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Kantor Family Genealogy

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*Some information already added on Geni -- other Kantor related pages: Brunner-1, 2 & 3, Reitlinger and Rosenthal -- info. also provided by Ann Petru on Robitschek page and under Stories - Honig, Margaret (nee Robitschek) - "Autobiographical Sketches" written by Margaret in the 1970s -- Last update: June 20, 2010

Tobias KANTOR *geni

Note: any relation to Katharina Geduldiger, Tochter eines Schnapsbrenners aus Rožátov (Rožatow), hatte er sich am ehesten in Mladá Boleslav (Jungbunzlau) niedergelassen OR Ella Geduldiger (1888-)

Note: The Kantor family owned a Bank house, see Ludwig Kantor OHG story page (Vienna 1, Wipplingerstr. 21) In 1908 in this Putting down a trade register Vienna, was one of the biggest private Bank houses in Austria, foreign business relatively substantial circumference. Original German doc. Historian's committee by, Peter Melichar re-organization in banking, the NS measures and the problems of the restitution Vienna in 2002 *ref.'s: "Bankhaus Ludwig Kantor und Söhne" and "Example of the Bank house Winter, Dipl.- Arb. Economic university of Vienna in 1984" AND Claims resolution re; Ludwig Kantor accounts

  • Richard KANTOR Born: Jan 5, 1891 in Vienna 9, Berggasse. Died: 1946 age 55 est + Edna Karoline (see REITLINGER family) Born: Sep 25, 1898 Died: 1989 age 91 est

    • Albert KANTOR Born: Jul 06, 1925 in Vienna. Died: 2000 age 75 est + Mushi HUSSAREK von HEINLEIN Born: private

      Note: "..The British citizen Ing. Albert Paul Kantor was the chief heir of the companions of the Bank house Ludwig Kantor, Richard and Hans Kantor .... Albert became a British citizen in 1938. He served during WW-II with the Royal Air force, his study in the Royal Aeronautical Society in the field, concluded in 1948 airplane technology and engine construction, and was active afterwards for the family trust of the Reitlinger family.."

      • Philip KANTOR Born: private + Fabienne de CANNART D'HAMALE Born: private

        • Barbara KANTOR Born: private

  • Georg KANTOR Born: Feb 23, 1893 Died: aft 1938 age 45 est + Franziske "Franzi" SCHEITHAUER Born: Apr 29, 1900 Died: aft 1938 age 38 est

  • Hans KANTOR Born: May 4, 1895 Died: 1942 in Belgrade, Serbia, memoriam in Dobling Friedhof. occupation: Bankhaus Ludwig Kantor

  • Alice KANTOR Born: Sep 21, 1897 + Karl WINTER Born: Oct 11, 1879 or 1889 Residence: Chimanistr. 3, Döbling/Vienna. Died: 1929? Siblings: Alfred Winter (1863 Mährisch-east-rough? - 3/11/1932 Vienna) founder of bank at Kolingasse 17, 1090 Vienna, kommerzialrat NFP & Wanda Schesinger "ch. Erna & (?) Willet {parents of Madeleine}, Robert & Anita (?), Heinz" <sister of Richarrd Sebastyen (res. Budapest, Hungary - ) children of Berthold M. Schlesinger (abt 1849 - 10/31/1929 Vienna) NFP, & Aurelie Leitner (abt 1856 res. Budapest - 9/4/1926 Vienna 1010, Hotel de France) NFP, genteam> *any relation to Ludwig Schlesinger (abt 1854 - 3/29/1917 Baden by Vienna) NFP of M. Schlesinger & Sohn, inhaber Leopold Lunzer  ( - 4/29/ 1921 Baden by Vienna) NFPmore ?

    Note: see the banking Winter family story, also mentioned a nephew who resigned as partner in 1972, Alfred Winter (1900-1935) & Anita Schreyer of Argentinierstr. 41, Vienna 4 < sister of Fritz Schreyer and children of Leo Schreyer ( - 9/1/1934 Vienna) NFP>

