Kanitz Family Genealogy

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Kanitz Family Genealogy

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*Information already added on GENI -- Last update: June 16, 2009

(?) KANITZ *Samuel Kanitz is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 4 times removed's husband's brother's wife's great grandfather *path

Group-1: information already on geni - Samuel Löb Kanitz is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 4 times removed's wife's 1st cousin 3x removed's husband *path
Group-2: *geni -- any relation to on Geiringer web page? -- Abraham Kanitz is your (Peter Rohel) 2nd great uncle's brother's wife's 1st cousin's husband's great aunt's husband's father *path
1754 - Nikolsburg

Note: any relation to Hugo Gold's Nikolsburg history: "1754 there were 107 houses, including parish houses and the hospital.. ..Moses Kanitz, Mathes Kanitz.." OR Simon Kanitz ( - 1883) *genteam,

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