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Fürth Family Genealogy

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*Some of the names already on Geni -- see also Group1 - 2 -- info. also provided by Thomas Fürth facebook, 08.330516@telia.com -- Last update: March 19, 2011

Samuel Schmule (Smüel) FÜRTH ?born 1618 does not seem to be correct - source? Residence 1632: expelled from Fürth, Germany, settling in Sušice (Schüttenhofen) okres Klatovy, Bohemia, Czech. Died: 1640 + Gürtel (?) *geni

Note: see History of the Fürth family Adobe document ".. The name Fürth was first mentioned in the archives of Bohemia in 1616. A document dating from the beginning of the 18th Century reveals that one Smüel Fürth and his wife Gürtel lived in 1630. Lazar Fürth and his wife Anna were living there in 1690. In 1696 Samuel Fürth and his wife Jettla and Isak and Hennele Fürth lived there.. 1783 census has only one Fürth living in Sušice, Daniel Fürth, a "Schnittenwahren- und Tabakhändler" (a trader in wood carved products and tobacco).." OR 1793 census has below Dawid Fürth, Lazar Fürth living in Sušice, as well as Daniel Fürth (abt 1742 -), Samuel Fürth (abt 1748 -), Markus Fürth (abt 1758 -) & Sara Kohn ( m. 1791 - ) marriage witnesses Daniel and Dawid Fürth. They could all have been brothers of Dawid and Lazar or 1st cousins?


Daniel FÜRTH + (?)

*2nd wife of Daniel Fürth: (?)

 1900 - Ludwig Furth - obituary

Dr. law Ludwig FÜRTH Born: abt 1853 occupation: Advocaten und Cultusvorstandes der israel. Gemeinde in Sušice. Died: Dec 11, 1900 in Sušice (Schüttenhofen), Bohemia) NFP + Regine (see POPPER family) *Ludwig's obit also mentions brother/sister-in-laws: Johanna Fürth, Jacob Fantl & several Popper's

Siegmund FÜRTH
Rudolf FÜRTH
Babette FÜRTH + Bernard GANS

Note: The feather merchant in Nýrsko (Neuern) were connected to Adam Fürth in Svihov (Schwihau) 1732, later Susanna Fürth & Sons 1800-, Daniel Fürth in Sušice (Schüttenhofen) 1800-,
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