    • Paul WINTER occupation: Author

Note: see under Stories - Honig, Margaret (nee Robitschek) - "Autobiographical Sketches" written by granddaughter Margaret in the 1970s: "..Grandfather was outgoing; he liked company, and to sit and drink and smoke with his friends, but he was not very selective in the choice of his companions and grandmother often objected. Grandmother was obviously quite jealous - and had good reason to be. Grandfather loved to travel; he was co-founder of the SOKOL Group on Kolin, the Czech equivalent of the German “Turner” with the slogan of “Healthy spirit in a healthy body”; Grandfather toured the Balkans with that group, and Italy and France. In later years the grandparents separated. Grandfather remained in Kolin and still had the Tobacco franchise; he lived with his girlfriend and companion Emma Bittner, who took good care of him until he died at the age of 93, in 1926.. ..Grandmother died 3 years before that of pneumonia - she was then 81.. ..Grandmother went first to Vienna where all her relatives lived, and later moved in with my parents; in Choceň, she had a lovely sunny room with bath and her own maid. She loved music and had a large collection of records and a huge “Master’s Voice” Grammophone; her maid stood for hours next to that instrument winding it, and grandmother listened enraptured to Caruso and Melba and Slezak; but when the voices got too loud she would throw a towel across the room, from the easy chair in which she sat near the windows into the shell to muffle the noise.."

  • Dr. med Robert Karl PORGES Born: Sep 21, 1862 or 1873? Residence: immigrated to the United States. occupation: Obstetrician in New York. Died: May 15, 1928 in Vienna + Hermine (see WIEDMANN family) Born: Mar 4, 1871 in Vienna, Austria Father: Heinrich Wiedmann *geni-more Mother: Bertha Steiner

  • Paula PORGES Born: Jun 16, 1873 in Kolín, Bohemia. Died: 1943/4 in Auschwitz concentration camp + Moritz (see ROBITSCHEK family) Born: Jul 19, 1862 Residence: Náchod and later Choceň, Bohemia. Married: Jan 23, 1898 in Brno, Moravia. Residence: Náchod-Babí map, Choceň, Bohemia. Died: 1933 Father: Gerson Roubiček (abt 1816 res. Praskolesy, Beroun district, Bohemia - 1896/7) wholesale business in nails Mother: Barbara (Betti, Betty) Faktor (village near Prague m. abt 1845 - )

Note: any relation to Karoline Kantor of Zdiby + Simon Kohn of Slovoric, parents of Kamilla Kohn (Mar 28, 1870 Vodolka m. Aug 23, 1891 Prague - ca. 1939) + Leopold Pollak (May 7, 1861 Bystřice res. Olbramovice - Vienna) on Pollak page OR Milan KantorCzech (1925-), Honorary Consul-General in Melbourne, Australia, whose father and grandfather were both leaders of Jičín Jewish community OR Rosa Kantor (3/4/1918 Vienna -) on UK's Moving here in 1939? OR Kantor's: Franz 48, Anna 48, Kath. 23, Johann 20, Barb. 18, Franziska 24, Carl 15, Rosalia 14, Norbert 6, Elisab 8, Wenzel 7, Bohemia; Braunschweig, 19 May 1880 on Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI) site OR Alois Kantor + Katharina Frey & their son Siegfried Kantor - book about Alice Kantor (retired CBS news researcher from NY city) and her father's family - Dame mit Boa Die Geschichte der Alice by Hubertus Czernin and Lady with feather boa drawing by Gustav Klimt, one of 222 artworks the Nazis confiscated after Kantor and her family fled Austria in 1938 OR dr. Ignac Kantor and daughter Ernestine who married Jakob Kraus, parents of writer Karl Kraus (1874 Jičín - 1936 Vienna) OR Henriette Kantor, daugter of Benjamin + Rosalie of Jičin OR Willibalds Winter "..Writings of the Bank limited partnership Winter, Schneider & Co. to the state office for finances, 15th June, 1945. Willibalds Winter, born 1896 attorney of the fa Breisach and since 1932 was active since 1920 as more commercial-leading and in the profit involved attorney. Ernst Schneider was called "long-standing business associate" of the Fa. Breisach.." OR dr. law Artur Kantor (1874 Jičín - 1945 Melbourne, AUS) + (?), son (1925-), daughter (1924-) who resided in Prague and after 1914 in Postgasse 6 Vienna 1 OR to Porges site "Prague new Jewish cemetery" grave picture of Leopold Porges (12/5/1863 - 8/2/1915 Prague ) or Leopold Porges (2/7/1869 - ) & Elizabeth Ungar (17/5/1886 Bonn - 7/11/1969 Bridge of Weir) son of Eduard Porges (1/12/1826 Prague - 2/14/1907 Vienna) & Rosa Jerusalem (8/23/1836 Prague - 1/26/1906 Vienna) on this web site, or Peter Lowe who has same ancestors on his site

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