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Habsburg Family Genealogy

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Duke Leopold Joseph de LORRAUNE surnamed the Good born Leopold Joseph Charles Dominique Agapet Hyacinthe Innsbruck, Austria. Died: Duke Leopold de LorraineBorn: Sep 11, 1679 in Innsbruck palace, Mar 27, 1729 in Château de Lunéville, Lorraine, France "List of rulers of Lorraine" + Élisabeth Charlotte d'ORLÉANS, Duchesse de Lorraine

Eleonora Maria Josefa of AustriaDuke Charles V, of LorraineNote: see more ancestors and descendants on; geni, wikipedia, the peerage, geneall - son of Charles V, Duke of Lorraine (4/3/1643(1643-04-03) Vienna - 4/18/1690(1690-04-18) Wels, Austria) wikipedia & Eleonora Maria Josefa of Austria (5/31/1653 Regensburg, Germany - 12/17/1697 Vienna) wikipedia half-sister of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. At the time of Leopold's birth, Lorraine and Bar had been occupied by Louis XIV of France, forcing his parents to move into exile to Austria, where they lived under the protection of the Emperor. Therefore, Leopold was born in the palace of Innsbruck and received his first name in honour of the Emperor. Lepold grew up in Innsbruck, while his father would be engaged in defending Vienna against the Turks. In 1690, his father died and eleven-year-old Leopold inherited the still occupied Duchies. His mother, trying to fulfil her husband's last wishes of returning her children to their patrimony, appealed to the Reichstag in Regensburg to restore her son to Lorraine. Lepold was sent to Vienna to receive a military education under the supervision of the Emperor. In Vienna, he grew up with his cousins, the Archdukes Joseph and Charles, both future Emperors. Leopold was also created a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece that year. Like his father before him, he entered the Imperial Army and, aged eighteen, took part in the Siege of Timişoara, Romania in 1694. Three years later, he received the command of the Army of the Rhine..

Note: see more ancestors on geni, wikipedia

Elenora of Lorraine
Charles Ferdinand of Lorraine
General Joseph Innocent Emanuel of Lorraine
Francis Anthony Joseph (1689-1715) of Lorraine
Joseph I
Leopold Ier de Lorraine
Charles Joseph John Anthony Ignace Felix of Lorraine

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