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Kerry Family Genealogy

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Last update: August 26, 2010 *some names already on GENI

Rabbi Baruch Born: abt. 1640 occupation: Chief Rabbi of Timişoara or (Temešvár), now Romania. Died: 1700 + (?) *ref

Note: "may, could" be a descendant of our ancestor Sinai Loew, elder brother of Jehuda Loew "the Maharal of Prague"

      • Richard KERRY Born: July 28, 1915 occupation: worked in the U.S. State Department and later in Foreign Service. Died: July 29, 2000 + Rosemary FORBES Married: Jan 24, 1941 Died: Nov 14, 2002

        Note: see Rosemary on twextra OR Rosemary was the beneficiary of the Forbes family trusts - includes genealogy OR Rosemary, Richard and family picture

        • Margery KERRY Born: 1941

        • Senator John Forbes KerrySenator John Forbes KERRY Born: Dec 11, 1943 in Denver, Colorado + Theresa HEINZ, widow of Senator Heinz, heir to the H. J. Heinz Company. Occupation: Massachusetts Senator *2004 Democratic nominee for President

          Note: John's mother Rosemary (nee Forbes) "may be linked " to Duke Borivoj I (852/3- ca 888/89) and his wife Saint Ludmila (860-921), grandmother of St. "Good King" Wenceslaus, founders of Premyslide dynasty of the Kings of Bohemia. Her ancestors were related to the British Royal family and the Czech Premyslides. Senator Kerry thus has common ancestry with his "9th cousin, 2x removed" President George W. Bush. *see Kerry's 14 generations tree

          John's children:

          • Alexandra KERRY
          • Vanessa KERRY

          Theresa's children:

          • John HEINZ
          • Andre HEINZ
          • Christopher HEINZ

        • Diana KERRY
        • Cameron F. KERRY *married a Jewish woman and converted to Judaism in 1983

      • Charlotte LÖWY Born: Sep 1822 in ÚsovCzech (Mahrisch Aussee), Moravia + Markus "Moritz" WASSERTRILLING changed to WALLNER May 10, 1897 Born: Sep 1820 in BoskoviceCzech (Boskowitz), Moravia. Residence: Brno, Moravia

        Note: likely related to Boskovice Wassertrilling family on Spira page

          • Alfred Tauber + Johanna Ehrenstein, David Wallner + Rosa Tauber, Johanna Wallner (daughter?) David WASSERTRILLING (WALLNER) Born: May 3, 1858 in Boskovice. occupation: Merchant in Vienna. Died: Feb 13, 1942 in Vienna age 83 + Rosa TAUBER Born: Aug 19, 1870 in Vienna. Married: Dec 13, 1891 in Vienna. Deported Apr 27, 1942 Wien Wlodawa Holocaust. Buried in Vienna Father: Alfred Tauber Mother: Johanna Ehrenstein (1841/42 - 12/2/1888 Vienna)

            Note: any relation to Tauber Aaron, Charlotte, Minna on this site OR Johanna Tauber residence 1954 Vienna + Fritz Philipp Spiegl, father of Rudolf Spiegl (1889 Zurndorf, AU - 1967 Vienna) m. Josefine Geiringer (1890 Vienna - 1953 Uruguay

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