Partial History of Smithfield School
Submitted by: R.E. Miller, III Arlington, TX

August 30, 1878 - Order Establishing School Communities on petition by Alfred Brooks,
    William Bunch and Geo. Taylor, Smithfield School Community No. 12 was established
    and $61.12 was credited on the County Treasurer books.  Trustees: John F. Carr,
    W.H. Beazley, Henry Williams.

August 1, 1880 - a similar petition filed by Beasley, R.B.Jones and C.A. Rose.
    Smithfield School No. 32 was established.  Trustees: the same as those filing the petition.

School year 1922-23 - 38 students; Miss Thelma Grimes, teacher.
    Trustees: A.H. Emanuel, H.C. Walters, F.P. Chambliss.

School year 1924-25 - 64 students in 9 grades:  Mrs. R.E. Miller (nee Thelma Grimes)
    and Louis Parrish, teachers.  Trustees: A.H. Emanuel, T. A. Duke, E. I. Duke.

Mrs. Miller also taught in 1928-29 (56 students, 2 teachers) and 1930-31.

Beginning in 1931, Mr. R.E. Miller served on the Board of Trustees until consolidation
    of the school with the LISD in the 1935-36 school year.

During 1934-35: a record 108 students attended the 8 grades in Smithfield.  The three-room
    school house was located on a 1.5 acre tract of land deeded by the West Lumber Co.
    as recorded in the Polk County deed records dated December 10, 1925.

(Source: Roy E. Munson, Postmaster of Ace, Texas on January 8, 1979)

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