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Cohen/Kohen Genealogy

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Rabbi Akiva Kakohen (aka Kohen-Zadik) the elder Born: in Thessaloniki /Salonika, Greece. Residence 1492: exiled from Spain. Died in Prague, Bohemia,Czech, descendant of The Kohen Gadol Elie. His son: R. Yitzchok ha-KOHEN of Buda and Galanta had a son: (Rabbi=R.) Akiva ha-KOHEN (aka KATZ) Born: in Budapest /Uban, Hungary. Died: 1496 in Prague, where he continued to serve as a rabbi, after leaving Budapest due to a fabricated libel by the nobles. Akiva had 12 sons and 13 daughters, marrying 12 of his daughters to Kohanim's. *see descendants of his son Gershon below:

R. Gershon ha-KOHEN (aka KATZ) "the Kohen" + (?)

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