was born December 01, 1757 in Rowan County, N. Carolina, and died 1840-1841 in Ellard, Yalobusha County, Miss. Buried; Parker Cemetery, Calhoun County, Miss.
He married Charity ROBINS Abt. 1878 in Randolph County, North Carolina,
daughter of William ROBINS and Frances NATION.

Notes for Sampson Whitley VICKERY:
Applied for Revolutionary War pension in Yalobush Co, Miss.
Named executor of his father's will, 1787, Randolph Co, NC.
1840 Census gives his age as 80 - 90.

1. Kessandria VICKERY, b. Abt. 1781.
2. Unknown VICKERY, b. 1783-1784.
3. Christopher VICKERY, b. 1785-1786;
4. Unknown VICKERY, b. 1787-1788;
5. Unknown VICKERY, b. Abt. 1791;
6. Worth Marmaduke VICKERY, b. January 14, 1793, Randolph Co., North Carolina.
7. Albert VICKERY, b. 1798, Randolph County, North Carolina.
8. William VICKERY, b. Abt. 1799.
9. Aaron Daniel  VICKERY, b. Abt. 1800, North Carolina;
    d. Bef. April 30, 1849, Polk Co., Texas or Miss.
10. Unknown VICKERY, b. 1802-1803.
11. Sampson Whitley VICKERY, b. 1805.
12. David B. VICKERY, b. 1807.

Generation No. 5

Aaron Daniel VICKERY  was born Abt. 1800 in North Carolina, and died Bef. April 30, 1849
in Polk Co., Texas or Mississippi. He married (1) Susannah UNKNOWN.
He married (2) Mary J. UNKNOWN 1830-1838 in Probably in Miss. or Tenn..

Notes for Aaron Daniel VICKERY:

On June 7, 1841 Aaron was issued an Unconditional, Class 3 Certificate for a 640 acre Land Grant in Liberty ( N. Dist. ) County, Republic of Texas.

He and other members of his family were on the Customer List of W. J. Knight's store at Swartout in Polk County, Texas, Re: Page 116, of A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY, TEXAS
( 1846 - 1910 ), 1976, Revised Edition - 1978,....
"Customer List of W.J. Knight's Store.....
July 28, 1850 - 1851...1) Capt. J. Victery (?), 2) William Anderson, 3) John W. Sansom, 4) Elisha Vickery, 5) James Vickery, 6) Aaron Vickery, Admx. ( Mary )."

1825 - Yazoo Co., Miss. Tax List: Aaron Vickery & Abram Vickery.

1830 - Yazoo Co., Miss. List: 4 males under 10,....1 male 20 - 40,....(One of these male children is probably step-son, William Anderson who would be about 8 yrs. old).
1 female under 10,....1 female 20 - 40.

1840 - Yalobusha Co., Miss. list Aaron's age as 40 - 49. It also list:
2 males under 5,....2 males under 10,....3 males 15 - 20....1 male 40 - 50, (Aaron),....
1 female 10 - 15,....1 female 30 - 40,....and a total of 8 slaves.

1841 - Liberty Co., Texas Tax Roll,

William Anderson, step-son of Aaron's, lived with him also.
He was born in Miss. in 1821, Married Eunice, who was b. 1827, IN ,
and had a child, Sarah, born 1848 in Texas.

Notes for Mary J. UNKNOWN:
On April 30, 1849 Mary was appointed Admx. of the Estate of Aaron Vickery.

August 25, 1850, Probate Record # 65........
Mary declares she is the natural Mother of Matthew, Hardin, Vance,
& Jane Vickery and is appointed as their guardians.

Mary Vickery is on the following Census:
1850 - Polk Co., Texas, HH # 257, list Mary Vickerry, 37, b. TN.
( Also list birthplace of all the children as MS. which is incorrect.)

1860 - Polk Co., Texas, 240/248, p. 38, (pp. 35), 25 July, 1860, P.O. Swartout, Pct. # 5, list Mary Vickery 49, b. GA., and Hardin 19, Vance 17, Lucinda 15, and Sarah Ann 13.....all b. TX.

