Explanation of Texas Soldier Medallions on Headstones

The SRT, Sons of the Republic of Texas,  has one medallion with their name on it, which
signifiesthat the person buried  lived in Texas during the Republic period (1836-1845).
Documented proof  ( a record of the period) must be submitted with the application to
purchase one to be placed on the gravestone.

The DRT, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, has three different medallions they use.
A similar procedure  with application, proof, etc. is needed to purchase one plus a
recommendation from a DRT member is required.  Their medallions are:
         1. Defender of  the Republic of  Texas  (military service rendered to the Republic of
Texas between April 23, 1836-February 19, 1846) (Of course this is for military men only)
         2. Citizens of the Republic of  Texas (proof of date of arrival in Texas before
February 19,1846) This medallion can be for  a man, woman, or child for their gravestone.
         3. Veterans of the Texas Revolution (military men who served from 1835 thru April 22, 1836).