Colonel Cannon H. Pritchard, USAF, Ret.

    Polk County citizens have responded to the Call to defend our Nation in wartime from the
Mexican War 1846-48 to the Vietnam War 1968-72. Some of our brave citizens answered
the Call and did not return and paid the supreme sacrifice by giving their Lives in the Defense
of our Country. Some were killed in action, missing in action, and died of  injuries or diseases
during the period of  the war years. We have no knowledge of any casualities from the
Mexican War. All known citizens returned home.

    The following list are those citizens from the Spanish American War through the Vietnam War
who gave their Lives. The information given on these individuals has been gleaned from the
newspapers of the Polk County Enterprise and the Corrigan Press published during or shortly
after the war years, archive files from the Polk County Memorial Museum, relatives and friends
of  the deceased.  Most of  the local research was conducted by Ms Wanda Bobinger, Curator,
Polk County Memorial Museum. The biggest obstacle in research was that the U. S. Military
Record Center at St. Louis was partially burned in 1973 and the majority of  the military service
records of  WWI and WWII were destroyed. There is no complete official list available from the
War Department/Department of  Defense.

    This list is a work in progress and is not considered complete. We welcome any corrections or
additions that you may have. It is our hope and desire that the names on this list will one day be put
on a permanent monument on the grounds of  the Polk County Courthouse.

    We have lost the person, but do not want to lose the memories. They are gone, but not forgotten.
We continue to enjoy our Freedom because of  their sacrifice.


Canon,  Edward F., Jr.,  USA


Biggers,  Ernest,  USA
Clark,  Aubyn E.,  USA
Green,  James Lee,  USA
Griffin,  Edmond J.,  USA
Hale,  Roth,  USA
Hickman, Walter William,  USA
Hodge,  Esco,  USA
Jones,  Jack,  USA
Knox,  Henry Grady,  USA
Leggett,  Junius Taylor,  USA
Locke,   Sim,  USA
Lucas,  Wiley L.,  USA
Manfouz,  Mack,  USA
Meece,  Clyde John,  USA
Miller,  Aron,  USA
Odom,  John P.,  USA
Price,  Bryant W.,  USA
Ross,  Lawrence Sullivan,  USA
Runnels,  Charles, B.,  USA
Samer,  John B.,  USA
Self,  Elija B.,  USA
Sellars,  Burl,  USA
Stokes,  M. Fred,  USA
Waldrop,  Oda,  USA
Warren,  Jack Morgan,  USA
Watts,  Claud Thomas,  USA
Watts,  Van Buller,  USA


Abercrombie,  Samuel Adolphus,  USN
  (died on USS Arizona, Dec. 7, 1941)
Adams,  O. B.,  USA
Amerine,  Jame Carroll,  USA
Arnold,  Barney F.  USA
Bailey,  John B.,  USA
Baker,  Marvin Lee,  USA
Ballard,  Lee,  USA
Banks,  Roy,  USA
Barringer,  John L.,  USMC
Battise,  Albert D.,  USA
Battise,  Howard B.,  USA
Bergman,   Charles D.,  USAAF
Brock,  Ray L., Jr.,  USA
Broker,  Walter,  USA
Brown,  Arlie,  USN
Brown,  Billie,  USMC
Brown,  Buster L.,  USA
Buller,  Howard,  USA
Butler,  James Edward,
Cain,  Arthur H.,  USN
Cain,  Jeff,  USA
Carlisle,  Willis C., Jr.,  USA
Carney,  Wendell D.,  USA
Catchings,  Oliver A.,  USA
Coker,  Rayburn,
Copeland,  D. J. , USAAF
Currie,  Wallace Pat,  USAAF
Davis,  Fernie Lewis,  USA
Davis,  James A.,  USA
Davis,  Otto S.,
Edens,  Ernest A.,  USA
Evans,  William R.,  USA
Fox,  Alfred H.,  USA
Frolick,  Edwin J.,  USA
Galloway,  Harvey Paul,  USA
Heuszel,  Lewis G.,  USN
Holleman,  Edgar Allen,
Howard,  James Kale,  USN
Howard,  Jesse Clifton,  USA
Hutchinson,  William R.,  USA
Jones,  Carl W.,  USA
Jones,  Richard B.,  USA
Jordan,  Sam Lee,  USMC
Laird,  Truman R.,  USA
Lambert,  Chester L.,  USA
Lilley,  S. B.,  USN
Locke,  Delbert A.,  USA
Locke,  James R.,  USAAF
Lopez, John,  USA
Lowe,  Dean G.,  USN
Magee,  William E.,  USA
Manry,  Thomas W.,
Manry,  Winston Taylor,  USN
Martin,  Billy Gene,  USAAF
McKee,  Ivison R.,  USA
Miller,  Jesse B.,  USA
Moffett,  Holcomb E.,  USA
Moore,  Oscar T.,  USA
Morris,  Lee Roy,  USN
Moye,  Dewitt,
Newton,  James Milton,  USMC
Norman,  Aaron M.,  USA
Overstreet,  Woodrow W.,  USN
Preston,   Stephen,  USA
Pixley,  Marvin Buel,  USN
Regnier,  Calvin,
Roberts,  A. J.,  USA
Robinett,  Audry E.,  USA
Robinett,  Reginald P.,  USA
Robinson,  Jim W.,   USA
Saxon,  William B.,  USA
Self,  James P.,  USA
Shinn,  Elliott Massey,  USN
Simmons,  Chester B., Jr.,  USA
Smallwood,   James Earl,  USN
Smith,   John C.,  USA
Sory,   Wesley Eugene,  USAAF
Stephens,  Otis,  USAAF
Sturrock,  Spurgeon Sam,  USN
Sweeney,  Alton L.,  USA
Taylor,  Robert R.,  USA
Turner,  Hamp,  USA
Vance,   Robert O.,  USA
Vinson, James Austin,  USN
Walters,  Elton S.,  USA
Watson,   John O., Jr.  USA
Weems,  Louis Melvin,  USA
Whitehead,  Charles Edward,  USMC
Williams,  Arlie,  USN
Williams,  Brooks,  USA
Williford,  Dain,  USA
Williford,  Grady F.,  USA
Wilson,  Arlin Wheeler,
Wilson,  Harlan,
Wilson,  Martin T.,
Wilson,  William Hollis,  USAAF
Wyatt,   Dan, Jr.,  USA


Booth,  J. C.,
Cochran,  William L.,  USA
Handley,  Mac Allen,  USA
Lowe,  Thurman J.,  USA
Pattillo,  Richard W.,  USMC


Anderson,   William David,  USAF
Cheek,  James Mirl,  USA
Clay,  William Donald, Jr.,  USAF
Collins,  Thomas Jessie,  USA
Cox,  Gary Lee,  USA
Hill,  James A.,  USMC
Johnson,  Johnny Vent,  USA
Robinson,  Marvin Ray,  USA
Smelley,  Allan Ray,  USN
Spears,  Johnny Clarence,  USA
Stephens,  Andrew Lewis,  USA


Donaldson, Patrick A., USA


Moore, Stuart Westley, USA

Abbreviations:  USA=United States Army,   USAAF=United States Army Air Force,
   USN=United States Navy, USMC=United States Marine Corp,   USAF=United States Air Force

NOTE:  There are names on this list where the branch of  service is unknown.

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