1870 - Polk County, Texas, 190/190, p. 31 (pp. 28), 29 June, 1870....
Mary, age 64, b. TN., is now living with her son, whose name appears as " Victory, Harding ",
and his wife, Wilmot, ( m. May ), 21, b. TX.....
Sarah J. (Vickery ), 21, b. TX is also living in the household.

1880 - Liberty County, Texas - living with E. R. Powell, her age is listed as 71 years.

Different ages and places of birth are listed on four different Census Records.


This information copied from the DRT Application of Doris Standard Pace, Livingston, Texas,
dated 1979,....Space for Family Tradition.....

"Aaron & Mary Vickery moved to Liberty Co., Republic of Texas from Yalobusha Co., Miss. in 1841. The family included a step-son and 4 children of Aaron's by a previous marriage: Step-son, William Anderson, & Elisha, John J., Mary, & Aaron Washburn Vickery. Aaron & Mary had 2 sons of their marriage born prior to the move to Texas. J. Vance, Lucinda & Sarah Jane were born after the move.

Aaron Vickery died in Polk Co., TX. prior to April 30, 1849 when probate was begun on his estate listing MINOR HEIRS: Matthew, Hardin, Vance, Lucinda & Sarah Jane, and ADULT HEIRS: Step-son Wm. Anderson, Elisha Vickery, Mary Vickery Sansom, & Aaron Washburn Vickery. John J. Vickery pre-deceased his father without issue. Aaron's burial place is unknown.

Actual location of the Vickery Homestead is also unknown, but in 1841 Aaron purchased 2200 acres...."on the east bank of the Trinity commence at the mouth of the Long King Creek on the east side of the as to include one-half league of land.......thence to the Trinity River, thence up said river to the beginning corner....." situated in the Northern Division of Liberty Co., Republic of Texas. The homestead was evidently near Drew's Landing in Polk Co., There was a place known as the "Mary Vickery Field" as late as the 1950's near the present-day subdivision of Holiday Lakes, east of Goodrich on the Trinity River, also Polk Co. deeds show an agreement between Wm. (cannot read) Goodrich & Mary Vickery over a disputed property line near Goodrich, Texas....."


========My Notes==================================

On the 1860 Mortality Schedule for Polk County, Texas there is a listing for 3 year old Arabella Vickery, b. Texas, d. June, 1870 after a 21 day illness. Cause of death - Flux..........I don't know whose child she was.


Children of Aaron Daniel  VICKERY and Susannah UNKNOWN are:
1. Elisha VICKERY, b. 1823, Mississippi; d. Bef. February 22, 1853, Polk County, Texas;
    m. Mrs. Elizabeth BRAKE, July 22, 1849, Polk County., Texas.

On 7 June, 1841 an Unconditional Certificate was issued to Elisha for a
Class 3, 320 acre Land Grant in Liberty (N. Dist.) County, Republic of Texas.
A Land Certificate is listed in his name in Cherokee Co., Texas.
( no date or other information.)
Oct. 29, 1849 Elisha registered his cattle brand in Polk Co., TX.......
It looked like an O with a / across it.

1850 - Polk Co., TX., HH # 256 ( next door to Mary & her family ) list,
Elisha Vickerry, 27, b. MS., with wife Elizabeth 37, b. S.C. and
William Brake, 7, b. TX. ( This child is Elizabeth's son by her 1st. marriage.)

2. John J. "J. J." VICKERY, b. 1825, Mississippi; d. Aft. March 04, 1844, Somewhere in Mexico in either the Mier Expedition or Mexican War..

Notes for John J. VICKERY:
On June 7, 1841 an Unconditional Class 3 Certificate was issued to John J. Vickery for a 320 acre Land Grant in Liberty ( N. Dist.) County, Republic of Texas.

There is also a Land Certificate listed in the name " J. J. Vickery " in Cherokee Co., Texas.
(no date or other information.)

On March 4, 1844 J. J. Vickery signed a deed for a land certificate from James Davis to Aaron Vickery, (640 Acres) J.J. Vickery (320 acres) , William Anderson (320 acres) , & Elisha Vickery (320 acres)....Liberty County, Republic of Texas.

