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Bohm-Bach Family TreeWelcome to Peter (Pete, Petr) ROHEL *paternal (male) Y: R-M198 *also on, maternal (female) mt: T2e1b genealogy (genealogie, rodokmen, family tree) site started Oct. 2004, now with abt. 57, 000 names - on 252 web pages. Under Names tab, Bold Surname =family web page, Given name =1st one of the Surname on web page. *Anyone born after 1918 and "Living" has "private" after their name. Clicking on a Picture will usually provide a larger size. Flags represent some of the families Origins, locations. Family tree (right), painted by my great-grandmother Leonie (nee Böhm) Friedmann.

*see our YouTube Videos or History (1850-1969) in Šternberk, Moravia, Czech, Pinterest "Architecture, Furniture, etc. owned by Relatives" or Rohel name or all about Names or relationship calculator (2nd cousin, etc.)

On behalf of all the families, contributors, etc. - thank you for your help. *** I can be contacted via: Geni, Facebook, email ***

1947 Captain Miroslav Rohel19xx Adele Heidi (nee Klimesch) RohelThis site is dedicated to our parents Miroslav Rohel + Adele Heidi (nee Klimesch), as well as all of our relatives. *Special thanks goes to my late aunt Šternberk collageLottie (nee Böhm) MACKAY, her daughter Kathryn and mother Gertrude (nee RIE) Böhm. After the 1968 Soviet-Bloc occupation of Czechoslovakia /Czech Republic, we were able to escape summer of 1969 from communist ČSA 20 (prev. street names)Šternberk, Moravia. Above mentioned* and uncle Donald, cousins Alastair, Ann and Janet helped my parents and invited me to live with them in Pleasantville N.Y. for 18 months (1970-1971). Thank you all for your support and generosity.

I am researching Ancestors and Descendants of several branches and your help is always appreciated - including Peter Rohel's 13th great-grandfathers: Rabbi Jehuda Loew (aka. Maharal of Prague wikipedia) *path and his older brother Sinai Loew *path
Heidi (Klimesch) Rohel > Sinai Loew - 12th great-grandfather Path
Heidi (Klimesch) Rohel > MaHaRal of Prague - 12th great-grandfather Path

Maharal's statue has been in front of Prague’s city hall since 1917, he was a well known scholar, leader, mystic, associated with the creation of a Golem and other legends. Archives in Prague (research article) may have information on our ancestors prior to 1800 & help is appreciated. I have also been searchig for a long time siblings & ancestors of Charlotte (nee Diamant) Friedmann - without success !

OR help with restitution, etc. of the abt. $20 million dollar (at the time) theft of Friedmann Textile Factory & home of our Mother & her 2 brothers by Czech communist in 1950's. I would love to have the town of Šternberk (Moravia or Czech Rep) acknowledge the confiscation of the Factory & properties - history of the Friedmann, Klimesch, Rohel families in Šternberk - with a plaque, web site, etc. - as in this article: Hungary’s Famed Tokaji Winery Pays Tribute to Dispossessed Jewish Owners — Finally "..More than seven decades after losing their beloved Hungarian winery to the Nazis, the Zimmerman family is celebrating a small, if belated, victory..." (by Nathan Guttman 7/1/2016)

LOEW line:?rabbi's Bezalel, Haim/Chaim WORMS of Worms or LÖEW-BEER (1450-1480 Isenheim, Alsace or Worms - 1522 Prague or 1565 Worms) + Vogelin Feigele (?), Bezalel LOEW (abt 1480-) + (?) daughter of Chaim ISSEMHEIMER or Yitzchak KLOBER, Sinai LOEW (1508 Poznań or Worms -1607 Kolín) Šternberk, Moravia and Rohel family, with ancestor's Morawetz-Friedmann-Bach-Bohm-Klimesch + Chana WESSELS, Khaim LOEW (1545-1620) + Krassna (?) daughter of Gabriel, Judith LOEW + Elasar TODROS (of Prague -1635), Pessel /Perl TODROS (1624 - 1676 or 1691) + Michal WIENER-SPIRA (1620-1691), David WIENER-SPIRA + Mirl SCHLACKENWERTH (-1681) *2nd wife Elen LICHTENSTADT, Salman WIENER + Malke (?), Bele WIENER + Falk MARKUS, Cheyle MARKUS + Joseph Wolf GRATZ, Bejle GRATZ (1737-1818) + Joseph OBERLÄNDER (1725 -1787), Jakob OBERLÄNDER (1774 Náchod - 1862) + Anna LEWIT (1791-1883), Babette OBERLÄNDER (1818-1875) of Upice + Philip MORAWETZ (1810-1870), Auguste MORAWETZ (1845 Upice-1923 Vienna) + Bernhard FRIEDMANN (1855 Budapest -1900 Vienna) son of rabbi Israel Friedmann (1793 ?Senica - 1881 Budapest) & Charlotte (Schendel) DIAMANT and grandson of rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Katz Friedmann & Chana (?), Arthur FRIEDMANN (1877-1929) + Leonie BÖHM (1884-1966) both of Vienna daughter of Heinrich Böhm below, Anne FRIEDMANN (1907 Vienna - 1939 Šternberk) + Johann KLIMESCH (1888 Písařov - 1972 Montreal), Adele Heidi KLIMESCH (1927 Šternberk - ) + Miroslav ROHEL (1914 Paskov - 2002 Toronto) *some possible relatives (1600-1700's) from J. Bohemiae doc.
Left to right: Henry + Maria Bohm, Heidi (our mother) Klimesch, Lottie Bohm, Rudolf + Arthur Klimesch - children 1930's in Sternberg (now Šternberk), Moravia, Czech RepublicBACH-BÖHM line: Sigmund /Samuel LÖBL "aka BRUMML" (bef 1660 Švihov? -) + (?) "ch. Samuel PINKAS (bef 1690 Svihov -)" [father of Wolf PINKAS ( - abt 1782) of Svihov + Mirl (?) {parents of Elias STERN (Svihov - bef 1793 Jindřichův Hradec) + Franciska (?)} ( - aft 1793) <parents of Anna STERN (1782 Prague -1861) + Markus GRÜNHUT (1781 Prague - 1858)>] "ch. Sophie GRÜNHUT (1807 Prague -) + Markus BAUCH (1805 Prague- ) [parents of Josef BACH (1827 Prague -1892 Vienna) + Francisca GRÜNFELD (1833 Prague - 1915 Vienna) daughter of Heinrich Grünfeld (1792 Prague - 1865) & Magdalena GÜNZBURG (1802 Prague - 1873 Vienna) {parents of Clara BACH (1860 - 1940 London) + Heinrich BÖHM (1843 Novy Jicin - 1922 Vienna) son of Bernhard BÖEHM (1819 Mikulov - 1901 Vienna) + Katharina EISLER (1818 Mikulov? -1899 Vienna) <parents of above Leonie BÖHM (1884-1966) + Arthur FRIEDMANN (1877-1929) both of Vienna>] *more under Names tab
History: Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Austria, Vienna, Bohemia, Moravia, Moravian-Silesian Region, Jews in South MoraviaGerman, Prague, Czech Sudetenland, 1938 Nazi occupation, 1968 Soviet-Bloc occupation, Disappeared Sudetenland, Czech World War II - 65 years on Radio Prague category I requested, Czechs in Canada & Toronto, America - Chronology, US Czech historic places & monuments, Texas 1823+, Chicago 1850s Sand Skiing - on the Nottawasaga river - in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

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