Thursday, November 9, 1933
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Two Are Injured In Highway Accident 

   "Miss Ida V. Thomason was seriously injured and Mrs. Ernest Cochran was badly bruised in an accident which occurred on a highway near Palestine last Friday night when their car collided with a truck.
   "They were on their way to Waco, the car being driven by Ernest E. Cochran.  The truck was just ahead of them when the drived suddenly started making a left turn with having given any warning.
   "As quickly as he could Mr. Cochran turned his car in the same direction in order to avoid a collision.  The road was slippery, however, and the car turned almost completely around, the rear end striking the truck.  This had the effect of springing the frame of the automobile which allowed the door to open, the two women falling out on the pavement.
    "They were taken to the hopital in Palestine, where it was found that Mrs. Cochran was not seriously hurt.  Miss Thomason, however, suffered a fracture of the pelvic bone and it was necessary to place her in a plaster cast.  She will remain in the hospital for three weeks before being brought home. 
   "On receipt of news of the accident, Mrs. Thomason, her two sons, H.A. and Radney, left for Palestine."

Rev. H. J. Hayes to Have Pastorate at Trinity

   "Rev. H. J. Hayes, pastor of the Methodist Church here for the past two years, has been assigned to the church at Trinity.  Rev. C.E. Peeples will be the new pastor for Livingston.  He come from Weirgate.
   "Miss Bessie Hayes, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Hayes will remain here to teach her classes in violin and expression."

Leg Is Injured

   "W. R. Still is improving after having been laid up several days with an injured leg.  He was hurt when he struck his leg against the oven door in the Crystal Cafe about a week ago."

Employee of Bakery Is Badly Hurt in Wreck

   "Charlie Cummings, driver for the Livingston Bakery, was painfully though not critically injured when the car he was driving overturned on the highway south of Goodrich Monday afternoon.  He will be confined to his bed for probably a month.  The car was 'badly damaged'."

Sam Nichols Appointed Acting Postmaster

   "Effective last Thursday, Sam H. Nichols, money order clerk at the Livingston post office, became acting postmaster, relieving A.W. Orr, who had served as postmaster for the past eight years.  It is understood that examinations will be held later for a permanent postmaster but the date has not yet been announced."

Auto Registrations

   New automobiles registered for the week ending Nov. 3:
   B.C. Lively, Livingston, Chevrolet coach.
   R.H. Jones, Livngston, Chevrolet sedan.
   W.D. Saxon, Corrigan, Chevrolet coach.

Baby Girl Is Born

  "Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Butler announce the birth of a baby girl who arrived Wednesday morning and tipped the scales at six and a half pounds."

County Agent Attends Meet at A & M College

  " W.S. Childerss, county agent, is spending this week at College State.  He is attending a meeting of the farm agents of Texas.
   "It is announced by Miss Rowena Hinson, his secretary, that his office will be closed all day Saturday and Friday afternoon but will reopen Friday morning."

Mrs. W.S. Close Reported As Somewhat Improved

   "Mrs. W. S. Close, who has been suffering greatly with heart trouble for the past three weeks, was reported Tuesday to be considerably improved and she is able to sit up a short while every day.
   "Her mother, Mrs. W.T. Epperson, who was also sick, is now better."

Attends Convention

   "Rev. A.E. Riemann is in Fort Worth attending the Baptist Convention, Mrs. Riemann and the baby are in Galveston,  visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Weems.  The baby, who has been quite sick, is reported to be better now."


  "Mr. & Mrs. Dudley of Camden spent several days with Mr. & Mrs. James King, the first of the week.
   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bigby of Houson were week-end guest of their uncle and aunt, Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Bigby.
   Mesdames J. T. Nelson and Pete Collins and baby of Camden were guests of Mrs. W.L. McKnight, Sunday afternoon.
   Mr. & Mrs. Sim Driggers and Mr. & Mrs. Jas. B. King visited in the homes of Mr. & Mrs. S. Driggers and Mr. & Mrs. Tom Driggers of Drew's Landing Sunday. 
   Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Dudley of Moscow spent Saturday in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. B. King.
   Mrs. W.L. McKnight and baby Mack Gene spent Tuesday in Onalaska visiting with relatives."


  "Miss La Verne Carlisle entertained her friends last Tuesday night with a Halloween party.  Many interesting and mysterious games were played.
   Mrs. Lera Craig pent the weekend in Goodrich with homefolks.
   The young people assembled Wednesday night at the church and held prayer meeting.  None of the older people were present.  Miss Myrtice Henderson led, first reading Psalm 116.
   The children of Mrs. Lera Craig's room presented a program Friday afternoon at the schoolhouse.
   Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Wright and family of Goodrich have been visiting Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Wright this week.
  Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Wright are recovering from an attack of malaria.
   Mr. & Mrs. Will Nelson and family of the Cochran farm have moved to Schwab City. 
   Miss La Verne Carlisle was a business visitor in Livingston Saturday.
   Miss Selma Henderson entertained her friends Saturday night with a birthday party.  All had a wonderful time.
   Jody Tidwell spend Saturday night in Schwab City with his friends, Jimbo and Jack Nelson.
   Morris Byant has returned from a three weeks visit to Port City.
   Bowen Loftin of Goodrich spen Sunday with the A.F. Carlisle family. 
   Misses Lessie and Willie Maye Stephens have been visiting relatives at the river bridge the past week.
   We have reorganized our sunday school and BYPU."

