Polk County Texas
Transcribed Courthouse Records


Document / Surnames
Submitted By:
  Matthew Cartwright to Nicholas M.Calliham 
 Calliham & Cartwright
 Deed 1847  Mary Harper
 Patsy Hardin to Children & Grandchildren
 Clements, Hardin, Hooker, Tracy, & Wells 
 Deed 1848  Gerry Rollins 
 Rebecca Manning to M.D. Manning et al
 Clifford, Manning, & Turner
 Deed 1890  Mary Harper
 M. D. Manning to A. B.Watts
 Clifford, Manning, Turner, Watts
 Deed 1890  Mary Harper
 James Fowler to W. B. Munson
 Fowler & Munson
 Deed 1895  Beverly Munson Evins
 Goodrich Estate to W. B. Munson 
 Goodrich, Montgomery, Munson
 Deed 1898  Beverly Munson Evins
 Elizabeth Larimore to W. B. Munson 
 Larimore & Munson
 Deed 1905  Beverly Munson Evins
Wills & Probate:
Submitted By:
 Butler, Childress, Irons, Johnson  Will of William Butler   1847  Maryanne Butler Walsh
 Calliham, Hardin, Manning  Succession of Nicholas Calliham  1848  Mary Harper
 Anderson, Sansom, Vickery  Probate of Aaron Vickery  1851  Joyce McNiel Munson
 Manning  Probate of Drury Manning  1850  Mary Harper 
 Sansom, Vickery  Probate-J.J. Vickery  1851  Joyce McNiel Munson
 Vickery  Guardianship of Minor Heirs 
 of Aaron Vickery
 1851  Joyce McNiel Munson
 Brake, Vickery  Succession of Joseph Brake  1853  Joyce McNiel Munson
 Brake, McCardell, Vickery  Succession of Joseph Brake  1853  Joyce McNiel Munson
 Sansom  Will of William P. Sansom  1858  Joyce McNiel Munson
 Clemmons, Hardin, Hooker   Martha Hardin Will  1863  Patsy Quick
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