In Probate # 88 dated 4-10-1851, Polk Co., Texas, his brother, Elisha Vickery, petitioned the Court for his estate stating:
"The State of Texas, Polk County. To the Judge of the Probate Court of Polk County;
    Your Petioner, Elisha Vickery, would represent to your honor that his brother, J. J. Vickery, obtained a head right certificate for three hundred and twenty acres of land as a citizen of Texas.....................Your Petioner would further represent that after he obtained said certificate, he went as a soldier of the United States Army to the foremost of Mexico during the pendency of the war between these two goverments, and there departed this life.
    Your Petioner would furthur represent that the said J.J. Vickery died without wife or child and during his last (cannot read), he wrote a letter to your Petioner in which he requested that he, your petioner, should have the interest in said certificate which said letter is here Executed & Marked A. ........Petioner would futher represent at that time ..their father, Aron Vickery was then alive and the legal heir of the said J.J. Vickery and (--?--) their father, the said Aron Vickery in consideration of the said J.J. Vickery, deceased, that your Petioner shall have the entire interest in the certificate.........Petioner would further represent that the said Aron Vickery has departed this life without transfering........said certificate to your Petioner..............Elisha Vickery"

My Notes:
I believe John J. Vickery died somewhere in Mexico during the Mexican War since he went as a soldier of the US Army, but have not been able to locate his name on the Roster for either the Mier Expedition (1843 ?) or the Mexican War. There were listings on both of these for "Name unknown or Name not remembered")

3. Mary VICKERY, was born 1828 in Mississippi.
She married John W. SANSOM Abt. 1845 in Tennessee.

Notes for Mary VICKERY:
Census: 1850 - Polk Co., Texas, HH # 246,

Children of Mary VICKERY and John SANSOM are:
1.) John SANSOM, b. Abt. 1846, Tennessee.
2.) Alphonso SANSOM, b. Abt. 1849, Texas.
3.) Eliza. SANSOM, b. Abt. 1852.
4.) Caroline SANSOM, b. Abt. 1855, Texas.
5.) Flournoy SANSOM, b. Abt. 1857, Texas.
6.) James SANSOM, b. Abt. 1859, Texas.

4. Aaron Washburn VICKERY, was born 1830 in Mississippi, and died 1921.
Buried: Weches Cem., Houston Co., Texas.
He married (1) Mary PRATT March 22, 1851 in Polk County, Texas.
He married (2) Sarah A. SHEPHERD November 24, 1852 in Newton County, Texas.

Notes for Aaron Washburn VICKERY:
A Land Certificate is listed in Smith Co., Texas for Aaron Vickery,
no date or other information.

1850 - Polk County, with his step - mother, Mary Vickery.
(Last is name spelled " Vickerry " on this census. )

1860 - Polk County, Texas...(pp. 4) ), 24/24, Pct. # 8,  P.O. Smithfield,
list: Aaron 30, b. MS, .....with wife, Sarah A. , 33, b. TN,
Shepard, Mary 15, b. TN, and  4 children all born TX..

1870 - Polk Co., Texas,....1528/1553.....p. 216, (pp. 194), 10 Sept., 1870 list:
Aaron Victery, 46, Farm Laborer, b. MS.....
Jane, 14, b. TX, Anna, 5, b. TX,....Shepherd, Mary E., 22, At Home, b. MS.,
and Washburn, Matthew, 17, At Home, b. TX..........
neither his wife, Sarah, nor son, John Aaron, who
would have been abt. 12 yrs. old is listed here.

on Page 151 there is a picture of the "Skinnertown School Group....
Miss Mary Shepherd, Teacher...."  (Is this the same Mary Shepherd?)
( Skinnertown became a town around 1870...)

Notes for Sarah A. SHEPHERD:
Sarah Shepherd was probably the Widow of John R. Shepherd  when she married Aaron Vickery, but she is not listed on the 1870 Census with him .....may have died before then.

Children of Aaron Washburn VICKERY and Sarah SHEPHERD are:
1.) Matthew W. VICKERY, b. Abt. 1852, Polk County, Texas.
2.) Sarah Jane VICKERY, b. Abt. 1856, Polk County, Texas.
3.) Jonathan "John" Aaron VICKERY, b. Abt. 1858, Polk County, Texas;
    d. Bef. September 10, 1870, Probably in Polk County, Texas.
4.) Anna VICKERY, b. Abt. 1865.

