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Loew Family Genealogy

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Last update: January 27, 2010

The Loew (a.k.a. Löew, Löewe, Löw, Loeb, Lieb, Liv, Liva, Liwa Liwai). The name Liwa, or Loewe in German (lion), has been changed to Loeb during the generations and the family is Rashi descendant familiesbelieved to be from the Babylonian Exilarchs during the era of the geonim and King David (abt. 1048 - 973 BC) see Davidic dynasty and later Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki "aka Rashi" (2/22/1040 Troyes, France - 7/13/1105 Troyes.) and his ancestor Yokhanan the Sandlar ( - 140 C.E.) OR Yoseph I of Rome Gaon and 15 gen's later Rabbi Yaakov on Daniel Loeb site. The Loew's came from Worms, Germany and Prussian province Posen/Poznan, Poland. *see also Frumkin chart .pdf or Davidic Dynasty or guestbook on Noda B'Yehuda site re; MaHaral or Brest-Litovsk officiating rabbis; Katz, Liwa, Loew, Löb, Luria, Wahl, Wolf, etc. - the largest and the most important of the 1st 5 Jewish settlements in Lithuania, dating from the 2nd 1/2 of the 14th century, and continued in that leading position till the rise of Wilna in the 17th century

Note: 2006 MaHaral's ancestry under review see:, Descendants, Experts say: Saving the MaHaral of Prague .pdf the researcher states "..Rabbi Meir Perels' of Prague error in the date of death of Yehudah Leib the Elder (below) does not necessarily eliminate the possibility that the MaHaral descended from King David, in some way other than through the so-called Yehudah Leib the Elder. Many indicators point to a tradition of descent from Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi, of the House of Hillel, who descended from King David’s son Shefatiah, and not through Hai Gaon who was descended from King Solomon. Unfortunately the names of the MaHaral’s ancestors between his grandfather Chaim of Worms and Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi are not recorded in any known source .." . ?? R' Yehudah Lieb Hazaken ( - 1440 Worms or 1439 Prague). *New research on the grave in Prague states the year to be 1539 and not 1439, as previously documented by Rabbi Meir Perels. Yehudah was known as: "Liva The Elder of Prague" and was the head of a Yeshiva in Worms. According to some manuscripts, Yehuda Lev Hazaken is the son of Isaac son of Bezalel Hazaken and the death year on Yehudah Lieb/Liva in Prague is actually 1539

Heidi (Klimesch) Rohel > Sinai Loew - 12th great-grandfather Path
Heidi (Klimesch) Rohel > MaHaRal of Prague - 12th great-grandfather Path
*geni - Both the MaHaRal and his elder brother Sinai - are 12th great-grandfathers of Heidi (Klimesh) Rohel - my (Peter Rohel) mother, via 2 different family lines. Source of our ancestry line: Sinai Loew > Joseph Abraham Oberländer - was an Oberländer relative, who visited Czech synagogues in late 1800's - early 1900's.

Rabbi Sinai LOEW Born: abt. 1508 or 1535 in Poznań, Poznań county, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland. Died: 1600 or 1607  in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Břeclav, south Moravia, Czech. Buried in Kolín, Bohemia, Czech + Hanna (Khana, Enokh) WEISELS / WESSELS *geni-more Father: Enoch Wiesels / Wessels Mother: Rykl daughter of a doctor? (des arztes) *geni

Sinai had a "yeshivah" in Prague, later becoming a "Chief Rabbi" of Mikulov/Nikolsburg and all of Moravia, CZ. Teacher of Rabbi David Ganz, he was noted for his knowledge of history and teaching. Like his brothers Hayim and Samson, he was a distinguished scholar, however their works are hard to find. Sinai was noted for his knowledge of history and teaching: .."Intrigued by the MaHaral's magical powers, Emperor Rudolf-II requested several meetings with the MaHaral to learn his secrets. On February 16, 1594, his colleague astronomer Tycho Brahe arranged the meeting, on which he was accompanied by his brother Sinai and his son-in-law Isaac Ha-Kohen".. *Senator John Forbes (see Kerry family) "may" also be a descendant of Sinai Loew

*see Miscellaneous Names page from Judaica Bohemiae documents

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