Rock Island

  "T.E. Wilson and family spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Platt in Barnum.
  Lew Frisby spent the week- end with Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Thomas, who live near Moscow.
  W.H. Vinson and family of Chester also Mrs. E.A. Manry of Rock Island spent Sunday on Trinity River.
   Mr. & Mrs. U.G. Barclay and little daughter Aileen spent Sunday in the F.M. Manry home.
   Berlon Manry of Benton Springs spent the week-end with homefolks.
   Miss Knox of Corrigan was a visitor in the T.F. Fuller home over the week-end.
  Mrs. J.B. Manry and little son J.B. Jr. are visitors in the J.B. Platt home at Barnum.
   Miss Bessie May Thomas is sick this week.
   Floyd White, who has been ill, is able to be up again.
   J.H. Wilson and family spent last week at Earl Wallace's of Benton Springs.
    O.L. Mullican was a business visitor at Livingston Saturday."

Big Sandy

   "Freddie Overstreet made a business trip to Beaumont last Friday.
   Maney Gieger returned to Goose Creek last Sunder after an extensive visit here with relatives.
    Lonnie Overstreet of Goose Creek was a guest in the home of Mr. & Mrs. S.H. Overstreet last week.
   Miss Jennie Mae Knight, who is teaching at Camden, was a guest in the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. Knight this past week-end. 
   Bud Cain and Mr. Hughes of Houston spent Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Meaderis.
   Mrs. John Crutchfield entertained the young folks with a dance Wednesday night.
   The BYPU of Big Sandy met at the church Sunday night, Nov. 5 at 7o'clock.  The program, "Victory Workers of South America" was led by Ruth Lambright.
   There are no games scheduled to be played at Big Sandy this week.
   Lola Hitt is staying in Livingston this week."



    "Mrs. W.W. Tynes of Grigsby has returned home after a few days' visit with her son and family, Mr. & Mrs. O.L. Tynes and baby of this place.
   Mrs. Bill Barfield and children who have been visiting in the R.L. Perkins home for several days, have gone to Leggett for a few days' visit with relatives at that place.
   Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Blair, Mr. & Mrs. Bernice Smith accompanied by Misses Ivey and Bee Smith and brother Leroy left Friday for Beaumont, where they will visit relatives and attend the fair at that place.
   Mrs. & Mrs. Claude Perkins and children accompanied by Mrs. Eston Perkins visited relatives at Burke, Sunday.
   Mr. & Mrs. M.B. Wheeler spen the day in the hime of Mr. & Mrs. I.D. Teer, Sunday.
   Mrs. S.A. Standley of Bering visited in the H.S. Standley home of this place during the last two weeks.
   Mr. & Mrs. Orven Smith and baby Junior were business visitors in Livingston Saturday.
   Dwight Sisk of Trevat was a visitor in this community one day this week.
  J.R. Frazee was a Livingston visitor Saturday.
   Gale Broom of Woodville was a visitor in this community Sunday."

Schwab City
   "The Schwab City independ- ent girls' team "The Roustabouts" defeated the "Bear Cats" from Ace, Sunday.  The score was 22 to 6.  The lineup was as follows:  Esther Henley, Buck McDaniel, Gladys Murphy, Opal Taylor, Earnie and Edna Munson.  This was the girls' first game.
    Sherman Laird, principal of the school, is ill.
   Mrs. Oscar Munson and Mrs. Lillian Wallace visited their brother at the General Hospital in Beaumont, Sunday.
   Miss Lucille Wallace, Miss Berylie Lewis, and Lonzo Spells and Estel Foster of Devers visited here Saturday night.
   Mr. & Mrs. Laird and daughter Miss Inez, of Hortense, were visitors here Sunday.
   Mr. & Mrs. Ed Munson of Liberty were visitors here Saturday."

   Mrs. Bell Turner and daughter, Mrs. Vera Mann, and son, Brooks, of Athens are visiting relatives this week.
   Jack King, who is working in Camp Ruby, spent the week- end in this community.
   J.C. Dickens and J.B. Swinney made a business trip to Woodville Saturday afternoon.
   E.V. Wilson and Bud Bean of Livingston were in this community one day last week.
   J.L. Tolar of Chester spent last week with J.C. Dickens.
   Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Mae Warren entertained the young folks Saturday night with a party."

   "Basketball games engaged in by the Soda team  with the past 10 days resulted as follows:
  Boys' team vs. Blue Water, at Big Sandy, 11 to 3 in favor of Soda.
   Girls' team vs. Camp Ruby, at Camp Ruby, 36 to 7 in favor of Camp Ruby.
   Girls' team vs. Goodrich, at Goodrich, 12 to 12, tie to be played off Friday, Nov. 10.
   D.L. Ballard was a business visitor to Livingston last Tuesday.
   Chisholm Pace of Texas City visited his parents this weekend. 
   George Wilson and family of James spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. A.M. Callahan.
   Mrs. A.F. Willson of James is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A.M. Callahan.
   Miss Pauline Locke, Jewel Hazel, and Margaret Penson of Hightower visited in this community Monday.
   W.M. Callahan and Ed Barnett of Tempson spent Sunday with the A.M. Callahan family."

   Little Miss Emmogene Matthews, who has made her home with her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Handley for the past two years, spent the week-end in Livingston with her mother, Mrs. C.H. Matthews.
   Ruth, Mary Ethel, and J.D. Handley of Livingston spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Handley.
   Floyd Martin and family of Barnes spent Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. A.H. Parrish.
   Dedie Rice of Barnes spent the week-end with Ada V. Handley.
   Jessie Mae Handley, who has been attending a business college in Houston for the past year, has returned home for a few days.
   Douglas Handley spent Sunday night in Providence.
   Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Handley and baby of Providence spent Sunday with Dr. & Mrs. F.B. Handley.
   W.B. Beaty of Caney Creek was in this community Saturday.  
   Everyone is very glad to hear that Mae David is improving very fast and hopes she will soon be well again.
   The Hortense Rattlers motored to Moscow Friday to play basketball.  They won with a score of 24 to 4."

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