5. Melissa VICKERY, b. 1836, Mississippi; d. 1839, Mississippi.

Children of Aaron VICKERY and Mary UNKNOWN are:

6. Matthew T. VICKERY,  was born September 1834 in Mississippi, and
died June 02, 1910 in Buried: Whitehead Cemetery, Houston County, Texas.
He married (1) Martha Jane LONG March 15, 1853 in Tyler County, Texas.
He married (2) Mrs.  L. H. COLEMAN April 13, 1876 in San Jacinto Co. Tx..
He married (3) Sarah Matilda UNKNOWN August 31, 1877 in Leon County, Texas.

Notes for Matthew T. VICKERY:
"Enlisted October 19, 1862, Livingston, Texas, as a Private, Company F, 4th. Texas Cavalry, Reiley"s Regiment.  Residence - Swartout, Polk County, Texas.
Provided his own horse. Present for duty all of 1863.
February, 1864, March 1865 Sick in Polk Co. TX.
May, 1865, Company disbanded at Houston Texas.
June 02, 1865 - Surrendered by E. Kirby Smith at Galveston."

NA; TCP # 02107

On April 6, 1939, Ray Selman, Acting Service Officer, American Legion Post #134, Latexo, Texas verified Matthew's service to the Confederacy, at the request of Mathew's grandson, W. H. Vickery, Rt. 3, Crockett, Texas, in order to file a claim for a grave marker with the Federal Government.

1850 - Polk Co., Texas

1860 - Polk Co., Texas, 241/249, p. 38 (pp. 35), 25 July, 1860, Pct. # 5,
P.O. next door to his mother, Mary Vickery.

1870 - Polk Co., Texas, 1541/ 1566, p. 218 (pp. 196), 10 Sept., 1870
list; Matthew 34, Martha 40, Jane 19, Wesley 4, ( Last name is spelled
"Victery ". ) Also living in the household is; Keyes, Riley 17, Farm Laborer,....
listed under his name is Lucinda, 13, and Martha, 11, all
born in more information on them.

Notes for Sarah Matilda UNKNOWN:
After Matthew's death, she applied for a Widow's Confederate Pension.
( # 19038 )
Children of Matthew T. VICKERY and Martha Jane LONG are:
1.) Deliah Jane VICKERY, b. Abt. 1853, Louisianna.
2.) Wesley VICKERY, b. 1861, Texas.

7. Hardin VICKERY,  was born January 1839 in Mississippi, and
died December 15, 1916 in San Jacinto Co., Texas; Buried: Shepherd Cemetery.
He married (1) Martha SHEPHERD May 20, 1870 in Polk Co. Texas,
daughter of John and Sarah SHEPHERD.
He married (2) Margaret Fairbie KINNEY December 22, 1875 in San Jacinto Co. Texas,
daughter of John  KINNEY and Mary FINKLEA.

Notes for Hardin VICKERY:
"Enlisted May 02, 1862, Polk Co. TX. as a private, Co. E,
20th Texas Infantry, Elmore's Regiment. Residence - Swartout - Polk County Texas.
September 21, 1863, granted sick leave. March 03, 1864, on detached service with the Quartermaster Dept., Galveston, Texas as a teamster.
Served In this capacity until March, 1865.
May, 1865, Company disbanded at Houston, Texas.
June 02, 1865, Surrendered by E. Kirby Smith.
NA; TCP: #112651; ITC Rec. TWP # 34091"

1850 - Polk Co., Texas
1860 - Polk Co., Texas

1870 - Polk Co., Texas 190/190, p. 31 (pp. 28 ), 29 June 1870.....
Hardin first appears as Head of Household living with wife, Wilmot, 21, b. TX,
( m. May )....his mother, Mary, & sister, Sarah J. are also living with him.
His name on this census is listed as " Victory, Harding ".

1900 - San Jacinto Co., Texas - Page 31, E.D. 79, HH # 170......listed as b/Texas here.

1910 - San Jacinto Co., Texas Page 23, E.D. 101, HH# 81/157.

