Heirs of William Procious

Henry Procious et al


Wm I. Procious

This Indenture made the fourteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety two, between Henry Procious and Clara his wife, Susaanah Lankard and W. H. Lankard her husband, Catharine Procious, James Shoemaker and M. N. Shoemaker, her husband, Ella Shaffer and A. G. Shaffer her husband, E. G. Procious and Dara his wife, Catherine Doverspike and Wesley Doverspike her Husband, and Elizabeth Bodenhorn and Abraham Bodenhorn, her husband, parties of the first part.

And Wm I. Procious of the second part.

Witness that the said parties of the first part for consideration of the sum of one Dollar lawful money of The United States of America.

Unto them well and truly paid by the said party of the second part, at and before the sealing and delivery of these present the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged.

And forever quit claim unto said party of the second part his heirs and assigns that certain track pieces a parcel of land situated and being in the township of Mahoning County of Armstrong and State of Pennsylvania.

Bounded and described as follows:

Beginning at the south west corner at a post thence by land of George Shoemaker north eighty nine degrees west sixty two percels to a post thence by land of John Cramer and others north one degree east one hundred and seventy eight percles to a post thence by land of the Northern Western Coal and Iron Company with eighty nine degrees west sixty five percels to a post, thence by lands of North Western Coal and Iron Company, south two degrees west one hundred and seventy eight percels to the place of the beginning.

Containing seventy acres and fourteen percels of land.

Being part of a large track of land conveyed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of Jan A. D. 1844 and Warrant dated the 30th day of March A. D. 1811 No 6029. and said John. Moorhead and bequeath the same to Isacc and Joseph Moorhead by his last will and testment, dated June 6th A. D. 1834 and conveyed by Joseph Moorhead to William A. Forsyth by deed dated March 19th A. D. 1869.

Recorded in Kittanning in the Office for Recording of Deeds for said County of Armstrong in Deed book Vol. 36 page 221 and conveyed by William A. Forsyth and Catherine Forsyth his wife by deed bearing date April 15th A. D. 1885 to William Procious.

Together with all sinqular the tenements hereditaments and to the same belonging or, in anywise appertaining, and the reversions and remainder and remainders rents issues and profits thereof. And also the estate, right, title, interest, property claim and and demand whatsoever, both in law and equity. of the said parties of the first part, of, in to a act of the same, and every part and parcel thereof:

TO HAVE AND THESE TO HOLD the said premises, with all and sinqular thee apprentenence. unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns to and for the only proper use and behoof of the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever.

In witness whereof the said parties of the first part have here set their hands and seals, the day and year first above written.

Sealed and delivered in presents of

H. C. Shirey }

H. C. Shirey }

H. C. Shirey }

W. Brocious Jr }

M. N. Shoemaker {Seal}

Jamie Shoemaker {Seal}

Wm Lankerd {Seal}

Susan Lankerd {Seal}

E. G. Procious {Seal}

Dara Procious {Seal}

Catharene (her x mark) Procious {Seal}

A. C. Shafer {Seal}

Ella Shafer {Seal}

Henry Procious {Seal}

Clara Procious {Seal}

M. Morrison {Seal}

Carrie Morrison {Seal}

John W. Doverspike {Seal}

Catherine Doverspike {Seal}

Elizabeth (her x mark) Bodenhorn {Seal}

Abraham (his x mark) Bodenhorn {Seal}

Clarion County State of Pennsylvania.

On this 24th day of June A. D. 1892 before me the subscriber, a Justic of the Peace in and of said County personaly came the above named Catherine Procious who in due form of law acknowledged the forgoing Indenture to be her act and deed and desire that the same might be recorded as such.

Witness my hand and offical seal the day aforesaid

H. C. Shirey J. P. {Seal}

Book Vol. 79 Pages 217-218