Preussich Friedland

Preussisch Friedland

View with the old city wall. 1929. Card of Paul Sternberg.

Blick mit alte Stadtmauer 1929. Karte von Paul Sternberg

City Lake 1914.

Stadtsee 1914.

Mill-gate street.


Preussisch Friedland 1926. Photo from Eric Werner.

Preussisch Friedland 1926. Foto von Eric Werner.

Views of Preussisch Friedland. Card of Joachim Zylka.

Sichten von Preussisch Friedland. Karte von Joachim Zylka.

The youth hostel. Card of Paul Sternberg. Backside: The deep
borderland youth hostel in the dreamy Teutonic town of the northern
Grenzmark Posen-Westpreussen. The base for trips to and from Danzig
and East Prussia & winter and water-sports grounds (Lakes) for the
duration of your stay.

Die Jugendherberge. Karte von Paul Sternberg. Ruckseite: Die Grosse
Grenzland Jugendherberge im verträumten Ordens städtchen der
nördlichen Grenzmark P. W. Stützpunkt für Fahrten von und nach
Danzig und Ostpreussen & Winter und Wassersportgelände (Seen)

The High School and architecture school 1912. Postcard of Paul Sternberg.

Gymnasium und Aufbauschule 1912. Postkarte von Paul Sternberg.

High School drawing class 1928/1929. Photo from Arthur Winter.

Gymnasium Zeichnen Klasse 1928/1929. Foto von Arthur Winter.

The Preußisch Friedland High School Orchestra 1929. Photo from Arthur Winter.

Die Preussisch Friedland Gymnasium Orchester 1929. Foto von Arthur Winter.



Preussisch Friedland across the city lake in the 1920's. Photo from Arthur Winter.

Preussisch Friedland über den Stadt See in 1920er Jahren. Foto von Arthur Winter.

Aerial view 1929. Postcard of Axel Kornfuehrer.

Luftaufnahme 1929. Postkarte von Axel Kornfuehrer.

Here is an excerpt from a booklet created for Preussisch Friedland's 550 Anniversary:

On the 11 August 1709, the plague broke out in PF and raged so badly
up to the 28 March 1710 that the city which counted hardly 1000
souls at that time, lost 285 Protestants and 93 Catholics who died
in 7 1/2 months, a ratio, that shows the low number of the Catholic citizens.

Jews are on this occasion not at all mentioned because no Jews were
allowed to live up to the beginning of the 19 century in the city at
all, but their apartments were between PF and Dobrin itself drawn
out in the Jewish-alley. Whole families died in few days so that it
is not astonishing, if one notices, after the departure of this
dreadful illness, of the pastor's remark in the church-book:

Now is the whole decision and suspicion of the Contagion; is our God
your and power praise, price and thanks said in saecula sunpiterna. Amen.

With satisfaction, he notices at the same time however: In this
plague-time, not a single one of the ours is buried without a coffin
which has often happened with the Catholics on command of the priest.

Photos of the Evangelical church just after the war. Photos from the Schlochauer Heimat Stube in Northeim.

Bildern von die evangelische Kirch nur nach dem Krieg. Bildern von die Schlochauer Heimat Stube in Northeim.

Doctor Zmudzinski, in PF bought a 1912 Model Ford and it was called a Stink Wagon!

Arzt Zmudzinski, in PF kaufte ein 1912 Modell Ford, und es wurde ein Stink Wagon gerufen!

The Marketplace

Die Marktplatz

Post plaza looking down Hohetorstrasse (High tower street).

Blick vom Post Platz in die Hohetorstrasse.

Post street 1911

Poststrasse 1911

PF in Winter

PF im Winter

A rare view of the Synagoge in PF (before 1938).

Eine seltene Sicht von der Synagoge in PF (vor 1938).

The following pictures come from this book by Artur Schibber.

Die folgende Bildern kommt von dieses Buch bei Arutre Schibber.

An overview of the city.

Ein Überblick von die Stadt.

A refugee watercolor by Marquardt.

Eine Aquarelle bei Marquardt von einer Flüchtlinge.

PF had its choice of a seminar school or a trainstation. They chose
the seminar school. The trainstation goes through Linde to the south.

PF hatte seine Auswahl von einer Seminar-Schule oder einem Bahnhof.
Sie wählten die Seminar-Schule. Der Bahnhof geht durch Linde zum Süden.

A refugee drawing a H. Wentscher.

Ein Strich

At the market square

Am markt

A map of PF in 1354

Eine karte von PF in 1354

The WWI monument was built into the city wall.

Das WWI Denkmal war im Stadtmauer gebaut.

An article written by Dr. Smudzinski in 1949.

Ein Artikel geschreiben bei Dr. Smudzinski in 1949.

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