Notes for Martha  SHEPHERD:
1850 - Polk Co., Texas Census # 290 list :
John R. Shepherd, 37, b. GA.
Sarah, 22, b. TN.; Martha, 4, b. MS.
Wilmeth, 2, b. TX....but list gender as Male....(--?--)
1860 - ( ? )
1870 - Polk Co. TX, Census - her name is listed as " Wilmot ", 21, b. TX.
(m. May).....

Notes for Margaret Fairbie KINNEY:
She received Confederate Widow's Pension from the State of Texas, # 34091.
1910 Census she states 9 children, 6 living.

Child of Hardin VICKERY and Martha  SHEPHERD is:
1.) William A. "Will"  VICKERY, b. June 1871;
d. 1949, Buried: Shepherd Cemetery;
m. (1) Hattie Lee ISSACKS; m. (2) Minnie E. SHAMBERGER.

Children of Hardin VICKERY and Margaret Fairbie KINNEY are:
2.) Mary Lucinda "Mollie", b. October 16, 1876, Shepherd, San Jacinto County, Texas;
d. May 07, 1966, San Jacinto Co. Texas Buried: Shepherd Cem., Shepherd, Texas;
m. Monroe TAYLOR, May 28, 1902, San Jacinto Co. Texas.
3.) Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" VICKERY, b. September 07, 1881, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co., Texas;  d. January 13, 1928, Highlands, Harris County, Texas Buried: Shepherd Cemetery;
m. William Benjamin NORRIS, November 23, 1898, San Jacinto Co. Texas.
4.) James W. "Jim" VICKERY, b. March 06, 1885, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co., Texas;
d. August 30, 1979;
m. Mertie "Mintie" Irene WHITMIRE, January 10, 1904, San Jacinto Co. Texas.
5.) Margaret Ellen VICKERY, b. September 26, 1887, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co., Texas;
d. May 23, 1972, Cleveland, Liberty Co., Texas Buried: Shepherd Cemetery.
6.) Agnes F. VICKERY, b. April 16, 1890, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co., Texas;
d. 1967, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co., Texas;
m. James Virgil  THOMAS, February 13, 1910, San Jacinto Co. Texas.
7.) Henry E. VICKERY, b. April 1892, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co., Texas;
d. Abt. 1909, San Jacinto County, Texas.
8.) Bruce E. VICKERY, b. August 1895, Probably in Shepherd, Texas;
d. July 1913, San Jacinto County, Texas.

8. J. Vance VICKERY,  was born June 16, 1843 in Republic of Texas, and
died May 03, 1909 in San Jacinto Co., Tx. Buried: Shepherd City Cemetery.
He married (1) Mrs. C.V, EARLE  December 09, 1869 in Tyler County, Texas.
He married (2) Udora  ERWIN April 02, 1881 in Newton County, Texas.

Notes for J. Vance  VICKERY:
CSA Records indicate Vance served with Co. E., 20th. Texas Inf. 1862-1865. He returned home 7-10-1865 after being hospitalized with a broken shoulder. As a disabled Confederate Veteran, received a donation land grant from the state of Texas in Bexar County on January 20, 1882.

Records describe him as 5ft. 10 ins. tall, hazel eyes, fair complexion.

There is a Land Certificate listed in his name in Edwards County, Texas, but I have no other information on it.

On October 5, 1909, in Liberty County, Texas, Vance filed an application for a Pension for his Confederate Service (listed above). In this application he states that he enlisted in February, 1861 and got home the 10 th. of July, 1865. He gives his age as 65 on June 16, 1909 and says he has lived at his present address , P.O. Rayburn, Texas for 5 years. He states he is suffering from Heart trouble, Old age, and Rumatism and at this time he owns 6 head of cattle worth about $ 40 and 1 Horse and Wagon worth about $ 70.00.

His brother, Hardin Vickery, ( Whose name was written as Hardin Vickerry )
as a Witness confirmed Vance's service in the Confederacy.

On some deed records in Liberty Co., TX. he is referred to as " Dr. Vance Vickery ",
but this was obivously an assumed title as he had little formal training. He was probably
what in those days was known as an " Herb Doctor ".
He is still remembered in San Jancito Co., Texas as" Dr. Vickery ".

1850 - Polk Co., with his mother, Mary Vickery.

1860 - Polk Co., TX,.... P. O. Swartout.....with his mother.

1870 - Tyler Co., TX., Pct. (Blank), Page 14, June 20, 1870, HH # 93/93, P.O. he is listed as a " physican ". His place of birth is listed as Miss. (Error) and his wife, C.V.'s, children are living with them.

Cause of Death: Accidental Poisoning by taking Stryctinine
Medical Information: Certificate signed by W.H. Beasley, M.D., 3 May, 1909

Notes for Mrs. C.V, EARLE:
Her maiden name is unknown. She first married Elias Earle and had 4 children.
Only 3 records of her name have so far been discovered;

1) In 1863 when she joined her 1st. husband in signing a deed to sell some land
in Tyler Co., Texas. She signed her name " Mrs. C. V. Earle".

2) On her marriage license to Vance her name is written " C. V. Earle".

3) On the 1870 Tyler Co., TX Census her name is listed as " C. Vickery ".
Her children by her 1st. marriage are also listed here, but by initials & gender only.
They are: (1) B, 13, M., Born TX. (2) E., 12, F., Born TX.,
(3) F., 9, F, Born TX. & (4) B. 7, M., Born TX.

Family tradition says C.V. Vickery died soon after the birth of Claude
and that he was the only child of her marriage to Vance.

Notes for Udora  ERWIN:
In December, 1930, San Jacinto, Texas, a Widow's Application for a Confederate Pension was filed for Udora Vickery, based on the service of her husband, Vance Vickery (deceased). In her application, Udora states that she was born December 20, 1862 in Jasper County, Texas and that she and Vance were married on April 2, 1880 in Newton County, Texas.

She also gives her husband's date of death as 1909 and that she had lived at the same address in Shepherd, Texas for about 14 years.

Child of J. Vance VICKERY and Mrs. C. V. Earle is:
1.) Claude Ruben  VICKERY,  was born March 19, 1871 in San Jacinto Co. Tx.,
and died December 17, 1934 in Shepherd, San Jacinto Co. Tx. Buried: Shepherd City Cem.
He married Susie RIFFE July 20, 1904 in Liberty Co. TX.,
daughter of David  RIFFE and Susie CUMMINGS.

Notes for Susie RIFFE:

The following " Vickery Family Record " was copied by Doris Pace on April 12, 1979.
This is transcribed from a copy she gave to me.

=====Doris's Notes===================================

This VICKERY FAMILY RECORD is written on the inside of the front cover of an old picture album which belonged to Mrs. J. T. Lee (nee Susan Cummings) and was the mother of Susie Riffe Vickery. It is in the possession, as of  4 - 12 - 79, of Mrs. Essie Mae Vickery Stone, Moscow, Texas. Mrs. Stone is the daughter of Susie Riffe and Claud R. Vickery, born January 28, 1918 and the twin sister to Hester Vickery, born the same date.


Johney Vickery was borned
May 21, 1905 in Sanjacinto County Tex
dide in Santo. county on November 15, 19010

Etter Vickery was borned in Liberty Co. Janary 4, 1908

Maggie May was borned in (cannot read) Febuary 28, 19012

Little Ruben Willard Vickery
was Borned in Sanjacinto Co. Tex.
Aug. 1, 1915

Essie Vickery and Hester Vickery
January 29, 1918

Menty Loreen Vickery was borned Febuary 3, 19021


Suse Riffe and Claud Vickery was married
in Liberty co. Tex July 20, 1904

C.R. Vickery was Born in
Sang acenur Co. Tex March 19, 1871

Vance Vickery borned 1843
Liberty Co. Tex June 16

Sylvia Sue Basham born (Private)

========Doris's Notes====================================

This record is a companion to the attached page
(which has much of the same information)
but which was written on the inside of the front cover of said picture album.


Sussie and Claud was married in
Liberty Texas July 20, 1904
Johney Victery was born May 21 1905
Etter Vickery was born January 4 1908
Maggie May was borned Febuary 28, 1912
Little Ruben Willard was born August 1. 1915
Larry Munson born Sept 28. 1940
Essie Mae and Hester was January 28, 1918
Lorene was born Febuary 3, 1921
Myrte Lee was born (Private)
Doris Marie was born (Private)
Joheny died November 15. 1910
Vance Vickery born June 16. 1843

=======(something marked out here)====================

J. T. Lee died January 27. 1908 age 71 (or 91 ?)
Sylvia Sue Basham born (Private)
Elmer Clifton Buntine born (Private) (?) (hard to read)
Bearl Buntiene born (Private)
Joe Junnur Teague was born (Private)
Dorothy Marie Basham  (Private)
Little Baby Girl Teague born March 1929
Claud Vickery died December 17. 1934
age 63

( End of Family Records )


Children of Claude VICKERY and Susie RIFFE are:
  I.  Johnny  VICKERY, b. May 21, 1905, San Jacinto Co. Tx.; d. November 15, 1910.
 II.  Etta VICKERY was born May 04, 1908 in Liberty Co. TX., and
        died October 02, 1974 in Buried: Restland Memorial Cemetery.
        She married (1) Leslie BUNTING. She married (2) Joe TEAGUE.
III. Maggie Mae VICKERY, was born February 28, 1912 in San Jacinto Co. Tx., and
        died October 07, 1976 in Buried: Restland Memorial Cemetery.
        She married Henry Fredrick "Fred" STANDARD July 29, 1928 in San Jacinto Co. Texas.
IV. Ruben Willard  VICKERY, was born August 01, 1915, San Jacinto Co. Tx.;
        He married Dorothy UNKNOWN
 V. Essie Mae VICKERY, b. January 29, 1918, Shepherd, San Jacinto, Tx.;
        died January 29, 1992, Lufkin , Angelina Co. Tx. Bur. Union Springs Cem.;
        She married Joe STONE.
VI. Hester Jack VICKERY,  was born January 29, 1918, and died February 15, 1972.
        He married Lillian LOWING June 11, 1945 in Cambridge, England.
VII. Mary Lorene VICKERY, was born February 03, 1921 in Knight, Polk Co. TX.
        She married (1) Edward Lee MUNSON December 28, 1939 in Knight, Polk Co. TX.,
        son of Oscar Lee MUNSON and Pearl Clista SUTTON.
        She married (2) John JONES October 30, 1970 in Livingston, Polk Co. Texas.

        Children of Mary Lorene VICKERY and Edward Lee MUNSON are:
        {1} Larry Edwin  MUNSON, b. September 28, 1940, Polk Co. Tx;
              d. July 17, 1972, Cleveland, Liberty Co. Tx. Buried; Blue Water Cem.;
        {2} Kenneth Gene MUNSON, b. July 15, 1942, Polk Co. Tx.;
              d. August 24, 1996, Houston, Harris Co. TX.; Buried: Blue Water Cem.;
        {3} Lloyd Daniel "Danny" MUNSON, b. February 12, 1945, Livingston, Polk Co, Texas;
              married Joyce McNIEL, July 05, 1963, Schwab City, Polk County, Texas.
        {4} Daughter MUNSON, (Private)

VIII. Myrtle Lee VICKERY,  (Private)

Children of J. Vance VICKERY and Udora ERWIN are:
2) Jane VICKERY.
    Notes for Jane VICKERY:
    {Could she be the Sarah J. Vickery who married John P. Mann
    in Newton Co., Texas ????}
3) Jonathan VICKERY, b. January 1884.
4) Aaron Dennis VICKERY was born January 04, 1889 in Liberty County, Texas;
    died August 23, 1954 in Buried: Big Sandy Cemetery - Polk County, Texas.
    He married (1) Nora Isabella LINDSEY,
    daughter of James LINDSEY and Nancy LILLEY.
    He married (2) Ola PUCKET.
5) Mary Alpha "Alphie" VICKERY, b. June 11, 1890, Texas;
    d. January 12, 1967, San Jacinto Co. Tx.;
     m. James A. CALDWELL.
6) Arline  VICKERY, b. June 1893.
7) Alexander "Alex" VICKERY, b. July 05, 1898, Texas;
    d. 1981, San Jacinto Co. Tx.; m. Lois HERROD.

9. Lucinda "Letty" VICKERY, b. 1845, Texas; d. Bef. 1870 (?)
 m. H. WILLIAMS, May 06, 1861, Polk Co. Tx.
{No futher information on her}

10. Sarah Jane VICKERY, was born August 1847 in Probably, Polk Co., Texas, and
died 1905 in Hightower, Texas.
She married E. R. POWELL April 11, 1877 in San Jacinto Co. Texas.

Notes for Sarah Jane VICKERY:
Sarah Jane Vickery Powell, wife of E.R. Powell is on the 1880 Liberty Co., Texas Census,
Mary Vickery, her mother is living with them.

On the 1860 Polk Co., TX Census her name is listed as " Sarah Ann ".

Notes for E. R. POWELL:
All the children listed for him & Sarah Vickery were born before their marriage. They are:
(1) James b. 1853, (2) Willie, b. 1858, (3) Almadia, b. 1862, (4) Lettie, b. 1868.
He must have been married before.

Child of Sarah VICKERY and E. R. POWELL is:
1.) Lettie M. POWELL, b. February 1878, Texas;
m. George C. CARTER, Abt. 1893.

******************************************* This family is mentioned in, "HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY, Steamboat Era on the Trinity River in Polk and San Jacinto Counties. A brief history of various activities of pioneers fron 1835 - 1910." Prinited in Livingston, Texas by Keen Printing Company, paid for by Miss Emma Haynes, 1968:


Two families of Vickery (Vickerry) moved from Miss. where the older men were born and settled in Polk Co., Tex. in the early 1840's.................The Vickery family farmed. Elisha's wife died in 1848 and two years later he married Mrs. Elizabeth Brake, a widow with one child, William, born in Polk Co. in 1843. She was born in S. Car. Elisha helped to survey roads in 1846 - 47. Aaron Vickery was born in Miss. in 1830. Elisha died in 1853.......

Mary Vickery was probably wife of Aaron, an older Aaron who died early in 1850. She was born in Tenn. and sons, Matthew and Hardin in Miss.

J. J. Vickery died in 1853.

Hardin Vickery married S. J. Powell in 1877. He served the Confederacy in Co. E. 20th. Texas Infantry.

Elizabeth Vickery married R. B. White in 1849.

L. Vickery married H. Williams in 1861.

Kizzia Vickery married Henry Augustine of Menard Chapel in 1869.

Aaron Vickery, born in 1830, served the Confederacy in Co. E., 20th. Texas Infantry awhile, but he retired before the war closed. Vance Vickery started in this company, but was transferred.

On an 1858 school census of Polk Co. are Mary E., Martha W., Mathew W., and Susan V. Vickery....................( Page 131 )."

On page 52:
( I am not sure how the family mentioned below fits in. )


Nathaniel Bailey built a store a warehouse and a two - storied hotel.................................

( Page 53 )..........1850 census of Polk County shows that Nathanial Bailey was born in New Hampshire, Mrs. Bailey in New York State and Alphonso Bailey in Tenn.

Alphonso Bailey, the son of Nathanial and Sarah Bailey, married Ellen Vickery of Swartout in November, 1853 and died before June, 1857 without having made a will. He had a house, household furniture, and eight lots in Swartout. S. B. Tackaberry of Swartout applied to be administrator of Bailey's property and was appointed by the Court in 1858, after making a $6,000 bond. John F. Eckford of San Jacinto ( A Methodist minister ), Harper Copeland and John Vickery, father of Ellen, were appointed commisioners to appraise the property. The widow and children were allowed to keep one house and eight lots in Swartout and $300. In 1859 the widow of Bailey married Tackaberry. A son of Ellen and Bailey died at the age of 12 and was buried by his grandparents and father near Swartout.
( See Vickery ).

( Inf. Vol. D. of Probate minutes of Polk Co. )........................."


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Other Sources of Information:
From Gen. #1, John Vickery, to Gen. #4, Sampson Vickery; Title: John VICKERY of VA. Genealogy......Our Vickery Family tree.....< >
Notes for Mary J. Unknown:
Her last name may have been Russell, but I have no proof whatsoever. I got this information on the internet at: Title: John VICKERY of VA. Genealogy.......Our Vickery Family Tree.......
< vickery/johns.htm >.

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